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Do you like what you see here? Do you enjoy these tales? Then why not consider contributing a donation of any amount to the project and help keep it alive and kickin’? Every penny helps … $1, $5, $10, $25, $50, and $100 are very common gifts. Any bit helps.

This web blog relies solely on donations, ad revenue, and contributions. As you can see from the minimal advertising we have on the site, we prefer to keep it ad free if possible. However, travels are expensive. Writers are unpaid. Web sites are costly.

If you seriously enjoy our travel tales, reviews, blogs, photos, and adventures … please donate. It’s easy, it’s a click of a button to paypal to send us a quick donation. Alternatively, do follow our advertisers links … every bit helps. We also accept checks, money orders, cash, volunteer labor, and credit card payments.

Why not buy our writers a chai, a coffee, a cider, a drink, a dinner, or cover their hotel room, a tank of gas, or gift them something to say “thank you!” Such gifts will ensure the life of the party and will keep our articles, research, and travel tales rolling. If you can save our writers from having to juggle 9-to-5 jobs with their travels, then you’ll increase their ability to write more stories. The bills have to be paid. Writers have to eat and drink. Plane tickets are not cheap.

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  1. This is indicative with most things in life — the more
    times you do something the better you become at it.
    But remember don’t overdo it or else it will look like jam-packed
    and remember the primary aim is you are writing for people not only for search engine.

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