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Faerieworlds Winter 2011 Celebration: “Pirates vs Faeries” Masquerade Ball

Faerieworlds Pirates vs Faeries Ball .

Faerieworlds/Neverworlds Winter Celebration 2011: Pirates vs. Faeries Masquerade Ball
January 29, 2011: McDonald Theater, Eugene, Oregon

One of my favorite dances annually is the Faerieworlds Winter celebrations where they bring together the magical acts of Faerieworlds indoors to the McDonald theater in downtown Eugene, Oregon. Family and friends within the Faerie realms of Oregon, Washington, and beyond come together, dressed to the nines in Faerie and fantasy costumes ready to mesmerize one another in their frolick together. This year was the theme of “Pirates vs. Faeries” as they dance battled the two realms. It was a great display of art, theater, and magic. The magical band “Woodland” enchanted all with their otherworldly music and presence, as well as being hosts to the party. Drinks, festivity, dancing, friends, and family were blended into an amazing night. I was on a bit of jetlag as I soared the skies and roads with a rental car for a 36 hour visit to family coming from Colorado. It was worth every minute. Rating: 5 stars out of 5

Faerieworlds Pirates vs Faeries Ball. Photo by Thomas Baurley / Leaf McGowan / Technogypsie Photography (c) 2011 – www.technoypsie.com/photography – Read the adventure here: http://www.technogypsie.com/chronicles/?p=29943. For more reviews, visit www.technogypsie.com/reviews. Faerieworlds Winter Celebration 2011: Pirates vs. Faeries – http://www.technogypsie.com/reviews/?p=33053.

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DC’s 11th annual Goth Prom

Thursday, 22 May 2008
Washington, D.C.

11th annual D.C. Goth Prom “Under a Milky Way” * Town Danceboutique * 2009 8th Strett NW | Washington, DC 20009 * http://www.gothpromdc.com/

11th Annual Goth Prom, Washington, D.C. 5/22/08

After the National Geographic Live and private reception, I headed over to my ‘first’, while DC’s 11th, Goth Prom which is apparently the longest running Goth Prom in the United States. They even had a Prom King and Queen contest. Prior to this event, I was under the impression that DC really didn’t have a sizeable Goth community (based on last two years fly-ins to D.C. and checking out the scene) but I have to say, after this event – the population exists and the support for the night appeared to be pretty phenomenal. I might have to add this one to my annual calendar of events I go out of my way to attend (of course given time off work and funds). This year it was held at the Town Dancboutique, a two floored club with large levels and plenty of room to dance and move about. The event was $15 advanced tickets or $20 at the door, and that didn’t stop the place from filling up. A wide assortment of DJ’s were spinning on both floors – such as Scary Lady Sarah (Berlin, Chicago – Nocturna); DJ Spider (Charlotte, NC); Kelowna (Toronto-XM Satellite, chiarOscuro DC); Liebchen (DC Midnight, XUBERX); 2501 (Chronos DC, Alchemy DC); Dirty B; Shade (Spellbound DC, Alchemy DC); variety acts such as Cheeky Monkey slideshow performing her Amazing Trinket and MabJustMab acts (including glass walking); bellydancing and gothic tribal upstairs including Cerastes (tribal/industrial dance), Romka (tribal fusion bellydance), and others. Vendors ranged from custom made prom corsages and boutonnieres by Lost Moth; to custom art pieces by Arty4ever, wire jewelry by Eleanor Justice, horror kitsch illustrations and paintings by Frozen Charlotte, clothing and accessories by Dry Tear, Creepy home decor by Morbid Decor, Kilts by The Kilted Nation, custom latex/rubber clothing by Slyx, John Holmes of Bloodrose Industries fashion photography, custom hats and accessories by Peacock Blue, handmade beaded jewelry by Camille DeWalder, and custom t-shirt dsigns by Mind Jacket Designs. The music, talent, decor, acts, and performances were incredible. Drinks a bit higher end priced. Excellent job Lori Beth and all who put this on!!! Plus it was excellent to see my new friends from earlier this year Sarah and Alex who as usual, made me feel right at home as if I lived in D.C. Thank you. Goth prom are slowly putting up pictures in their Gallery here. Rating 5 stars out of 5. Visited 5/22/2008.

* apologies for the lack of quality of pictures for this evening. These were taken from my cell phone camera (no flash) as my camera was out of commission for the evening.

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May Day / Beltane

Beltane/May Day (May 1st)
may day
is a celebrated sabbat and holiday of Indo-European Paganism that was later adapted by Christianity, and then “holiday culture.” In terms of "holiday culture", is meant the current trend within our culture to take really traditional practices & rites and commercialize them or turn them into a non-religious "fun" holiday game or party favor. (Cypress Knee) As there is nothing wrong with this evolution or abstraction of tradition in itself, its very important to understand the tradition and to respect its origins.

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Some Enchanted Burning, A Twisted Burner Prom (Denver 08)

Me and Allison,
Some Enchanted Burning Prom (Denver, CO) 8/9/08
Photos by Shutterbug

and Allison,
Some Enchanted Burning Prom (Denver, CO) 8/9/08
Photo by Pesoptimist (c) 2008

Some Enchanted Burning – A Twisted Burner Prom
* August 9th, 2008 * 9:00 PM – 5:00 AM * 2625 Larimer St, Denver, CO * $10 pre-sale, $20 at door with no costume * http://denverbm.eventwax.com/recompression
Photogallery from the night: http://coloradoburn.ning.com/photo/album/show?id=2014648%3AAlbum%3A21539
Entertainment by: € Zombie Nurse € Jungle Labs € Hi Octane € Shapeshifter € Orange Peel Moses € MOONBASS – Arison / David Seied / DC & Doc € ENERGY RIDERS – Noah M. & T-Bohn € BLINGFACED – ((Diverse)) & Ishe & Timmy
Also: * Your Friendly Lunch Lady, Rusty Moo, will be busting out his special School Noodle Bar; * Visit Cora Chaos + Princess Ariesin the “De-Tension” Hall. Don’t break
the School Rules or you could get a spanking!; * Watch Princess Aries as she wows you with her Naughty School Girl Act!; * Visit Johnny One, our Mis-Guidance Counselor for some career advice! ; * Stop by to get your prom photo taken with Shutterbug!; * Exercise your inner rebel by tagging the bathroom stalls. ; * Chill out in the Teacher’s Lounge, but try not to get caught there with one of your students!; * Check out all of the Art work from our fabulous students at Black Rock High!; * Video projections by Timmy, the head of the school’s AV Club.
A fantastic evening out with memories of high school prom, Sixteen Candles, and Long Duck Dong … down Larimer to the Orange Cat Gymnasium, nestled in a back alley with a smoking courtyard, gymnasium, lunch room, teacher’s lounge, and bathroom. Everyone dressed up in fabulous prom outfits and funky costumes. The event was well done and superbly decorated. The homeless prom couple added some fabulous spice and skits. The lunch lady Rusty made some healthy tasty noodles, and the burlesque show was tantalizing. Lots of dancing and fun. Humorous wall graffitti fun. Prom pictures well done. I had a fabulous time. Thank you! Rating: 5 stars out of 5.

and Valerie,
Some Enchanted Burning Prom (Denver, CO) 8/9/08
Photos by Shutterbug

Leaf, Allison,
Some Enchanted Burning Prom (Denver, CO) 8/9/08
Photo by Pesoptimist (c) 2008

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