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Technogypsie Tales, Travels, and Reviews is brought to you by Technogypsie Productions (Technogypsie, LLC). It is a collective network of bloggers, writers, and photographers that are part of the Technogypsie Productions and Publications team. These articles and posts cover everything from restaurant reviews, travel tales, sites, events, news articles, travelogues, and interesting facts or fallacies collected by our “techno” gypsies, nomads, travelers, tinkers, and adventures for your pleasure and enjoyment to live vicariously through their wanderings.

New and exciting quests and expeditions are always being conducted as we seek to bring to you a interactive travel guide to let you know what’s hot and what’s not, what’s intriguing and what to avoid as well as entertaining you with the treasures and gems we do find.

Who are the current members of our travel and blogging team?

Leaf McGowan
Site founder and owner, Leaf McGowan is one of our prime authors, writers, photographers, and artisans. He is a collector of travel tales, sites, reviews, folklore, and photos. There is a “living myth” surrounding his trade namesake and is a jack-of-all-trades scientist, adventurer, artist, writer, craftsman, spiritualist, archaeologist, and anthropologist. He is also an avid backpacker, festival-goer, explorer, hiker, camper, and world traveler – he is interested in writing, photography, art, painting, crafts, folklore, and herbalism. His favorite subjects are ethnographies, cultural anthropology, archaeology (old world and new world), mythology, folklore, and studying indigenous cultures. He is also very interested in world religion, practice and history of folklore, folk customs, magic, and belief systems. Always fascinated by the studies of Faeries, Faeids, other kin, and mythology about the Other worlds. His favorite music includes: tribal, rock-a-billy, psycho-billy, 80’s, Brit-pop, new wave, dark wave, Goth, Industrial, techno, folk, Irish jigs, and Pagan music. His activities include writing, research, faunal studies, body painting, herbal studies, herb lore, tree lore, hiking, backpacking, camping, swimming, rock climbing, road trips, travel, dancing, clubbing, museums, art galleries, concerts, festivals, Burning Man, Starwood, Sirius Rising, and Faerieworlds.

Leaf McGowan is also a traveling lecturer on folk studies, folklore, folk magic, Paganism, herbalism, and relationship models. He is also a diviner and an oracle. He is currently working on two upcoming books: “Technogypsies” and “Faeids” which we hope to publish this year. “Technogypsies” is a book about the travels and lifestyle of a “techno-gypsie, techno-nomad, techno-tinker, and/or techno-wanderer.” Within this guide will be a “how-to” guide on living the lifestyle and making it work sharing proper tools, tricks, and techniques. “Faeids” is a ethnographic study on people and folklore surrounding the alternative culture/community of “Faeids”, “otherkin”, and those living the life of the Fae. It is an in-depth assessment and summary of faeries and their lore from the past, present, and future.

Thomas Baurley
Archaeologist, GIS Specialist, Curator, Graphic Designer, Web Developer, and Programmer is our resident scientist, host of the Simply Science and Lore blog and world traveler contributing academic articles, scientific discoveries, news articles, stories, reviews, and his own photography. Interested in camping, bicycling, skiing, tall ships, sailing, snorkeling, and photography – Thomas travels around the planet in search of oddities, plants, trees, rocks, gems, and animal species. He is currently working on a book on “Holy Wells and Sacred Springs” covering sites he’s explored in Ireland, Wales, England, Scotland, Australia, and the Americas. One of the major photographers on our Photography team, Thomas is a brilliant story teller, artist, and photographer. A father and a parent, Thomas is an active researcher on family, kinship, communities, and lifestyles.

Jenni Chaney
Joining our team in December 2010, Jenni acts as an editor, administrative assistant, photo archivist, web designer, web-mistress, and contributor. Specializing in hosting events and parties, Jenni covers many events and happenings with The Tree Leaves’ Oracle and Folk Fellowship, one of our many groups of like minded spirits.

This project relies heavily on your support and contributions. Any donations, large or small, goes a very long way to helping fund our travels, adventures, and research. Regardless of whether or not is simply a $1, $5, $10, or more … without your contributions, we would not be able to afford to make these adventures happen. Why not buy your writer a chai, cider, tea or coffee to thank them for the tale they’ve told? Are you “Really” enjoying their stories and reviews? How about treating them to dinner? or covering a tank of gas or plane fare so they can bring you more stories, photos, and tips? If you’re a business why not have them come and review your shop, services, or products? If you’re a writer, musician, artist, or creator … why not send them your works of art to be reviewed?

Are you a blogger or writer? Do you want to join our team? Send us a sample of your work and let us know what subjects you are interested in writing about. We’ll review your writing style and discuss with you our team dynamics. At present we do not pay writers for their submissions and posts, however – any ad sales on their particular page or entry – they will receive a portion of the any ad commissions. Any ear-marked donations specifically to them will go directly to them to buy them the chai, cider, coffee, or dinner their fans have said “thanks” with.


Through the years, numerous individuals have helped support the travelogues and journeys you see through these pages. We would like to thank Leafworks Design, Wandering Leaf Designs, The Tree Leaves’ Folk Fellowship, The Tree Leaves Oracle, Lady Vanessa of the Rhine, Sir Sven, Sir Guy Mason, Sir Rockbear, Sir Thomas Leaf, Lady Wendy, Sir Jeff Tater, the Lady Brigid, Faerie Moe, Faerie Zoe, Lady Jessica, Lady Bonefinder, Lady Karen, Lady Allison, Sir Robin Wildwood, Lady Rachel, Lady Rebecca, Lord Jesse, Lady Christina Lady Domi, Lady Katherina, Lady Victoria, Sir Mangor, Sir Gregory, Sir Keith, Sir Michael, and many many more without whom some of these travels, tales, and adventures would not be possible.

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