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2009 Boulder SolFest

Boulder SolFest 2009
http://www.bouldersolfest.com/ * SUNDAY, JUNE 21, 2009 * Double Rainbow Ranch * 6541 N 63rd St, Niwot, Colorado * 4-11pm, $12 *
This year I decided to try out the Boulder SolFest at the Double Rainbow Ranch. At first, arriving into someone’s backyard with only a few people around shortly after gates opened originally concerned me that no one was going to show up even though they had billed some great local talent. But as the clock ticked along, a good crowd showed up. They also had some local natural art/products vendor tables, and once the fear of rain dismissed, the talent took to the stage to provide a wonderful show that led to a brilliant Summer Solstice fire ceremony ritual and fire dancing. Pretty spectacular, home-feel community and connectivity. Lil Sum’N Sum’N with Tierro and Gilly from Kan’nal, Ariana Saraha, the Mountain Trance Medicine Band, and Shaela Noella mesmerized the comfy crowd with some wonderful music for the welcoming of Summer and the celebration of Father’s Day. I was quite pleased and thought the event went very well. I couldn’t stay to the bitter end as I had work back in Colorado Springs the next morning, but was very fulfilled with the beauty shared with us. Thank you! Rating: 3.75 stars out of 5.

Lil Sum’n Sum’n * http://www.myspace.com/lilsumnsumn
A artistic music project from members of Lunar Fire and Kan’nal that is composed of Lisa Wimberger, Tierro, and Gil Gonzalez blesses its audiences with improvisational psy-trance world beat haung drums, tablas, doumbeks, dounouns, congas, shakers, udas, guitars, drones, ballaphones, with tap dancing blending rhythmns and music from afro-cuban, african, middle eastern, and American influences. Simply amazing trio.

Mountain Trance Medicine Band * www.myspace.com/mountaintrance
The main act for the SolFest 2009 I attended as it was held at their ranch. I’ve been seeing quite a bit of this band lately and impressed with their music. Regressive TechnoBilly Bluegrass Funk. They bring together the banjo, drum, didjeridoo, and other traditional instruments influenced by the old claw-hammer dance tunes merging tribal beats of modal mountain melodies to trancy grooves, sanskrit ragas, and bluegrass harmonies. Very dance-able stuff. Mountain Trance is made up of Paul Temple, Hal Landem, Michael Krow, Jessee Layton, Damian Leuthold, and JVonD. Great performance and magic! Thank you!

Ariana Saraha * www.arianasaraha.com
Another great performer I’ve seen a bit of lately mesmerizing her audience with Middle East, Far East, Celtic and Flamenco flavored world beats blending together traditional with a natural soulful funk. Amazing rhythmns and vocals that inspires environmental healing through music. Very inspirational. Thank you Ariana!

Shaela Noella * www.myspace.com/shaelanoella
An amazing enchantress from Hawaii, Shaela Noella brought to SolFest spiritually strengthening and blessing acoustic songs to her audience. She was an amazing presence that made my Summer Solstice blessed. Thank you.


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Beltania Festival 2009: Day 1 – Parrish Ranch, Colorado

2nd Annual Colorado Beltania Festival: Day 1
www.beltanefestival.com * Parrish Ranch * Outside of Fort Collins, Colorado * Living Earth aka Highlands Ranch Pagan Meetup *
Friday, May 8, 2009: 9 am – 2 am
“Living Earth” which is formerly known as “Highlands Ranch Pagan Meetup” has begun to host an annual celebration of the Pagan Sabbat of “Beltane” or “May Day”. On their 2nd annual run of the three day festival, this nonprofit event on a private ranch brings festivity to the season with open rituals, classes, workshops, children’s activities, and service projects. Beltania offered its attendees a large outdoor stage with some incredible acts, an indoor 3000 square foot lodge, hundreds of acres of outdoor space, restrooms with cold water showers, workshops, activities, rituals, a traditional Maypole dance, sweat lodge ceremonies, all-night drum circles, catered breakfasts/dinners, merchant area, RV/camper’s hookups, wild camping area, quiet camping area, skyclad areas, a swimming river, and much more. Over the course of the three days, the festival saw over 700 guests in attendance.

Day 1:
While a good portion of the attendees spent most of the first day setting up their camps, dressing up, shopping around in the merchant area, and exploring … quite a few workshops were offered such as “Meditation Beads”, “The Healing Arts of the Goddess”, “Cuddle Celebration”, “Kids Face Painting”, “Drumming 101”, “Hair Wreaths”, “Sensitives, Psychics, and Empaths, oh my”, “Sacred Body Painting”, “Hoop Dancing Playshop”, “Bubbles in the Buff on the Bluff”, “Myth for Ritual and Inspiration”. Activities involved Sweat Lodge ceremonies, Face/Body Painting, Cuddling, Parent/Child River Splash, Drum Circles, Rites of passage, Opening Rituals, Open Mic Hours, Swimming, a Hay ride, Girls’ Moonrite and Amazon Sisterhood Rites, and concerts. The Stage saw Ariana Saraha and Friends, the Mountain Trance Medicine Band, and the Muses of Turiya. The Full Moon ritual was performed under the full moon in Scorpio with emphasis on the Egyptian God Osiris and the Goddess Hathor. Elaborate costumes and drama, Hathor granted eternity and protection to the ritual participants later raising Osiris from the dead. Pretty intricate ritual. Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5. Continue reading Beltania Festival 2009: Day 1 – Parrish Ranch, Colorado