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Benson Sculpture Garden (Loveland, Co)

Benson Sculpture Garden

Benson Sculpture Garden
1125 W 29th St., Loveland, Colorado, USA 80538

Located along the shores of Lake Loveland, near Highway 34 is a beautiful tranquil sculpture garden that is free and a public park for all to enjoy. A popular tourist destination to stop at on the way to the Rocky Mountains and other activities in the area located in the heart of Loveland.

The garden is a unique showcase of local sculpture art that has been displayed here since 1985. It is also the location for the annual “Sculpture in the Park” festival held by the Loveland High Plains Art Council. There are over 154 sculptures in the park on permanent display created by world renown artisans encompassing over 10 acres with foot paths, sidewalks, benches, restrooms, and picnic areas.

It has been cited as being one of the “200 most important modern and contemporary art sites around the world”. It is open year round with no admission fee except during the festival. Rating: 5 stars out of 5. Visited 6/1/17.

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