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The Federal Reserve: Money Museum (Denver, Colorado)

Denver Federal Reserve/Money Museum (http://www.technogypsie.com/reviews/?p=31823)

Denver Money Museum
~ 1020 16th St, Denver, CO 80202
https://www.denver.org/listing/federal-reserve-bank-of-kansas-city-denver-branchs-money-museum/7216/ .

The Money Museum is part of the Denver Federal Reserve and is located along the 16th street mall. It is open Monday through Friday and offers free tours during the day. This little one room display enables the visitor to learn about the Federal Reserve and how money works. While there is no admission, you need to be at least 18 years of age and go through a screening. After the tour, they gift you a bag of shredded money. I actually didn’t really enjoy the visit. Glad it was free. They need a better display and presentation. Rating: 2 star out of 5 (Visited 8/5/17)

Denver Federal Reserve/Money Museum (http://www.technogypsie.com/reviews/?p=31823), 16th street Mall, Denver, Colorado. Street Scenes. New Life in Colorado: Chronicle 26 – Chronicles of Sir Thomas Leaf and Prince Cian. Adventures in Colorado. Photos taken Saturday, 5 August 2017. To read the adventures, visit http://www.technogypsie.com/chronicles/?p=21965. To read reviews, visit: www.technogypsie.com/reviews. All photos and articles (c) 2017 Technogypsie.com – by Leaf McGowan and Thomas Baurley. All rights reserved. www.technogypsie.com/photography

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