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The Ansbach Residence (Ansbach, Germany)

Ansbach Residence, Ansbach, Germany

Ansbach Residence, Ansbach, Bavaria, Germany
* Schloss- und Gartenverwaltung Ansbach * Promenade 27 · 91522 Ansbach * Tel. (09 81) 95 38 39 -0 · Fax (09 81) 95 38 39 -40 * sgvansbach@bsv.bayern.de *
OPENING TIMES OF THE RESIDENCE: April – September: 9am – 6pm; October – March: 10am – 4pm; Closed Mondays. The palace can only be visited by participating in a guided tour. Tours (ca. 50 minutes) take place every hour until 5pm in the summer and until 3pm in the winter.
The Residence of the Margraves of Ansbach were under reconstruction and revitalization while we visited, so unfortunately couldn’t take a very good look at the exterior of this palace since the scaffolding was blocking the view. We did however take the 50-minute guided tour into the interior, no photographs were permitted, and the guided tour was in German. Luckily I had the pleasure of a best friend accompanying me and giving me the translations, as well as a english guide i could read while touring. Great history and phenomenal art within. I was quite impressed. According to the brochure: “The Residence of Ansbach originated as a medieval complex. The large Gothic Hall with its ribbed vault, in which the largest collection of faience and porcelain from the former Ansbach Manufactory is now on display, was built in around 1400. The medieval complex was redesigned as a modern residence between 1705 and 1730.
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Lady of the Rhine, Sect 2: Chapter 11, Part C (4/5) – Lord Christian’s Farm, Ansbach, the Palace …

Part C

Keys in the mural decoration

Sunday, 5 April 2009
Ansbach, Germany

From the Veste Lichtenau, the weary travellers headed over to Ansbach. It was quickly discovered that “Sir Christian” was indeed not just a knightly “Sir” but rather a “Lord” as we soon met his family and their estate. A new family member recently born joined the clan … the cutest ever four-ling. After greetings and a little nap … the travellers headed to the legendary roaming grounds of Kaspar Hauser. Sir Thomas Leaf and Lady Vanessa parted from exhausted Princess Brea and Lord Christian after a nice tea-cap at Lord Christians’ favorite cafe to have a uniquely German drink called club-Mate that is popular amongst German hackers; and went to the Palace for a tour of the royal interior and furnishings. Afterwards, a tour of dead in the basement of the local cathedral, in search for the sacred key. More clues were revealed, in the epitaphs/seals/ and murals revealing directions to the key they seek.

Emblem seal with keys

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