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04.16.11: Chronicles: Sciencequeen’s Going Away Party & Exploring Melbourne

Travels Down Under:
Exploring Melbourne & Farewells to Sciencequeen

Saturday, April 16, 2011
* Melbourne, Victoria, Australia *

Early to rise, the travelers headed out to the train station for a brief wandering around metropolitan Melbourne before journeying to St. Kilda at the Local where they would bid farewell to the Science Queen. Sir Bluey Bee in his comical self, humor Sir Thomas Leaf and Lady Sciencequeen over their journey with lots of picture taking in action. Once hitting the central station in the city centre, Sir Thomas Leaf and the Sciencequeen grabbed a latte at the Streat kiosk while enamored with the architecture and design of the station. Walking about the artsy city centre of Melbourne was a tantalizing array of artistic spectrum, architecture, and unique oddities. Sir Thomas Leaf was intrigued by the “Pie Face” booth as he soon realized the Australians were addicted to the “pies” n’ “pastries” just as much as the British was. Walking past “China Town” they were soon back on the train to St. Kilda where the party would be. Sir Thomas Leaf was perplexed by the “Hungry Jacks” logo/fast food place they passed because it “looked like a Burger King” but was called something different. He figured he’d have to research that one by Google in the near future to understand how that isn’t copyright/trademark infringement. On the train, Sir Thomas Leaf was greeted by a scrawling of “Leaf” on the seat in front of him as if he was meant to be “… was here” as it was oddly spelled the same way he spells his name, not unlike the typical “Leif” most spell it who are named as such. Enter St. Kilda, the travelers were in a rush with Sir Bluey Bee struggling to keep up while distracted by photo moments, as they raced to meet the Science Queen’s friends at the Local. St. Kilda was a welcoming “artsy” district in Melbourne that Sir Thomas Leaf quite liked. “The Local” had several tables reserved for Sciencequeen’s going away party, and soon enough after claiming them, were populated by her comrades and loved ones … much local beer tasting ensued, as did Sir Thomas Leaf with his cider fix, topped off with a plate of mussels that were to die for. Joking around, humor, festive, and frolic, good conversations and new friendships were made. After some drunken debauchery (for some), they wandered off for gellato treat by the beach. En route, Sir Correct-a-lot encountered a very badly chalked inscription in front of the library saying “Are … Politicians Known Eor There Honesty” which he could not pass without correcting said such … and grabbed some chalk from a restaurant down the road, ran back, and fixed the typo and commented “At least politicians can spell” as a side note.

Past the Amusement park and the Palais theatre, the motley crew found the Fritz Gelato awaiting them with good prices for large portions. Mesmerized by the flavors, indulgence overtook the innocent as frozen fun ensued. Down to the Gazebo, the friends had their farewells as sunset took on the night with possums climbing down trees and even further madness to occur. Much of the party left, as a handful headed back to Sciencequeen’s flat for some more drinks and conversation with more friends added in the mix. A pit stop for some liquor demonstrated how pricey alcohol is in Australia – a typical cheap bottle of rum that Sir Thomas Leaf would pay $9.99 for in the States, was now $35 – “Egads!” he thought in horror. Pit stop for pizza to go and back to the flat. Good times. A good night was had by all ….

Remainder of the Story, Photos and videos below the cut:

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Chronicles: Sept. 30, 2010: Mangor’s Mad House, Perversion, and Gothy Goodness

Mangor’s Cabinet of Curiousities

Perversion, Luxury:
Downtown and Hollywood Madness

Thursday 30 September 2010
* Los Angeles, California/Hollywood, California, United States of America *

Early to rise at 8 am as Sir Thomas Leaf is used to awaking early, and given the time difference in California from Colorado, he was up at the crack of dawn. So was Lady Tara. Sir Thomas accompanied the Lady on her quest to complete some chores with a pitstop at Starbucks for some chai goodness with a wander-a-bout in Los Felis. Pitstop at 10 am over to Trader Joe’s for some groceries and lunch at Around noon, Lady Stephanie picked up Sir Thomas Leaf and took him to her palace at the Millenium Biltmore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. While she finished up her conference call, Sir Thomas Leaf went for a swim and jacuzzi in the mozaic tile and pillared bathing hall. After her conference call, the two went for a sushi lunch at Mitaki down the street and had drinks to catch up. As she was off on the road by 4 pm, Sir Thomas Leaf kissed the fair maiden goodbye she departed for Arizona and he returned to Docteur Mangor’s House of Gothy Madness. Sir Thomas Leaf is definitely a fan of his eccentric brother’s art and collections. By darkness falling, he, Lady Tara, and the mad Docteur dressed in their dark attire and headed off to “Perversion” to meet Lady Mechi, Lady Cimcie, and Lady Ashlee for some dancing. Two rooms of ecstatic dark tunes, watered-down and weak alcoholic beverages, the crew had a fabulous time dancing and partying. As the evening came to an end, the murder of friends parted ways after a wonderful time of revelry. Tomorrow, Sir Thomas Leaf will investigate Social Networking.

Photos and videos below the cut:

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08.01.10: CSTL: Faerieworlds, Day 3, Return to the Mortal World

Day 4: Faerieworlds: Family Faeries

Sunday, 1 August 2010
* Mt. Pisgah, Eugene, Oregon, United States of America *

Sir Thomas Leaf and Lady Absinthe Alli awoke and headed to the main stage area to greet those who stated they were interested in Pirate Relief for a social meet and greet. Perhaps because it was at 10 am and everyone had partied pretty late through the night, that no one could awaken for the meet. Only Captain Leaf and Absinthe Alli were in attendance. Later socialized with some more friends and proceeded to get camp packed up before the Family Day activities began to take place. Absinthe Alli’s carriage packed up, the adventurers began to say their goodbyes as they had a 23 hour straight drive ahead of them back to Colorado. Unfortunately due to their timeline and crunch the adventurers were only able to see Faun in concert for the final day, missing several good acts. On to the road, around Portland the fatiqued explorers stopped at a rest area to make some Roadside Pad Thai for a hearty dinner before continuing onwards. Driving along the Columbia River, through Oregon, Idaho, into Utah, on through Wyoming and finally into Colorado after tag team driving. The adventure is done. It was a most excellent Faerieworlds 2010 Sir Thomas Leaf dreamt while catnapping in the carriage during his turn to rest.

This Journey is quite expensive & took quite a bit of personal sacrifice to make happen.
Any contribution, $1, $5, $10+ will help more than you can believe
and will add more adventures, photos, stories, and reviews for your pleasure …

Photos and videos below the cut:

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08.06.09: STL Cronicles/Hearth Quest: Chapter 28: ‘Honolulu to Big Island’

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Akaka Falls near Hilo, Big Island

From the journal of Sir Thomas “Rymour Oisin” Leaf: Thursday, The 6th of Sextilis (Julius Caesar’s “August”) in the good year 2009 of the Common Era

Wakiki, Honolulu, Hawaii – Hilo, Big Island, Hawaii
“Arose early at 6:30 am with enough time to hop down from the hostel to Wakiki beach for another swim, this time in daylight. A nice guy from Australia friended me and headed down to the beach with me – he just watched me swim as he claimed it was just too cold temperature to swim. It was amazingly just perfect temperature. Oh how I miss the oceans. Took a walk down the beach and returned to the hostel afterwards to pack and check-out. Ran into the sweet woman from Boulder who arrived the same time as I did – and she’s packed everything up for this trip to move here for a new start in Hawaii and was starting her job hunting early morning day 1. Now that’s ambition. I envy those who can just get rid of everything and on faith move like that and start from scratch – wait a minute – I’ve done that and will do it again I’m sure. Wished her much success. After wifi n’ cereal as the clock struck 8:30’ish I headed down curbside to await the shuttle. Lovin’ Hawaii. For $6.75 door to terminal service on the shuttle. That rocks. Thanks to my wonderful friend Kit from high school, I had a free buddy pass for Go! Airlines to island hop and see my old best friend (from High School), David – who now goes by Kawika. (Thank you sooo much Kit!) Can’t wait to see him! Its been a few years since our 20 year Goddard High School Reunion in Roswell, New Mexico Goddard where we went down memory lane by breaking into the missle silos outside of Roswell, crawling into the depths, and exploring the UFO crash site. Fun times! So I knew this would be an exciting adventure around Big Island! Got some great aerial views of the Islands. As I touched down, David was there to pick me up, and drove me around the island to explore the Hilo area … some of the beaches, Akaka Falls, and exploring the city of Hilo …. we dropped into Cronie’s for lunch – had fish n’ chips and a local cocktail : The Lava Flow. Pretty tasty! We hit the fruit market where I nabbed and gobbled up various fruits I’ve never tried or seen before as well as local favorites … have to eat local! We decided to drop into the Bayfront Kava Bar for a Kava drink ceremony as it was David’s first! Nice mello feeling … Then on to David and Paula’s place in Volcano where I got to meet his lovely mate. Once dark, we headed up to the Volcano National Park but it was rather dark so didn’t get to see much. We did however (with no flashlight) wander down through the dark and rain into and through a lava tube. That was fun. Reminded me of our cave and silo explorings back in the day. Fun! Of course I packed ‘summer’ and in Volcano it got quite chilly and cool especially at night since the elevation was well over 4,000 ft. Funny … I packed my hammock as was looking forward to sleeping outside in it at nights to enjoy the tropics – consistently raining more than Seattle receives, and very cold! Good night!”

Me and Kawika enjoying Kava

About Hawaii

Honolulu, Oahu

Read about Wakiki Beach in Honolulu, Hawaii

Wakiki Hostelling International Hostel

Hurricane Felicia

Hawaii Go! Airlines

Big Island, Hawaii

About Hilo, Big Island, Hawaii

Akaka and Kahuna Falls

Papaikou, Big Island, Hawaii

Hawaiian Botanical Gardens and Cove

Onomea Bay


How I make a Lava Flow

Bayfront Kava Bar

Pacific Tsunami Museum

Hilo’s Farmer Market

Thurston Volcano Tube

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7.17.09: Cronicles of STL: Chapter 7: ‘Dreamtime Festival – Day 2’

Leaf bodypainting tribal designs

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From the journal of Sir Thomas “Rymour Oisin” Leaf: The 17th of Quintilis (Julius Caesar’s “July”) in the good year 2009 of the Common Era

“The mesmerizing festival that is Dream Time. I had some most excellent dreams last night, falling asleep after a great party dancing away at the Saucer crash to my favorite 80’s. Then passing out under the stars to the calm yet very alive desert night. Awaking early, I was off to the tent to setup art for the day. Was a very busy day for bodypainting. Didn’t do too many tarot readings but my friend in the booth next door did. Faith came by early in the morning and dotted me up with some aboriginal white dots. Thank you! Was very swamped with bodypainting requests. It got very very hot. Kathy came and joined me for a long day painting and did an amazing tribal design on my back. Thank you! Did a few designs through the day on myself as well, and with how hot and blazing the sun was with me forgetting to use sunblock, left a semi-permanent bodyart burn on my back – kinda cool the tribal designs transferred over. So many visits to the showers and the pond. This poor Pisces was sweltering! The vendors seemed to do ok, the merchant area had its on/off times of being busy and not. We had a grasshopper join us throughout the day as a resident blessing mate … and I fed it a pistachio. It loved it. Gnawed on it for hours. My best friend Viktoria came by for a visit while she was helping David string lights. Got a chance to hang out with my lovely friends from the Pacific Northwest, Dana and Wendy. Got to spend a lovely day with Dana. What an amazing woman! As darkness fell, we grabbed Wendy and the three of us frolicked throughout the festival grounds – viewing a cool Adam and Eve comedy spoof made by some Denver film-makers, watched some amazing Didgeridoo performances on main stage, fire ritual and spinning, and some great massages. We capped off the evening to some extremely wild dancing at the UFO crash party with the Space cowboys. What a great day!!! Some interesting workshops about 2012 were revealed and the Mayan prophecy. Lots to think about. I had quite intriguing dreams through the night.”

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7.15.09: Cronicles of STL: Chapter 5: ‘Journey to Paonia’

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From the journal of Sir Thomas “Rymour Oisin” Leaf: The 15th of Quintilis (Julius Caesar’s “July”) in the good year 2009 of the Common Era

“It was a short day in the laboratory working on maps. I had overworked the last few days so was able to get away with doing a half day. Shortly after, I headed back to my mountain cottage strapping, binding, and packaging up my Matrix CUV vardo that would be taking me to the Western slopes of the Rockies … on some high desert mesa-tops just outside of Paonia, Colorado. Tina and her partner Heather arrived shortly after 3 pm. We packed into our cars and headed south on Highway 115 to 50 where we would slowly crawl across the Rocky Mountains through Canon City, Salida, and Durango. Many beautiful amazing lakes along the way welcomed us as well as panoramic mountain vistas …. it ot pretty problematic as we creeped through the canyons and had to ditch deer in the roadway in the pitch dark. We eventually got to Paonia late at night around 10 pm. Luckily we were able to reach David who guided us to find the staff/merchant/entertainment entrance and he blessed us with entry. There were a couple of people awaiting to get in as well, and I was pleased to find my amazing kindred spirit – the lovely Pacific Northwest mermaid Wendy. Was soooo wonderful to see her. I also quickly met her lovely road partner Dana. We slowly crawl down the bumpy gravel mountain road to where we were guided as the merchant area … behind the guideline, we parked and set up our sleeping tents in the dark. Exhausted. Turned in early as would need to set up the vending/bodypaint tent the next day. Clear skies above, I slept under the stars with the rain flap open – amazing views of the stars above and the dry arid high desert enchantment, I slept like a baby. Good and high energy all around. I was very happy to be there. ”

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Lady of the Rhine, Part 2: Chapter 4A – Fresh Bread, Dusseldorf, The Adventure Party Gathers, Xanten

, Segment A

Fresh bread from the German bakery

Sunday, 29 March 2009
Dusseldorf, Germany

Lady Vanessa of the Rhine awoke the adventuring party after a good night’s rest. Sir Thomas Leaf was a bit hard to get out of bed as he was up until 6 am blogging and researching the elements of the quest. Princess Brea joined Lady Vanessa down the street to the bakery for freshly baked bread, rolls, and croissants so that the adventurers could have a good healthy breakfast before the start of their quest. Croissants, rolls, bread, tea, coffee, yogurt, ham, cheese, jelly, butter, hard boiled eggs, juice, and milk welcomed all and lured Sir Christian out of his den.

Sir Thomas Leaf eating breakfast

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William Penn House, Washington, D.C.

William Penn House * A Quaker Center on Capital Hill * http://www.wmpennhouse.org/ * 515 East Capital Street SE, Washington, D.C. 20003 * 202.543.5560

William Penn House

One of D.C.’s most comfortable and heartwarming hostels is the William Penn House within walking distance of the Capitol and the National Mall. A little on the spendy side of hostels, at $40 a bunk, it still is one of D.C.’s most economic lodging alternatives for the out-of-state or international traveller. The William Penn House has been hosted by Friends and other advocates for peace and social justice since 1966 as a meeting ground for learning, teaching, and speaking to government officials regarding national policies. Its proximity to the Capitol and the headquarters of the Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) this historic, four-story row house is a powerful grounding place for activists. While an international hostel, it serves also as a place to learn: with adult programs for advocacy training, urban studies, spiritual development, and human rights. Its a place to worship each morning at 7:30 with a free breakfast afterwards. Its a Place to Grow – with youth programs such as the Quaker Youth Seminar (bi-annual) where Quaker high school students from across the country converge to engage in dialogue, learning, community, service, and sightseeing; FCNL Lobbying Weekend – each spring when college students come to learn how to lobby for better public policy; the Washington Quaker Workcamps where young people from the DC area join workcaps for spiritual experience of community service where participants address social concerns in concrete ways and break down barriers to community; and a Place to Stay – a hostel with ability to house up to 30 people in clean, shared, comfortable rooms. There is a living room / common room with a great library, comfortable couches, and two dining rooms. Each day a simple breakfast is provided, and several bathrooms and shower rooms through the house. This Quaker house also offers meeting facilities, a place to work for interns and fellows wishing to serve in DC working with others living in community and furthering Quaker values. I very much enjoyed my time and friendship with those i shared the house with during my visit. I’ll definitely be back. Thank you. Rating 5 stars out of 5. Visited 5/22-23/2008.

Living Room / Common Room

Communal dining room

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