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Twilight by Bobbie Carlyle (Colorado Springs, Co)

“Twilight” by Bobbie Carlyle

“Twilight” by Bobbie Carlyle sculpture
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Article by Thomas Baurley, Technogypsie Productions, July 21, 2016

This beautifully sculpted statue watching over Colorado Boulevard between Pikes Peak and Tejon is a majestic sculpture created by artisan Bobbie Carlyle. It is based on her bronze piece “Twilight” from her website at http://bobbiecarlylesculpture.com/Twilight.php. A large street version in Bronze, This fantastical piece represents a mythical woman emerging from twilight as darkness falls, as if from a cocoon, energized by her potential that lies before her path. Bobbie Carlyle is a Loveland Colorado artisan who is a self-made woman funded by her art as the living dream most artists possess. Bobbie states about her art “I create monumental bronze sculptures that capture bold strength and provocative intelligence. My figures go beyond first impressions to challenge the intellect and cause the viewer to look within themselves for greater meaning. My work reflects my love for classic sculpture, while presenting a modern approach with its presentation and a psychological approach for connection to the struggles and triumphs of life.” caption from Bobbie’s web site Bobbie began her art about 30 years ago. Sculpture is located near the whymsical statues of the Humpty Dumpty brothers. Rated: 5 stars out of 5 (Visited 7/20/17)

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Punks & Monks Art Show – January 8-28th, 2010 – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Punks & Monks @ the Rubbish Art Gallery
* January 8th – 28th, 2010 * Rubbish Art Gallery * 17B Bijou Street * Colorado Springs, Colorado * www.rubbishgallery.com
Opening night began on January 8th at the Rubbish Art Gallery, in the alley across from the 15C Bar at 17B Bijou from 6 pm until 10 pm hosting the inspirational and spiritual artwork of Luke Sheffer who merges together the cultural juxtaposition of the spiritual with the punk musical. Taking the alternative singers, actors, and singers of his time, merged into a Christo-spiritual montage of the divine, Luke brings some remarkable glimpses of those who bring thought and action to words, images, and motion. The evening started out with some appetizers and the display of art, champagne and beer, wrapping up with a punk band called “The Pachisi Champion & the Nicotine Fits” with DJ Tanner and Juicebox spinning the night away. Good times and good conversations, brilliant visuals, and a fun time. Rating: 3 stars out of 5.

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