The Bodmin Beast

The Bodmin Beast

The Bodmin Moor, Cornwall, United Kingdom

There is a legend in Cornwall – and it really is not unique to the Bodmin Moor. Giant cats and panthers are believed to wander and roam all over Cornwall. But these legendary beasts get their infamous label of “The Bodmin Beast” for the most popular sightings take place on the Bodmin Moor, which is of course a creepy landscape full of faerie lore and horror tales. The legends abound on this moor with its wild and rugged landscape full of mysteries. I remembered momentarily visualizing camping on the moor and a chanceful glance at the panther. The authorities will tell you though … there are no giant cats in England. However, the locals will tell you a different story … sightings all over no different than the Mountain Lions in Colorado or the Panthers in Florida – which certifiably exist. Some locals say they are pet panthers and cougars that were let go in the wild. The Bodmin Beast consists of over 60 sightings a a large black panther-like cat that is 3-5′ long with white-yellow eyes that supposedly prey on local livestock. The evidence was strong enough that the government ordered an official investigation in 1995 but resulted inconclusive (no evidence against it, no evidence to prove it). After the governmental report, a small boy found a leopard skull lying on the banks of the Fowey River, but was later determined to be a part of a disposed leapardskin rug. More sightings continued until someone caught video footage of a black animal about 3 1/2 feet long in 1998.

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