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Faerieworlds Winter 2010 Celebration: “Bad Faeries” Masquerade Ball

Bad Faeries Masquerade Ball – Faerieworlds Winter Celebration 2010

Faerieworlds Winter 2010 * McDonald Theater * Eugene, Oregon * January 30, 2010 * 7:30-12:30 *

An amazing night following the Good Faeries Night at the 2010 Winter Celebration of Faerieworlds was the notorious “Bad Faeries Night”. For this celebration, it was by far my favorite of the activities spun for the three day event. The doors to Faerieworlds opened up around 7:30 pm, with several merchants in the hall hawking their steampunk and faerie wares; costumes galore with steampunk influence, and kids dancing in the theater awaiting the amazing acts. Blossomed forth from the infamously successful Summer Faerie Festival extravaganza – Faerieworlds – comes a rather new evolution of their festival – The Winter Celebration. Hosted indoors similar to a “Con” rather than a “Festival” – partakers of the merriment gathered together to celebrate Imbolc and the season of Winter with concerts at the McDonald Theater and a marketplace during the day with workshops, activities, and performances at the Lane Events Center in radical Eugene, Oregon. The second night of the event was the “Bad Faeries Masquerade Ball” held exclusively in the McDonald Theater. The Steampunk costumes were amazing. Adam Hurst did a fantastic performance warming up the stage afterwhich was taken over by Seattle’s Steampunk band “Abney Park“. Then Kelly and her bellydance troupe did an Amazing Dryad Imbolc Rite with mesmerizing tree spirits dancing in the moonlight. The evening was concluded with the ethereal and stunning performance of Zoe Jakes and Beats Antique. Simply Amazing Evening. Of course it ended too soon … just after midnight … but all good things must come to an end. Rating: 5 stars out of 5.




























Faerieworlds 2009: Day 1 – Good Faeries (7/31/09)

Faerieworlds Greeters

Faerieworlds Day 1: Good Faeries Day : Faerieworlds 2009: July 31st, 2009

We arrived late morning in enough time to register and set up camp before the larger crowds came rambling in, though there were already a plethera of attendees. The gates to the realms was opened at 2 pm. The Main stage brought the amazing performances of the Wicker Men (2:30-3:15 pm); an Opening Ceremony and Spiral Dance (3:30-4:00 pm); Tricky Pixie (4:15-5:00 pm); Gaia Consort (5:45-6:45 pm); Beats Antique with Zoe Jakes (7:30-8:45 pm); Woodland with Adam Hurst and Louisa John-Krol (9:30-11 pm); and the Summoning of the Fae/Howling at the Moon by the Mythmakers (11:30-midnight). Mark Lewis, one of the emcees told stories and led a storytelling workshop. On the Village stage throughout the day starred Gypsy Moon at 5 pm and Ghillie Dhu at 6:45 pm. As usual the vending village was full of arts, crafts, costumes, clothing, artwork, wings, ears, talent, cuisine, and artists. Highlighted this year was of course Brian/Wendy/Toby Froud, Amy Brown, J. Corsentino, Jen Delyth, Gris Grimly, Miss Mindy, and Carolyn Turgeon. The theme of the day was “Good Faeries” styled after Brian Froud’s book “Good Faeries, Bad Faeries”. So most peoples costumery were along that theme. The opening ceremony was nicely done with a pretty empowering spiral dance afterwards. The first performers were the Wicker Men who got the green stomping. Tricky Pixie enchanted the audience into mischievious frolick, followed by Gaia Consort who brought tribute to the Earth with their otherworldly tunes. We were then mesmerized by Beats Antique with bellydancer Zoe Jakes which was the highlight during the daylight; followed by legendary Woodland who were guested with the talents of Louisa John-Krol (Australia) and cellist Adam Hurst. As darkness took over out came the fire dancers/spinners and a getting into the faerie state rite performance by the Mythmakers who all highlighted night-time. Unfortunately since I hurt my foot earlier in the day, I was unable to dance the day and night away. But I was still enchanted hanging in the spectator zone praying that my foot would be better tomorrow as one should not miss even an hour of dancing to the amazing talents that Faerieworlds brings in. Regardless of the 94+ degree heat, there were water faeries throughout the dancing crowds spritzing and cooling off the attendees … that was a mighty nice addition. Day 1 official entertainment lasted until midnight, after which the attendees were guided out of the village and closed its gates. However, that was not the end of the activities for the night. Back at the Party camping area, revellers shared spiritual songs, dance, drumming, didgeridoo, glow-stick poi spinning, hanging out, and festivity with one another around the hearth that should have held a fire, but rather was only filled with glow-sticks since no fire seemed to be permitted. A fire would have kept the party going all night, and some did stay up to the rising of the sun, while others wandered back to their tents at an early hour. Apparently however, there were festivities and entertainment going on back at the village in the casbah teahouse tent; and unknown to many of the campers, some of the food vendors still were serving after-hours. The program guides were severely delayed in distribution as we didn’t get ours until the next day. (Guides were not ready when the gates were opened) Overall, it was a nice chill day of settling into the Faerie realm, setting up camp, catching up with old friends I hadn’t seen for ages, and figuring out what I wanted to get out of the festival this weekend. Tapping the Faerie energy and being charged with the blessings weaved by the Mythmakers, the spirit of Faerieworlds was invoked. Rating: 4 stars out of 5. Official Faerieworlds Gallery


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Zoe Jakes & Beats Antique (Faerieworlds 7/31/09)

Beats Antique with Zoe Jakes
* http://www.beatsantique.com/ * myspace.com/beatsantique * zoebellydance.com * theindigo.net * performance at Faerieworlds: Day 1 * July 31, 2009 * from 7:30-8:45 pm on the main stage *

One of my new favorites … Beats Antique with Zoe Jakes … what an incredible display of style, grace, tribal fusion, beats, and sheer art.
Zo Jakes & Beats Antique is a fusion trio of star American Tribal Fusion bellydancer Zoe Jakes teamed together with Electronic beats DJ’s/musicians David Satori (laptop DJ remix artist; guitar; violin) & Tommy Chappel (laptop DJ remix artist; hand drums). Zoe Jakes often dances with the “Indigo Belly Dance Company” with Rachel Brice and Mardi Love. Zoe specializes in ATS (American Tribal Style) and Tribal fusion mixed with hip-hop pops and locks. Beats Antique has produced a digital EP called “Contraption Vol. 1” composed of glitch-rock, dub, world music, electronic compilations. Since ATS and Tribal fusion are the styles of bellydance I’ve been learning over the last year, I was in utmost awe to see one of my favorite dancer inspirations. This is the first time I’ve been exposed to Beats Antique who definitely have made an impression on me. Major kudos for the mesmerizing and enchanting performance! Rating: 5 stars out of 5. Official Photogallery of Zoe Jakes and Beats Antique at Faerieworlds Continue reading Zoe Jakes & Beats Antique (Faerieworlds 7/31/09)