Madron, Cornwall, England

Madron, Cornwall, England

This small little parish village of granite cottages that is located near Penzance and served as one of Penzance’s notable water sources. It is approximately 3 km / 2 miles northwest of the Penzance town center. The town is most notorious for the location of the fabled Madron Well – a healing spring that was dedicated to Madron or Mabon – the Mother Goddess. The Parish and village is named after the Patron Saint “St. Mabyn” who is named after the Goddess Mabon or Madron. The population is roughly 1,500 inhabitants. Its believed that the area that is now the town began as a medieval habitation site. This is assessed by the finding of a couple of inscribed stones – one of which was found in the wall of the village church and the other as built into the Northern wall of the North Aisle, west of the entrance door of the church. Both are missing. Madron was recorded in the Domesday Book. Madron is also home to the Penzance Union Workhouse that was formed in June 1838 and used until 1948.

Path from Tremethick Cross to Madron




Path from Madron to Madron Well:




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