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Melbourne Central Station

Melbourne City Center/Central Station
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


In the heart of Melbourne is the underground railway station known as “Melbourne Central”. It is one of Melbourne’s five stations (three of which are underground) on the City Loop that encircles the central business district. Located under La Trobe Street, between Swanston and Elizabeth Streets, on the CBD’s northern edge and is named after the shopping centre it is located underneath. While seemingly the most popular station, it is not the city’s main station, as that role is filled by the “Flinders Street Station”. However Melbourne City Central Station is the second busiest railway station in Melbourne with over 47,000 passengers a day. The station was built using cover and cut construction in 1973 with completion accomplised in 1978. Because of its art, central location, and design, it was opened as a Museum in January 1981. By 1995 the Museum was relocated behind the Royal Exhibition building in the Carlton Gardens. The station was then renamed in 1997 after the Melbourne Central Shopping Centre.

Rating : 5 stars out of 5. Review by Tom Baurley.

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