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The Ghost Bikes of Dublin

Ghost Bikes of Dublin

* All around Dublin, Ireland (& the world) * http://ghostbikes.org/dublin *

An art project? A found art piece? memorial?

Its a memorial to a lost bicyclist who was hit or killed on the street. They are placed locked to a crash site with a small plaque and painted in white to serve as reminders of the horrors that bicyclists have faced and dealt with on their commutes or pleasure rides in the streets of the world. I came across them for the first time in Dublin, but they are a worldwide phenomena, first appearing in 2003 along the streets of St. Louis, Missouri. Now there are reported to be over 500 of them in over 180 locations around the world. The web site tells all. The site is setup to inform those about what this project is about, how to set up a ghost bike memorial, and the safety concerns with this issue. The Dublin project began in 2009 with the first ghost bike to Zu Zhang Wong organised by the Dublin Cycling Campaign (DCC). They reported that 11 cyclists died in Dublin from 2002-2006, seventy five percent from left hand turning lorries.


Lady of the Rhine, Sect 2: Chapter 14, Part B (4/8) – Off to Amsterdam, Zeeburg, hostel

Part B

Atop the ferris wheel in Amsterdam

Wednesday, 8 April 2009
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Arising early and calculating his paycheck, Sir Thomas Leaf spontaneously decided to take Princess Brea to Amsterdam for an excursion enroute to Belgium. Rental motor carriage arranged and lodging set at a hostel in Amsterdam, routing was figured out and plans set in motion. Lord Christian graciously awoke early to shuttle Sir Thomas Leaf to Avis to pick up the motor-carriage. Within a few hours, Sir Thomas Leaf and Princess Brea were off to Holland. The Autobahn was clear and speed was actualized as the duet drove into the rain and was wondering if they would be tromping around Amsterdam in the rain. Quite a few pockets of traffic congestion between Dusseldorf, Germany and Amsterdam, The Netherlands – but by 3:00 pm they arrived at the Park n’ Ride to store the rental, hop the bus to the hostel, and check in. A little lost in the rain, tromping around a neighbourhood they were unfamiliar with, they got a little frustrated as they tried to find where to go. Eventually they made it, checked into a very spacious hotel-like hostel, and unwound before setting off to explore the historic part of Amsterdam.


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