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Tricky Pixie (7/31/09 @ Faerieworlds)

Tricky Pixie
* http://www.trickypixie.com/ * performance at Faerieworlds: Day 1 * July 31, 2009 * from 4:15-5:00 pm on the main stage *

Tricky Pixie is an amazing Faerie trio that came to be because of Faerieworlds. S.J. Tucker (guitar/vocals), Alexander James Adams (fiddle/mandolin/bodhran), and Betsy Tinney (cello/bodhran) formed their musical triad at Faerieworlds 2006. On July 31st, 2009 they took the main stage with mesmerizing bouncy and trickster beats to coincide with the release of their first studio album “Mythcreants”. Billed as “Gypsy Celtic Folk Rock for Naughty Punk Faeries” they fully live up to their name and embodie that spirit in stage presence, music, lyrics, and ambience. These three mischievious pixies mesh together various instruments of strings and drums with enchanting festive lyrics and voice. Amazing songwriters who create their own stuff, they also bring out the classics of original tunes. While a pretty new Faerie band … their first official show was in Redmond, Washington (July 2007) and they’ve been stomping the stages with some fantastical beats with an animated performance throughout the Pacific Northwest. Definitely some top talent to keep an eye on as spin out their Faerie melodies. Rating: 4 stars out of 5.


The Wickermen (7/31/09 Performance at Faerieworlds)

Wicker Men
http://www.myspace.com/wickermen * http://tribes.tribe.net/thewickermen * performance at Faerieworlds: Day 1 * July 31, 2009 * from 2:30 pm – 3:15 pm on the main stage *
A very talented band from California that bills themselves as “Gypsy Druid Folk Rock Voodoo” are a Pagan band who spins forth earth-based rhythmn that comes from deep within. They merge numerous traditional instruments with spiritual vocals to tell stories in their songs, paint Druidic imagery, storytelling, and gypsy rock that will make you dance. The band consists of duo … Patience Yanderling (Los Angeles) who is the main singer/songwriter armed with a double necked 6 & 12 string acoustic guitar; Hojji Firemaker (Nevada City, CA) who beats the percussion such as the djembe and a bell harp that he created. The music is definitely enchanting in its own rock-n-roll way. They are not new as an addition to Faerieworlds having appeared from 2006-2008 and premiering now on the main stage in 2009. I very much enjoyed their performance, spirit, and addition to Faerieworlds 2009. Kudos! Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5.



Performing unplugged at Trolls et Legendes Festival in Mons, Belgium: 4/11/09
Eugene, Oregon
Having already booked my trip to Europe without knowing about the Trolls et Legendes festival, I was pretty distraught that I would be missing the performance of Woodland on sunday since I had to leave the festival the night prior to their scheduled magic. But I was blessed with an unplugged performance of this amazing group as they played in the marketplace at Trolls et Legendes in Belgium on Saturday afternoon. While the festival didn’t equipt the band with sound equipment, and it was a bit hard to hear them over the festival noises, chatter, and clatter … standing closer to the stage, their magic overwhelmingly drowned out the distracting noises. Having been privileged to see Woodland on many other occasions at their home festival of Faerieworlds in Eugene, Oregon – I know the enchantment they weave. To experience them even with this unplanned jam in the city of Mons, Belgium was awe-inspiring to say the least. Woodland is a enchanting faerie band rooted from the heartland of Oregon in the United States bringing forth folklore, mythology, and Celtic rhythms in a magical spell. Their performances are like a magical ritual, bringing together childhood folk stories with the epic myth of the woodlands. Weaved together with the poetic harmonies of Emilio and Kelly Miller-Lopez, Kimmy Smith, Donald Brodsky, and Jarrod Kaplan – the mystical presence of the group not only mesmerizes their fans with music, poetry, and the inspiring art of Brian Froud, video, and Festivity – but also key organizing of fabulous and enchanting festivals like Faerieworlds, Faeriecon, and the Faerie Balls. Blessed with the harp, flutes, percussion, song, harmony, guitar, the fiddle, electric instruments, bass, didgeridoo, and theatrics – this band is phenomenal. Always a pleasure to be in their presence. Thank you for all that you do! Rating: 5 stars out of 5.

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