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08.06.09: STL Cronicles/Hearth Quest: Chapter 28: ‘Honolulu to Big Island’

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Akaka Falls near Hilo, Big Island

From the journal of Sir Thomas “Rymour Oisin” Leaf: Thursday, The 6th of Sextilis (Julius Caesar’s “August”) in the good year 2009 of the Common Era

Wakiki, Honolulu, Hawaii – Hilo, Big Island, Hawaii
“Arose early at 6:30 am with enough time to hop down from the hostel to Wakiki beach for another swim, this time in daylight. A nice guy from Australia friended me and headed down to the beach with me – he just watched me swim as he claimed it was just too cold temperature to swim. It was amazingly just perfect temperature. Oh how I miss the oceans. Took a walk down the beach and returned to the hostel afterwards to pack and check-out. Ran into the sweet woman from Boulder who arrived the same time as I did – and she’s packed everything up for this trip to move here for a new start in Hawaii and was starting her job hunting early morning day 1. Now that’s ambition. I envy those who can just get rid of everything and on faith move like that and start from scratch – wait a minute – I’ve done that and will do it again I’m sure. Wished her much success. After wifi n’ cereal as the clock struck 8:30’ish I headed down curbside to await the shuttle. Lovin’ Hawaii. For $6.75 door to terminal service on the shuttle. That rocks. Thanks to my wonderful friend Kit from high school, I had a free buddy pass for Go! Airlines to island hop and see my old best friend (from High School), David – who now goes by Kawika. (Thank you sooo much Kit!) Can’t wait to see him! Its been a few years since our 20 year Goddard High School Reunion in Roswell, New Mexico Goddard where we went down memory lane by breaking into the missle silos outside of Roswell, crawling into the depths, and exploring the UFO crash site. Fun times! So I knew this would be an exciting adventure around Big Island! Got some great aerial views of the Islands. As I touched down, David was there to pick me up, and drove me around the island to explore the Hilo area … some of the beaches, Akaka Falls, and exploring the city of Hilo …. we dropped into Cronie’s for lunch – had fish n’ chips and a local cocktail : The Lava Flow. Pretty tasty! We hit the fruit market where I nabbed and gobbled up various fruits I’ve never tried or seen before as well as local favorites … have to eat local! We decided to drop into the Bayfront Kava Bar for a Kava drink ceremony as it was David’s first! Nice mello feeling … Then on to David and Paula’s place in Volcano where I got to meet his lovely mate. Once dark, we headed up to the Volcano National Park but it was rather dark so didn’t get to see much. We did however (with no flashlight) wander down through the dark and rain into and through a lava tube. That was fun. Reminded me of our cave and silo explorings back in the day. Fun! Of course I packed ‘summer’ and in Volcano it got quite chilly and cool especially at night since the elevation was well over 4,000 ft. Funny … I packed my hammock as was looking forward to sleeping outside in it at nights to enjoy the tropics – consistently raining more than Seattle receives, and very cold! Good night!”

Me and Kawika enjoying Kava

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Honolulu, Oahu

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Hilo’s Farmer Market

Thurston Volcano Tube

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08.05.09: STL Cronicles/Hearth Quest: Chapter 27: ‘On a Jetplane to Honolulu’

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From the journal of Sir Thomas “Rymour Oisin” Leaf: Wednesday, The 5th of Sextilis (Julius Caesar’s “August”) in the good year 2009 of the Common Era

Portland, Oregon – Wakiki, Honolulu, Hawaii
Chris and Zhaleh awoke me early as I had to re-organize my bags and get ready for my flight to Hawaii. Chris made a fabulous omelette with fakin’ bacon sandwich and we chatted over black tea. Hanging out and catching up on old times and re-connections. With some time to spare before needing to get to the airport, we took the dogs for a walk down to the park, wrapped up the van, and then said farewell as I drove off to the airport. Oregon Airport ridiculously charged $10/day for parking. Was not pleased with that. So used to the $5/day parking that Colorado has. :: sigh :: such is life. That’s their economy parking prices. Uggh. I grabbed the shuttle from the parking lot off to Portland Airport (PDX) to check in with one of my favorite airlines – Northwest. Unfortunately they’ve succombed to the ‘charge for carry-on’ rip-off like most airlines, except they charge $20 for the first piece of luggage. Ouch. Needed an energy jolt so swang by the Starbucks booth for a chai creme frapp. Apparently Delta and Northwest somehow has merged together, as Northwest is now on the Delta plane network. Interesting. They did have a GoGo online internet service online with inflight entertainment. That was cool. But no longer free headphones, they charge $2 for them now. Have to purchase your own meal as well. They did serve peanuts, and at least with ordering a non-soda like Orange Juice, they gave the can as well. The staff was very friendly and it was a comfortable flight, which all-in-all is part of the most important aspects of the trip. We arrived 15 minutes early into the Honolulu airport. It took awhile for the landing crew to let us off board as we were early and the airport was not ready. The Honolulu airport was lacking baggage area signs when we got off the plane, so some confusion on where to go. Eventually found it and pretty much timed with the arrival of my bag which was nice. No lost luggage. Always a good thing. Took a little while to get to the city bus #19, and it took an hour long journey to the HI-Wakiki Hostel, but that was worth the cheap $2.25 fare. The hostel was clean and simple, home-like, with a good kitchen and a rec room. The staff was very friendly. Since I’m on a very tight budget for this trip, I packed my own food, so whipped up some pad thai in the hostel kitchen and chilled out checking email. It was hot, It was humid. I definitely felt like I was in the tropics. But I can now say I have visited all 50 of the individual United States which has been a life goal of mine for some time. Met a cute girl just moving to Honolulu from Denver. That was odd. Later I walked down to the corner store for a locker lock as I forgot to pack mine, and needed to stow my laptop so I could take a midnight swim in the ocean. Grabbed a mini-coconut rum and a pineapple/orange juice for a nightcap before a night swim in the tropical crystal clear aquamarine waters … yummy. Just chilled out on the beach under the starlight and really felt tranquil and at peace. What a beautiful night. As I went back to the hostel, hung out with a guy from Australia in the hostel lounge who was talking about Hurricane Felicia that was threatening to hit the islands. Currently a Category 3. Soon off to bed as I have to get to the airport nice and early for my flight to the Big Island to see Kawiki, David my old best friend from high school. Back in the days living in Roswell, New Mexico with other freaky aliens …. Such a life I live ….”

Wakiki Beach

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Wakiki Hostelling International Hostel

Northwest Airliens

Hurricane Felicia

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08.03.09: STL Cronicles/Hearth Quest: Chapter 25: ‘Back to Breitenbush’

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Two mesmerizing mermaids

From the journal of Sir Thomas “Rymour Oisin” Leaf: Monday, The 3rd of Sextilis (Julius Caesar’s “August”) in the good year 2009 of the Common Era

“Me and Hanna awoke rather early in the brambles and stumbling out into the meadow seeing most of the faeries had pulled up camp and moved out. the Realms are closing. We were now able to drive up the car near our tent and pack everything up for our trek to the Oregonian mountains where we’d meet up with our beautiful mermaid friends Kyndra and Wendy. It was a solemn drive back to the mortal world. But not quite yet, as Breitenbush was definitely a magical paradise hidden nestled outside of Detroit, Oregon. Down through the highway and up around the Breitenbush river, to Breitenbush Hot Springs for soaking and swimming in the river and hot tubs. Kyndra introduced us to the most amazing buffet vegetarian meal that the Breitenbush resort hosts in their main hall. Delicious. Met another visitor to the Springs and shared dinner with her. Kyndra became the saviour to my journey as she had a van she was willing to sell for the amazing price of $500. At 263,000 miles, it should have life in her until over 350,000 I’m hoping. Four brand new snow tires as well with a hand-made roof rack. This van shall be the chariot to get me home. Thank you Kyndra! You are my saviour! Me and Kyndra took it for a test drive and she orientated me with its ins and outs. Moved my gear from Hanna’s car into the van. We all pretty much just hung out for the evening. Did tarot readings, drank, soaked in the hot tub, and enjoyed the stars. Life is beautiful! Thank you Kyndra and Wendy!”

Two mesmerizing mermaids

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08.02.09: STL Cronicles/Hearth Quest: Chapter 24: ‘Family Faeries Day, Faun in North America!

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From the journal of Sir Thomas “Rymour Oisin” Leaf: Sunday, The 2nd of Sextilis (Julius Caesar’s “August”) in the good year 2009 of the Common Era

“Another day in the world of Faeries as I awoke in the blackberry brambles and stumbled out of the tent it was time to figure out today’s themed costume for Faerie Family Day. I half expected to see Fairy Girl and Adam to be still passed out on our patio tarp, but they were gone. I decided to go as a ‘celestial faerie’. Hanna was off figuring out her outfit as well. I wandered across the meadows and woods into the festival-land, found Godmother Faerie and hung out with her for a bit. I was so incredibly enchanted by the female wood dryad who danced along the meadows and then froze, only to repeat once again. Every other hour I was back in the river swimming like a merman, cooling off, and bouncing between food vendors – coconut curry, pad thai, lemonades, and the main stage. The late afternoon entertainment was blessed with repeat performances from Woodland and Faun. Danced up a storm. Danced a bit with Fairy Godmother. Hung out lots with Hanna, Kristin, and Adam. Did a bit of tarot readings. After Faun’s performance, the festival was ended. Took my last funds to go get a dvd and cd from them, and got all of Faun’s signatures on them. Bid the lovely band sweet farewells. After tonight, Faerieworlds will vanish back to its lovely and heavenly realms and we’ll have to settle into the human world once again. We said our farewells to all, watched as the vendors quickly packed up and pulled out, sad to see them all go. We wandered back to the party camp, and pretty much settled in for the evening. Eventually parties sprouted up with wild howls and laughter throughout the night. I slept more in the hammock and relaxed. It has been a long day. Before I knew it, I was out cold in the tent. Good night!”

Me swimming like a merman in the river at Faerieworlds

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Me as a celestial faerie

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