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Saigon Grill (Colorado Springs)

~ 337 N Circle Dr, Colorado Springs 80909, Colorado | saigongrillfortcollins.com | (719) 635-0720 ~

A unique family-owned roadside Vietnamese restaurant in eastern Colorado Springs offering Vietnamese food, wine, beer, and cuisine. I have yet to try the restaurant, but have done deliveries for them – they seem to be very popular and well liked. They are always friendly and hospitable with a cute playful kid managing the operation. They are said to have modern interpretations of classic dishes using the highest quality and fresh ingredients.

Rated: ___ of 5 stars. un-rated. ~ Review by Leaf McGowan/Thomas Baurley, Technogypsie Productions ~

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US Thai (Denver, Colorado)

US Thai Cafe
5228 W 25th Ave * Edgewater, CO 80214 * (303) 233-3345 * http://www.usthaicafe.com/

A nice little hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Edgewater that serves some decent thai food. We had a variety of dishes, and while a big fan of peanut sauce can’t say they have the best, but I was pleased with the dishes I tried. Ok prices and pretty decent service. I’ll try this again before solidifying my review, but the experience was good. Rating 3 stars out of 5. visited 7/26/2008, 2/24/2011

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La Creperie (Colorado Springs)

La Creperie
204 N Tejon St * Colorado Springs, CO 80903-1350 * (719) 632-0984 *

I like this place even though it gets mixed reviews from all its patrons from those that love it to those that hate it. The waiters do seem to have some coldness and “off”-ness, but once me and my friend toyed with him, he was amicable. The service was quick and cordial, though things were forgotten. Its very high-priced venue especially for the quality and portions. I do like their crepes. Pretty damn delicious. the Seafood Crepe was pretty scrumptuous. The lobster bisque was pretty yummy – but the portions failed horribly in size. The Escargot was dry, and given we complained, they gave us another tray of them to make up for it. Still however, no matter how good I like the crepes, the cost and service wasn’t very great. Now we did the dinner. I’ve had better experiences here with breakfast, even though others seem to complain the most about the breakfast service and offerings. I’ll eat there again, as I do like the food, but with the price and hit or miss service, I don’t imagine it will be anytime soon. Rating: 2 stars out of 5. (Quiche and Crepes are a 4)


Uwe’s German Restaurant (Colorado Springs, Colorado)

Uwe’s German Restaurant
* 31 Iowa Ave * Colorado Springs, CO 80909 * (719) 475-1611
This little, simply-decorated, German family restaurant apparently has been in business in Colorado Springs for over 15 years with a grand reputation for authentic German fare. They also apparently have live music on Saturdays. Basic German fare on the menu including potato and sausage soup, Weiner Schnitzel, Rouladen, Goulash soup, Frikadelle, Sauerbraten, Hungarian Goulash, and Strudel. Has a full bar with a great selection of German and European beers and a limited wine list. I visited during weekday lunch, excellent service, and quite tasty cuisine. Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5.


Indian Oven (Vancouver, B.C.)

Indian Oven

Indian Oven * 2006 4th Avenue * West Vancouver, BC V6J, Canada * (604) 730-5069 * http://www.theindianoven.com/

A rooftop/upper floor restaurant with nice views of Kitslano is a quaint Indian restaurant with style and grace. Great servie and friendly atmosphere. The food is delicious but very small portions for a high price. We went for the butter chicken, mateer paneer, and another dish, garlic naan, and rice pudding dessert. Good times. Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5.