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Faerieworlds 2009 (Mt. Pisgah, Eugene, Oregon)

Faerieworlds 2009
* http://www.myspace.com/faerieworlds * July 31st – August 2, 2009 * Mt. Pisgah Arboretum * 34901 Frank Parrish Road * Eugene, OR 97405 * Just off I-5, exit 189
Each year towards the close of summer arrives and opens a gateway between the worlds allowing mortals and faeries to dance and frolick together. One such event is “Faerieworlds”. A unique festival, hosted by Kelly & Emilio Miller-Lopez (Woodland), Robert Gould (Imaginosis), Kimmy Smith (Woodland), crew, and volunteers; always with the artistic presence of Brian and Wendy Froud; has recently been held over the last several years in the grassroots & environmentally conscious haven of Eugene, Oregon. Themed over the celebration of Faeries, music, art, and creativity; Faerieworlds also has a very deep dedication and connection with nature. Embedded within the amazing plethera of talent that they bring in every year is also a magnitude of earth-based ritual and celebration honoring our ancestors, the spirits of nature, and the Deities of the world. Teamed together with the amazing talent of the Mythmakers these ceremonies are more than phenomenal and theatrically better performed than most festivals of its genre have ever offered from my Technogypsie wanderlust experiences. When Faerieworlds boasts that its often hard to tell the difference between the performers and the attendees, they aren’t kidding at all. Everyone dresses up and comes in Faerie, Fantasy, or period costumery that puts any Renaissance Faire to pity (especially since 90% of the attendees dress up); making the creative artistic experience of dressing up one of the biggest attractions of the event. According to Brian Froud: “To dress as a faerie, donning wings, is to actively join in the dance, to be connected to creative spirit. Graceful or ecstatic dance; the radiant, rhythmic heartbeat; friendship; music; all these move easily across the boundaries, transcending language, race, and time. Such activities extend a joyful hand across the threshold. At Faerieworlds, we ring the bells of faerie invitation. The people come. More importantly, the faeries come too.” The event organizers believe that ‘revitalizing, healing, and transforming spirit of faerie is alive and moving actively in our lives: faerie inspires and provokes, heals and reveals, illuminates and transcends.’ (Faerieworlds web site)

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