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Naas, Ireland

Naas, Ireland
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Inbetween Dublin and Kildare (as well as Cork, Limerick, and Waterford) is the little town of Naas, Ireland. “Naas” or “An Nás” means “The Place of Assembly”. It has also been calls “Nas Laighean” which means “The Place of The Leinstermen” or as “Nás na Riogh” which means “The Place of Assembly of the Kings”. In early times it was the seat of the King of Leinster and the North Mote is where the ancient royal palace once stood. It is believed St. Patrick came here and had camped on the site of the now present Protestant Parish Church. The Normans fortified the city and then plundered by Robert and Edward Bruce in 1316. The modern Church of Ireland now resides in what was once a Norman Castle and part of the towns fortifications. The last of the Kings of Naas as a King of Leinster was Cearbhall who died in 989 C.E. It was here that one of the first battles of the Rebellion of 1798 took place when 1,000 rebels were defeated in an unsuccessful attack on the town. Theobald Wolfe Tone, one of the leaders of the United Irishmen is buried just outside the city at Bodenstown. With a population of 16,000+, Naas is the 15th largest town in the Republic of Ireland and with new developments expects to have a population of 30,000+ in the near future. The town has a library, a tax office, a new Gaelic Athletic Association club, a large new public swimming pool, a leisure center, an athletics club, a range of schools, the Naas General Hospital, a horse racecourse, a soccer club, a tennis club a hockey club, a rugby club, two major nightclubs including the famous ‘Time’ nightclub, a five-screen 3D cinema, several pubs, five supermarkets, county council offices, two Roman Catholic Churches (The Church of Our Lady and St. David dating from 1827), one Church of Ireland, one Presbyterian Church, a number of hotels and the new Moat Theatre. Naas hosts one of the largest scouting groups in Ireland with 2 Beaver nights, 3 cub nights, 3 scout nights, and a very large venture group as well as a proposed rover group.

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