6.17.10: Chronicles of Sir Thomas Leaf: WPP: Day 13 – Last day of Excavations, The Collections, Newquay Beach

Greenbottom/Chacewater/Truro, Cornwall, England

It was depressing that today would be my last day of excavations at Saveok. I really wish I could have afforded and budgeted more time/funds to stay here longer. I had my last divine breakfast with Vanda and Paul … and as we were chatting to came to the subject of tall sailing ships. Turns out Vanda knows a guy who has a historic sailing ship that he doesn’t want to sell but is only using it for running wine between France and England. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could work out a deal to run Pirate Relief with his ship as a tax write-off for him? One can dream. I really enjoyed my time with Vanda and Paul … couldn’t recommend their Bed and Breakfast more. Vanda offered to drive me to the bus stop after the field day so left my bags in the sun room and tromped off across the fields to the site. Oh how I to miss this place. :: sigh :: I have a strong calling that I’m meant to work here … further … if not as a purpose/request in life. Who knows what the future will bring. Being an American I’m limited and the cost of travels in Europe certainly are twice the cost as it is home. :: sigh :: So the final day of excavating.

Jacqui pulled out the artifact collection and showed me the amazing finds. This is such a sacred place. This site is such an amazing piece of history for the Other People, it’s not funny. What Jacqui is uncovering and finding is important pieces in the history of magic and folklore in the U.K. This place sends shivers of excitement up and down my spine – its sooo ethereal. I wish I could find funding or an opportunity to apprentice with Jacqui. An amazing scholar with so much to share. If only I lived in the UK …

We resumed excavations on the Feather pits where we believe we’ve uncovered from the clay caps upwards of three more offering pits. Jacqui also chose some natural colored clays to send with me that I could use at the Three Wishes Faerie Festival to make some tribal body paints … if I find somewhere to get linseed oil before hitting the festival. Found some interesting pottery, ceramics, and metal items in the pit … but the clock struck four and it was time to unfortunately head off on to the next leg of my journey. I will miss Saveok dearly. I wandered back to the Bed and Breakfast where Vanda was awaiting me to shuttle me to the bus stop. I’ll miss them dearly as well. I caught the bus to Truro and hit the rail station to await my train to Par.

Me and Jacqui Wood excavating

Newquay, Cornwall, Britain

From Par I had to change trains to backtrack to Newquay. Apparently doing this train route is 5 minutes shorter than the bus route – which would have been a straight run with no stops. A bit of a layover. I did meet a father and daughter from Vancouver who were pretty intriguing. They had been cycling around Cornwall. I wish I could do that. Someday perhaps. The daughter recently moved to London from Vancouver. Onwards to Newquay – I got off the train to find a very touristy, party beach city. Surf-central. The map made the St. Christopher’s Inn (Surfer Hostel) look not far away – I suppose it would have been closer by foot if I hadn’t walked past it for a 1/2 mile with heavy backpacks and bags. I found it – it was above the Belushi’s bar. The staff was nice but very pirate-sque. Very party central. They gave me a full dorm room all to myself with a beautiful view of the beach. I could have been completely satisfied with just hanging in the room all night with that view. I decided though this would be my only chance to see Newquay. So I ventured out. The bar was too rowdy, 98% male and testosterone-pumped as they were watching the World Cup. Oh how I abhor sports. I went for some fish n’ chips for din-din and wandered down to the beach and piers. Water way too freezing cold for a swim which was very disappointing as it was so welcoming to the eyes. I contemplated clubbing, but settled back into the room to some cider n’ wifi … needed some rest and relaxation before Three Wishes Faerie Fest tomorrow and meeting Faerie Zoe at the Train Station on the Bodmin Moor …

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Photo Gallery for the Day:

Excavating the Feather Pits: (6/17/2010)








The Cats of Saveok:



Ritual/Purification Pool Artifacts:

Cloth found in the Purification Pool:



Cauldron fragments found in the Ritual Pool:


Pins, Hair, Nail Clippings, Wood, seeds, and shoe parts found in the Ritual Pool:





Heather branches and cloth found in the purification pools:


Crystal and stone items found in the pools:





Artifacts from the Offering/Feather Pits:

Fur and feathers, beaks, claws, wood, and teeth:





Various Artifacts Found Between the Pools and the Pits:

Ceramics and teeth that was mineralized like turquoise from copper elements in the soil:



Dinner at Vertigo in Truro:


Photos in Truro 6/16/10:


St. Christopher Inn


View for the Dorm Room:


Newquay, Cornwall, England





















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