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Dunes City, Oregon

Dunes City, Oregon and its surroundings

Dunes City is a small town along the Oregon Coast near Florence, Oregon and Eugene, Oregon that is surrounded by large numerous and expansive sand dunes. The City itself is small, population in 2010 was a mere 1300 residents. The town in still influenced by the lumber industry surrounding the Dunes, otherwise tourism and recreation with ATV’s and dune machines infiltrate the area.

Rated: 4 of 5 stars. ~ Review by Leaf McGowan/Thomas Baurley, Technogypsie Productions ~

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Faerieworlds Winter 2011 Celebration: “Pirates vs Faeries” Masquerade Ball

Faerieworlds Pirates vs Faeries Ball .

Faerieworlds/Neverworlds Winter Celebration 2011: Pirates vs. Faeries Masquerade Ball
January 29, 2011: McDonald Theater, Eugene, Oregon

One of my favorite dances annually is the Faerieworlds Winter celebrations where they bring together the magical acts of Faerieworlds indoors to the McDonald theater in downtown Eugene, Oregon. Family and friends within the Faerie realms of Oregon, Washington, and beyond come together, dressed to the nines in Faerie and fantasy costumes ready to mesmerize one another in their frolick together. This year was the theme of “Pirates vs. Faeries” as they dance battled the two realms. It was a great display of art, theater, and magic. The magical band “Woodland” enchanted all with their otherworldly music and presence, as well as being hosts to the party. Drinks, festivity, dancing, friends, and family were blended into an amazing night. I was on a bit of jetlag as I soared the skies and roads with a rental car for a 36 hour visit to family coming from Colorado. It was worth every minute. Rating: 5 stars out of 5

Faerieworlds Pirates vs Faeries Ball. Photo by Thomas Baurley / Leaf McGowan / Technogypsie Photography (c) 2011 – www.technoypsie.com/photography – Read the adventure here: http://www.technogypsie.com/chronicles/?p=29943. For more reviews, visit www.technogypsie.com/reviews. Faerieworlds Winter Celebration 2011: Pirates vs. Faeries – http://www.technogypsie.com/reviews/?p=33053.

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