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Cirque Du Soleil’s “Alegrķa” (Dublin, Ireland) ~ April 25-29, 2012

Allegria - Cirque du soleil
Allegria - Cirque du soleil

Allegria – Cirque du soleil
– April 25-29, 2012. Dublin, Ireland * http://www.cirquedusoleil.com/en/shows/alegria/show/about.aspx.

Coming soon to Dublin is the world infamous monumental “Cirque Du Soleil” with their astonishing troupe and show “Alegrķa”. It’s a mood and a state of mind after which the show is named. Coming from the Spanish term for “jubilation” the troupe will show power and the handing down of it through time with artistic demonstrations of the evolution of ancient monarchies to modern democracies, old age, youth, and the cycles of time. With the King’s fools, minstrels, beggars, old aristocrats, and children making up the show’s universe speckled with clowns, they come again to stun their audiences. I’ve been fortunate to experience this amazing show of acrobats, music, performance, arts, stilt-walking, fire art, juggling, comedy, clowning, and breathe death-defying feats. Mesmerized by the costumes, stage design, arts, illusions, super-human body twisting and endurance … I’ve been addicted to the Cirque since I first saw them in the early 1990’s at their home arena in Quebec. Definitely a not to miss show when they come to town. Unfortunately we don’t have the funds to see this show while it hits Dublin this year, but for those that can afford it, definitely go out for a time of your life. You will not only be amazed and whirl-winded, but tingled to sheer ecstasy. If for some reason we do find a way to go via winning tickets or being gifted with them, we’ll definitely add on to this review with a stunning report. ~ Tom Baurley


“When Darkness Falls” – Bad Faeries Night Fire Ceremony (7/31/10)

Faerieworlds Day 2: Bad Faeries Night Ritual: “When Darkness Falls”
* Lucretia of Serpentine; Kelly Miller-Lopez of Woodland; Connor Fenix Cobbledick of Kirkos * Saturday, 31 July 2010 * Midnight * Faerieworlds 2010 *

After a stunning performance by Faun, as the witching hour arrived, “as Darkness fell” for the mischievious bad faeries to do their biddings & fun – Kelly Miller-Lopez accompanied by members of Woodland and Faun came on stage for a musical and poetic invocation. Before the stage, corded off for safety, the exotic and mysterious Lucretia of the dance troupe Serpentine brought out her fire flamed fingers for tribal belly dance and fire play. The fire breathing Connor Fenix Cobbledick of the Kirkos fire troupe danced and pranced in playful prose with her. The magic was woven.


Faerieworlds Night Ritual: When Darkness Falls

A musical and poetic invocation spoken by Kelly Miller-Lopez, with music by performed by members of Woodland and Faun. The dance features Lucretia of the dance and fire troupe Serpentine, with fire breathing by Connor Fenix Cobbledick of Kirkos fire troupe. Poetry and music written by Emilio Miller-Lopez of Woodland.

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Hellzapoppin Sideshow @ the Rocket Room (Colorado Springs)

Juggling, Hellzapoppin Sideshow

The Hellzapoppin Sideshow
* Thursday, 8 pm – 1 am, 25 March 2010 * The Rocket Room * 230 Pueblo Ave * (the corner of Wahsatch & Cimarron) * Colorado Springs, Colorado * 719-447-4990 * http://www.myspace.com/therocketroom * $10 cover *

On a dark chilly evening in a corner bar where Rock-a-billy lives in Colorado Springs, sprung to live one of the modern versions of a classic era circus sideshow … known to its fans as the “Hellzapoppin Sideshow”. This sideshow is proud to have differing feature performers, most notably “The Torture King” from the Jim Rose Circus Sideshow and “Slymenstra Hymen” from GWAR. Many of their performers have travelled with many sideshows and circuses, as well as appearances on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Discovery Channel, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, The Learning Channel, Guinness Book of World Records, HDNet, and the National Geographic Channel. The show boasts a staff of true vagabond artists – artisans with hearts full of wanderlust on a modern day pirate ship. They are notoriously a circus for adults! For a mere $10 one could enter this fantasy world with juggling, fire spinning, ball play, sword swallowing, glass walking, body piercing, contortion, accordians, humor, and music … not to mention potent affordable drinks. The show was phenomenal for the small bar scene and the performers were amazing. It was a refreshing treat to a stressful week. We were first entertained by a pinhead accordian singer followed by some sensational burlesque. Juggling, comedy, firespinning, and Laura as a hot girl in a bubble which is a full size hamster ball that she does acrobatics and juggles inside. The Torture King amazed us with glass eating, glass walking, sword laying, and body piercing. More burlesque, juggling, and fire play. Lady Diabla swallowed swords, had darts stuck into her back, and amazed us with her shoulder shrugs to pain. A girl placed into a box that was sliced and diced with swords. Very entertaining indeed! A must see side show! At this particular show we were blessed with the presence of Zamora The Torture King, Lady Diabla, Bryce “The Govna” Graves, Laura, John Shaw, and some others I heard a rumor were local talent. Rating 4.3 stars out of 5.

Juggling, Hellzapoppin Sideshow

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Pleasure and Pain, PURE Cirkus (Seattle, Washington)

Hellraiser Cenobites

Pleasure and Pain

* October 27, 2006 – Capital Hill Arts Center, Seattle, Washington, USA *

A piercing and suspension extroadinaire, that took place in Capital Hill on friday merging together alternative music, circus acts, fire spinning/arts, skits, costumes, art, and suspension. A wild time and awe-inspiring performances beyond the imagination. The renown suspension troupe CoRE (CA/TX) performed with PURE Cirkus (Seattle), and Shift (Oregon) bringing together freaky sideshows of the circus arts, strung together with piercing, hooking, and suspension, performance art, theater, and cameo appearances of your Hellraiser favorite Cenobites, Pinhead, and crew; blended with musical performances of “Mankind is Obsolete”, Mistress Catherinna, and artistic galleries of local artists. Alas, Betty X did not perform, but the evening was ultimately splendid nonetheless. Extroadinary …. Rating: 5 stars out of 5.


fire spinning
Fire Spinning
PURE Cirkus
PURE Cirkus

PURE Cirkus, SHIFT, CoRE, Freaks, and Sideshows ….


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