* Leafworks, Inc. (1991-2000) *
* Leafworks Network (1991-2000, 2011-2016) *

The History of Leafworks, Inc.
1991 – 2000

“… Just as trees sprout leaves producing beautiful inspirational works of art, Leafworks mimics this action in cyberspace by creating effective, inspiring, and entertaining web pages that provide informational resources for all.”

“Leafworks, Inc. was a web design, research, and informational service that sought to relay reliable, effective, and educational data in a cost effective manner. They were also in their era, one of the first “online research companies” of their time. Web Design, Web Hosting, Web Development, Graphic Arts, Research Services, Computer Upgrades, Logo Creation, Program Installation, Classes, Training, and Networking … pre-dating the “Geek Squad” popularity, they served their clients well and were popular with what they offered as they were amongst the first to provide these services at this time. They taught online instructional classes on Web Design, HTML programming, and Graphic Arts before many Colleges and Universities offered these expertise as well as having amongst some of the first online educational training program scripts. They provided an array of web pages including their own bookstore. They also had a movie times web site that pre-dated Yahoo! Movies, Fandango, and Movie Times called “www.todaysmovies.com“. Because many of their staff had full-time commitments with primary clients, many of their highly sought after services was on a “first come, first served service” basis with priority going to those clients with whom they already developed relationship or had worked with longer. Leafworks began in 1991 as a Research Firm that on occasion offered Graphic Design services and/or Logos. Originally a sole proprietorship in the “research” days, it became a Corporation in 1996. Leafworks was founded by Tom Baurley, the webmaster of Florida Division of Historical Resources, Florida Governors Page, Florida Symbols, Florida Museum of Natural History, and Florida Folklife Pages. When he began receiving phone calls from patrons of the State of Florida web pages who asked if he did web work on the side, he at first started saying “no”. After discussion with his boss, he was granted permission that he could follow up on some of those complimenting leads for side work. Already having been doing Site File Research work on the side since 1991, he quickly put together a business plan. Within a year he had an office down the street from the Florida Division of Historical Resources. Business became so busy and in high demand, he eventually left his position as webmaster with the State of Florida. Teaming up with contractors from State Agencies who were also wanting to do web design, graphic arts, or programming jobs on the side, the business took off. Eventually opening an office in New York as well as the home base in Tallahassee, Florida. Much of the work towards the end of Leafworks, Inc. were done by Tom Baurley and his wife Hena. When they divorced, during the time of the .dotcom crash, Y2K scares, the company was deeply affected by all the turmoil in 2000, which led to its demise. After the company closure, several members of the original company started up “Wandering Leaf Designs, LLC” who picked up where “Leafworks, Inc.” left off. Many of Leafworks clients went with the new company. Since the closure of Wandering Leaf, LLC in 2004, much of the inspired content that they created was adopted by Technogypsie Productions.

Leafworks specialty was research services, web design, site administration/creation, html programming, web hosting, and graphic arts. Leafworks consisted of qualified, trained, and talented web designers/contractors who worked closely with each client to help them design the site they seek and need. Leafworks Designers worked together to help provide the best of informative, efficient, and economically sound sites available on the web to provide solutions to client needs and image. As requested by clients and those searching for web services they had created listings of their designers, possible site packages with prices, and per item charges for those individuals or designers seeking to customize their own personal or professional pages. They also offered computer maintenance services, research, and composition service rates for those more comfortable with hourly wages. Upon client demand, they also began offering web hosting services by 1997. All of their designers were top-notch desktop publishers and artists of their time. Their web pages were composed on PC Pentium platforms, either in hard HTML code or with various editors such as Netscape Gold/Communicator, Coffee Cup, Microsoft Front Page, Corel Web Designer, or Hot Dog. Graphic Composition and editing was done in Adobe Photoshop, Painter 4, Kai’s Power Tools, Kai’s Goo, Spin Panorama, Adobe Premiere, Illustrator, Corel Draw, Home Site, Dreamweaver, and/or Microsoft Publisher. Documents formatted for the web were composed in either Microsoft Word, Page maker, or Adobe Acrobat Exchange. Leafworks was at the time very proud to be fluent in HTML 3.0+, with many of their programmers bragging they could write a web page verbally or in their sleep. They were highly capable of providing CGI, Java, Applets, Motion, ColdFusion, PHP, multimedia and sound applications.

They had 5 unique web packages they offered to their clients as web page starter kits. These were:

  1. The Sprout – A “Web Presence Special” Site: for only a $100.
    This consisted of a web presence that gave the client a basic brochure or calling card on the web. The size of three printed pages, the sprout gave its visitors a profile of the client it represented with the option of a mail in form, company logo, and contact information. A Small web site included 3 pages of text, 5 images, a form (max of 25 data fields), and unlimited links as long as fit within the size of three web printed pages.
  2. The Leafy Bower or “Basic Site” for $250.00
    The “Leafy Bower” provided more than general information. This site package allowed the client to offer its visitors more in depth information, perhaps a map with directions, fact sheets, consumer info, small catalog, visitor interaction, site advertisement, and/or employee profiles. A minimal must for most businesses. Package allows up to 9 printed pages worth of data. Site included 9 pages of text, 20 images, 3 forms (up to 50 max fields), unlimited links (as long as fit within 9 web printed page limit), site registration with main 8 search engines, and included meta-name categorization in the code.
  3. The Sapling for $500.
    The Sapling was a good Beginning Site to provide presence, information, and room for growth. “The Sapling” is like a young tree showing its visitors that the client or business is stepping into cyberspace, ready for future growth. “The Sapling” site included all the basics of the “sprout” and “leafy bower”, with information and interaction equivalent to 15 printed pages of text. An ideal site for a small mail order company, a small corporation, business, festival, event, or public information provider. “The Sapling” is well advertised, promoted, and offers great interaction. The site included 15 pages of text with directory structure, 35 images, 5 forms (max 70 fields), unlimited links (as long as fit within 15 web printed page limit), site registration with main 8 search engines, Includes meta-name categorization in the code, 1 small animated image or sound file, Domain Name Registration for 1 year (client provided the web host and site), and a Guestbook.
  4. The Tree —– for $1,000.
    “The Tree” was the “Client’s Choice” site, Leafworks super premium service that was the most popular package requested. “The Tree” gave the client up to 30 pages of printed text, subdivided into folders and a directory (if necessary), with clickable image maps for easier navigation and artistic flair. The site provided its visitors with in depth information about the client. The site also offered the possibility of animation, video, and sound to be included if desired. Not only was this type of site extremely interactive, but also highly visible and advertised on the web making it easier to find through search engines. The Site included the composition of custom graphics. The Tree included: Up to 30 pages of text with directory structure, 50 images (up to five of which can be image maps), 9 forms (max 250 fields), unlimited links (as long as fit within 30 web printed page limit), site registration with main 8 search engines, Included meta-name categorization in the code, 3 small animated image or sound files, 1 large animated graphic or sound file, Domain Name Registration for 1 year (client provided the web host and site), and a Guestbook.
  5. The Mighty Oak —– $2,500. The “Mighty Oak” lived up to its strengthened name … It was the absolute “Corporate Choice” web site. Not only did it make it easy for patrons to find the client, it gave the ability of being able to give out an easy address to remember. The client could have a full scale catalog, corporate records posted, multiple online brochures, in depth information, fact sheets, indexes, a “whats new” or “coming attractions” page, billboard of events, image maps, animation, sound, video, and all the perks most interactive sites possessed. With over 100 printed pages of data, The client’s patrons would not only get a lot out their site but would most likely keep coming back for more. The site included: Up to 100 pages of text with directory structure, 100 images (up to ten of which can be image maps), 15 forms (max 250 fields), unlimited links (as long as fit within 100 web printed page limit), site registration with main 15 search engines, Includes meta-name categorization in the code, 10 small animated image or sound files, 3 large animated graphic or sound file, Domain Name Registration for 1 year (client provide the web host and site), a Guestbook, 2 Java scripts included, 1 Basic Search Function or CGI, and a Text Version of site provided.

All of Leafworks’ designers were independent contractors/artists. Leafworks required strict style guidelines and customer satisfaction. All finalized sites were first approved by Leafworks and then by the client. Designers were required to code all pages by hand or within an HTML “text” editor which demonstrates their knowledge and abilities of HTML and the current standards. All images were created, manipulated, and designed using the Industry standard premiere choices such as Photo Shop, Illustrator, Meta Creations, and other great tools of their era. Leafworks, Inc. Designers were:

  • David Baird

    Profession: Webmaster and Technician, Florida State University College of Business and owner of Vectordyne Web Design. Education: In process of obtaining AA degree at Tallahassee Community College specializing in computer science. David designed on the web team with Tom, Hena, and Alan for creation of Nehalem Point. Dave specialized in graphic arts, web design & development, and web site management. Location: Tallahassee, Florida.

  • Maryam Balbed

    Profession: Professional Web Designer. Owner of Design Styles Web Design. Maryam loved every aspect of web design, and particularly enjoys building sites from scratch; starting with nothing, and working with her clients to create the look and functions that will best represent and support their business or organization. Rather than relying on a formula, She strives to make every site unique, and to ensure that each site effectively reflects the essence and image that the client desires. Her goal was to utilize the full potential of the web as a marketing tool, as well as a vehicle for streamlining business operations. She wrote all code ‘by hand’ using only a text editor to write HTML, and primarily relied on Adobe Photo Shop for image creation and manipulation. Location: Silver Spring, Maryland.

  • Hena Baurley

    Profession: Sign Language Interpreter & Webmaster of “Hena’s Herb Garden”. Education: Working on Bachelors Degree in the Arts and specializing in sign language interpreting, music, and theater. Hena specialized in Design and Web Programming, Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Web Site Layout. Hena was a team designer for Nehalem Point and a makeover of the Florida Global Education Initiative. Location: Tallahassee, Florida; Brewster, New York.

  • John Baurley

    Profession: Independent Animator and Writer for Film & Television. Owner of Kranioclast Productions. Animator for CAKE music video “Sheep Go to Heaven” (MTV), former Technical Director for South Park, Character Animator for “Baby Geniuses” and many more. John received his BA in Motion Picture Technology and Computer Animation. John specializes in Alias 8.0-9.0, Maya, Photo Shop, Elastic Reality, Chalice, Matador, Soft image Eddie, 3D Studio, Animator Pro, Sony PSX Tools, 3D Studio Max R2, Adobe Premiere, Fractal Painter 3, Unix, airbrush, acrylic/oil painting, and video editing. Location: Los Angeles, California.

  • Thomas Baurley

    Profession: Webmaster/Designer/Information Coordinator for Florida Department of State, Division of Historical Resources Internet and Intranet. Webmaster/Founder/President of International Webmasters Association – Tallahassee Chapter, Tree Leaves’ Folk Fellowship, Tree Leaves’ Oracle, Today’s Movies, and Leafworks.
    Education: Masters candidate with BA in Anthropology and specialization in Archaeology, Folklore, Criminology, and Classical Archaeology from Florida State University. Web Developer/Designer/Programmer since 1995. Graphic Artist and Desktop Publisher since 1991. Developer and Designer of a good majority of Leafworks pages. Tom specialized in Graphic Design, HTML programming, electronic commerce, Internet advertising & promotion, Web Development, JavaScript, and CGI. Tom is extremely talented with PhotoShop 2.0-5.0, Spin Panorama, Image Ready, Illustrator, Fractal Painter, Adobe Premiere, PageMaker, Microsoft Publisher, and many other industry specific software. Location: Tallahassee, Florida; Brewster, New York.

  • Alan Nelson

    Profession: Web Designer/Publication/Information Specialist for Florida Department of State, Division of Historical Resources. Vice chairperson for International Webmasters Association – Tallahassee Chapter. Webmaster of “the Classical Edge”, Paycash, and Mills Motors. Education: Working on his MCSE and a Bachelors Degree in the Arts and specializing in computer science, music, and theater. Alan specialized in PhotoShop, Illustrator, Image Ready, PageMaker, Microsoft Publisher, Image Styler, web programming and design. Location: Tallahassee, Florida.

    Special Programmers:

  • Ralph Prieto

    Specialized in CGI, ASP, UNIX, Perl, HTML, and C++. Conducted Password Protection/Gateway user accounts for PTRCORP through Leafworks.

  • Trey Smith

    Specialized in Unix, Perl, CGI, ASP, C++, HTML, and Robotics. Created Password Protected Bulletin Board modifications for Roadchamps.com for Leafworks.

    Designer Apprenticeships/Interns

  • Jamie Johnson

    Profession: Honor Student specializing in Web Design and Programming. Jamie had worked on the Tree Leaves’ Folk Fellowship membership form, Today’s Movies movie selections, and a co-Webmaster of Cross Country Information Web Site. Location: New Jersey.

  • Kay Pietrewicz
    Profession: Webmaster of Florida Phosphate Council and the Gathering Place. Location: Tallahassee, Florida.

Some of Leafworks Clients were:

  • www.baurley.com
    The Baurley Family genealogy and resources site. Site included links to Baurley family members in the world, their services, businesses, and works.
  • The Dolly House
    The Dolly House provides quality antique and collectible dolls at an affordable price.
  • Florida Global Education Initiative
    non-profit organization for the understanding & education of Florida’s Ecology, Environment, and Natural Resources. A Web Makeover Project.
  • Florida Trust for Historic Preservation
    non-profit organization for the preservation of historic places, monuments, and sites in Florida.
  • Head Start of North Florida
    A joint project with Starlight Data Group. Head Start is a Federal Program for preschool children from low-income families. The Head Start Program is operated by a local non-profit organization.
  • Johari Window
    Acoustic and full set band.
  • Nehalem Point
    Real estate and land development site opportunities in a pristine wilderness where you have a chance to build and live in balance with nature. Conveniently located near Nehalem, Wheeler, and Manzanita Oregon.
  • Pay Cash
    An ongoing resource for finding buyers of what you have to sell.
  • Personal Technology Research
    PTR is the low cost but high value alternative in technology research. Their research, analysis, and client contact consistently provides higher quality at a lower cost. PTR services help technology vendors, service suppliers and end users to capitalize on emerging markets and advantages in development of new telecommunications, computing, and imaging technology. Site design not created by Leafworks, User access control cgi program improved by Leafworks.
  • Starlight Data Group
    seasoned professionals in the field of distributed data processing, servers, networks, computers, software, and system support.
  • Today’s Movies
    www.todaysmovies.com. your theater & movie showtime source
  • Tree Leaves’ Folk Art Collection & Fellowship
    & its journal, The Tree Leaves’ Oracle. Folklore, music, arts, crafts, gifts, ways, and culture enthusiasts organization, gift shop, and its folk journal.
  • Tree Lore
    A grassroots growing database of trees and the folklore that surrounds them.
  • The Writing Team
    Editorial services at reasonable prices.
  • The Department of Defense @ The Pentagon
    Research services.

Leafworks Research

Was an all inclusive service for finding data and resources. This section of Leafworks, Inc. included clients of various mom and pop shops, students, researchers, Archaeological Contract Firms, and the Department of Defense at the Pentagon. Leafworks included a Network of various independent researchers or assistants who would Research for individuals, companies, or firms on an “as needed”/ “as available” request basis. Projects research requests were limited to: Florida Site File research, Book or library searches, WWW site resources, Folklore searches, Networking contact information of various folk groups and organizations. Projects varied from locating archaeological or historical site data* (surveys, site files, maps); book or library searches on various subjects; WWW site resources; folklore searches; or networking contact information of various groups and organizations. All archaeological and historical site file research was conducted by qualified students and researchers (holding a BA or MA in either anthropology, archaeology, history, classics, classical archaeology, library science, or related fields). Searches not involving site file research were conducted by qualified students or researchers in the subject area being requested. Due to the sensitive nature of Archaeological sites, archaeological and historical research was only conducted for accredited or reputable individuals, companies, firms, or organizations with Leafworks reserving the right to refuse service. Subject Areas They Researched: Anthropology, Archaeology, Aromatherapy, Arts/Crafts, Biology, Botany, Classics, Computer Science, Deaf Studies, Entertainment, Ethnobotany, Folklore, Folk Culture, Folk Religion, Herbalism, History, Movies, Music, Religion, Science, Sign Language, Theater.

Leafworks Network: (1991-2000, 2011-2016)

Leafworks operated as a sub-project under Technogypsie Production for a few more years and remains as a heritage memory of the foundations in its current evolution. As a company, it no longer exists. (January 2019)

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