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New Amsterdam Red Light District Tour

New Amsterdam Red Light District Tour
“The Red Light District Exposed”
The tour meets daily at 6:45 pm next to the Tourist Information Center directly in front of Centraal Staation. Look for the guides wearing red New Europe T-shirts. 10 Adults/8 Students
Now I’m not usually a real big fan of “tours” and the whole “tourist” “sightseeing” parts of travelling. I usually like to explore on my own. But this tour was very affordable and had an incredible tour guide who knew her history of the district and was extremely helpful with orientation to Amsterdam. I couldn’t recommend any other tour “more” other than the accompanying “free” tour of Amsterdam each morning by the same company. They market the tour as “The Red Light District Exposed” and they certainly do an incredible job talking about every sensual or creepy corner of the district. They advertise with “Intrigued by the Red Light District at night but don’t feel safe exploring it on your own?” and they perfectly show the area for its beauty, intrique, history, and that its quite safe – with a two hour walking tour wandering from coffee shops and jazz clubs to sex theaters and smart shops, prostitute windows, and condom shops, ending with free shots and cocktail specials at the infamous Belushi’s bar. The guides take you to the Proefokaal and other Historic Bars, the World’s first Stock Exchange, a stroll through China Town, window gazing at the Condomerie, to the Old Church, Jazz legend Chet Baker’s place of death, the Warmoestraat: hardcore leather neighorhood, S&M Specialist, Smart Shops and a talk about Mushrooms, visits to the Sex Shops, Video Cabins, the Elite Streets, The Bulldog: Amsterdam’s first “Coffeeshops”, The Prostitution Information Center, the Word’s first Sex Theater, the Newmarket, and many more intriguing locations. On the eve of April 8, 2009 – we were luckily blessed with a fabulous guide named “Stacey”. Stacey was born in Russia, has lived in Canada, the US, Italy, and Malaysia, and now Amsterdam. She’s studying Art History and completing her degree in Asian Studies. Friendly, courteous, and extremely intelligent, she’s one of the best guides on the planet. The tour is worth the 10 Euro just to pick her brain about great places to eat, see, and experience nightlife. Top rating 5 stars out of 5. Thanks Stacey!!! Continue reading New Amsterdam Red Light District Tour


Lady of the Rhine, Sect 2: Chapter 14, Part D (4/8) – Amsterdam, Waag, Dam Square, Cafes, Fair, RLD Tour

Part D

New friends …

Wednesday, 8 April 2009
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Onward the adventurers met with the tour guide leading them through the Red Light District on a spectacular tour learning the history of the sex trade, industry, prostitution, and cannabis culture of Amsterdam. The adventurers met some amazing new friends from around the world as well while exploring the darker and redder side of the city. At the end of the tour, those who wanted to, went into the Belushi Bar for their free shots of Jager and some happy hour specials. New friends from Ireland, Australia, Britain, and France … the adventurers chatted, drank, and headed over to a cafe later before figuring out how to get back to the Zeeburg hostel. Hungry, the hostelers dropped into a restaurant for some fries with a tasty peanut satay sauce. In process, two charming sisters introduced themselves as Karolien and Kristien who tried to pursuade everyone off to dancing to celebrate Karolien’s successful interview. Only Sir Thomas Leaf took them up on the offer. The three of them piled into a taxi and was off to the heart of Amsterdam. The original club that Karolien wanted to take them to was closed, so they went to another decent sized club playing “Techno Light” which appears to be a common popular music type in Holland. Dancing and drinking …. the trio had a blast. When Sir Thomas Leaf made it back to the hostel, it was the wee hours of the morning, and he quickly passed out. His daughter princess Breanna didn’t even wake.

Kristien and Karolien

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Condomerie, Amsterdam, Holland

Condomerie, Amsterdam

Warmoesstraat 141 * 1012 JB Amsterdam * The Netherlands
The world’s first specialized condom shop, the Condomerie takes “condoms” to a whole different level – from studies of fitting and sizing, to intricate fine and humorous artwork made from the rubbers. Located in the heart of the Red Light District in Amsterdam, the Condomerie and its windows will draw more attention than the prostitute windows nearby. Enter in to learn about the Rubber Tree, Condoms and the Church, safe sex, sizing, flavors, varieties, male condoms, female condoms, and its history and philosophy. You can also participate in the First European Survey To Study The Fit And Feel Of Condoms. It was the brainchild of Marijke Vilijn, Ricky Jansen, and Theodoor van Boven on April 10, 1987 during a lively discussion in an Amsterdam restaurant about the disease that has occupied our thoughts since the beginning of the 80’s: AIDS, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. They were very concerned with this incurable and deadly virus transmitted via blood or sperm, that attacks the natural immune system of the body. The expectation was that the aids virus, called HIV, Human Immunodeficiency Virus, would quickly spread throughout the world. It seemed clear that man should count on the surfacing of more new viruses. General sexual hygiene and use of condoms became essential: Safe Sex was the motto. Condoms were obtainable from pharmacies, chemists, sex shops and vending machines. There was, however, little choice or good information. It was time for a specialised condom shop with a wide selection, expert information and good service. The aim was to remove the taboo surrounding the sale of condoms and provide proper information about the different types and sizes available in an unselfconscious manner. The Condomerie had to be easily approachable by everyone, men and women, young and old. Artwork with erotic and safe sex themes was used to decorate the interior of the shop. Rating: 5 stars out of 5.

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Lady of the Rhine, Sect 2: Chapter 14, Part C (4/8) – Amsterdam, Red Light District

Part C

Candles in a cafe

Wednesday, 8 April 2009
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Looking over the maps, the weary travellers decided against hiking across town to the City center. Sir Thomas Leaf bought the pair some 24-hour Metro tickets so they could hop the bus and trains unlimited for the next 24 hours. The hostel recommended taking the bus, so the duet hopped on the bus, and was blessed with the driver not stamping the tickets, giving it more of a boost of a timeline when they could use it. Now the quest for the sacred key of life is amongst the living. No longer to focus on the crypts and the deceased, but rather amongst the aspects of the living, and that which gives life energy. What form shall the key hold? Only time will tell.

Venturing around the streets, into the Red Light District, along the canals, and into the City Center – where a amusement park was setup in front of Madame Tussaud’s House of Wax. To get a good perspective of the city, the duet took the ferris wheel for some ethereal viewpoints. Afterwards, some shopping ensued and a drop over to the Sex Museum before taking the Red Light District tour. They planned to take the tour of the museum later, but given they were running late for the RLD tour, planned to do it later. Since Sir Thomas Leaf had done the museum on another visit, was not much of a rush. Over to the Tourist Information center at Central Station, they awaited for the tour guide to arrive. [to be continued … ]

Copy free photo of Redlight windows from amsterdam.info

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