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Empire, Nevada

Empire, Nevada, U.S.A.:

Very much tied to “Gerlach“, Empire is the smallest of the two towns on the edge of the Black Rock Desert. It is the classic company town of the United States Gypsum Corporation which owns all property and buildings in Empire. This was the longest continually operating gypsum mine in the U.S. It has a church, public pool, 9 hole golf course, a post office, and a airport for light planes with an asphalt landing strip as well as a day care facility for employees of the mine. A convenience store and gas station, the only one for more than 50 miles, sits here. Its combined population is 499 with Gerlach. Both towns support the local ranching and Gypsum plant miners as well as the annual festival tourism from Burning Man. Empire is the headquarters of the areas Gypsum Plant that closed its doors on January 21, 2011. Residents with kids can continue to inhabit the town until June 30 after that, Empire officially becomes a ghost town with the onslaught of 95 jobs being terminated. It is estimated that now there will be only 7-15 kids left in Gerlach.


Chronicles: Sept. 1, 2010: Utah to Black Rock City

Utah, Nevada, into Black Rock City

Wednesday, 1 September 2010
* Utah-Nevada, United States of America *

Sir Thomas Leaf and Lady Ellie awoke after night stay at the Wyoming and Utah border rest area. They were quickly back on the road to Black Rock City. Driving through the hot terrain of Utah, past the Great Salt Lake, and into
Nevada for a lunch pitstop at the Casinos of Nevada. They struggled with the vardo “Isis Adventure Thru Time“‘s lack of air conditioning and the rigged cool fan Leaf installed. They were on their way to the infamous Burning Man Festival in the Nevada Desert. They passed through West Wendover and got some cell phone connectivity to Sir Guy who they would be camping with at the Burn and where the Tree Leaves Bodypainting Station would be erected. Ever since Salt Lake City, they would see sporadic Burners on their pilgrimage to Black Rock City. As the weary travellers headed north through the Pyramid Lake Reservation, traffic of burners became congested as they made the slow and hot trip to Gerlach, Empire, and finally Black Rock City. As they headed from Empire to Burning Man, they entered bumper to bumper traffic as a several hour wait lay ahead before entry into the city. A pitstop off at the gate with the box office to grab Lady Ellie’s ticket, they were soon through the main gate and customs, onwards to search for their camp. They searched for the mad Doctor Mangor, Sir Guy, Ranger Rockbear, and Ranger Chimistry and started to get frustrated in not finding the camp. Shortly enough though, they spied Ranger Chimistry and she coordinated with camp members and neighbours to make room and space for the free bodypainting theme station / camp. It took a little over an hour for Sir Thomas Leaf to construct the tent and booth, as darkness fell, he found Sir Guy and Ranger Rockbear. No mad Doctor Mangor could be located though. Sir Thomas Leaf and Sir Guy wandered the playa, imbibed in elixirs found at various bars and nightclubs, and much fun was had.


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