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Kokoro Sushi (Arvada, Colorado)

Kokoro Sushi Restaurant
303) 432-0600 * 5535 Wadsworth, Arvada * (55th and Wadsworth)

Kokoro is an amazing “fast food” Japanese restaurant that can be found in two locations throughout Denver. It is a small chain that is in similar style of the other popular Colorado chain “Tokyo Joe’s”. But Kokoro has more Japanese fare than Tokyo Joe’s does these days (2018). Kokoro specializes in lunch and dinner fare, and they have a healthier menu than most regular restaurants, albeit fast food. They are nutritious, fast, and friendly. Back in 2012 they had a location off Broadway with outside dining which was a spectacular memory of my past, as it is no longer. I visited again on 3/24/2018 and had a wonderful experience enjoying my favorite dish – the Unagi Bowl, the happy hour Spider Roll and carafe of Saki. The staff friendly and right to your attention with drink refills and making sure you were well taken care of. I’ve been visiting this location since 2006 and have forever marked it as a fine dine. Rating: 5 stars out of 5 (visited 3/24/18)


Kokoro Japenese Food, Denver, CO

Kokoro Restaurant

Kokoro Japanese Food
Quick, Delicious Japenese Food * 555 Broadway, Denver, Colorado * (6th & Broadway) * http://kokorodenver.ypguides.net *
A fast, delicious and healthy alternative for those in a rush … service is quick, and take-out even quicker. Sit down or fly out … you won’t be disappointed. Dining in is fabulous … wonderful and friendly staff, good food, good prices, and good sake. Sit down have done the Unagi bowl which is fabulous … good rolls … strong sake. With a Happy hour you couldn’t find anywhere … affordable and tasty. Must visit. Rating 5 stars out of 5. 6/26/09: A repeat visit with a date provided great food, sake, and affordable dining with Unagi, California rolls, Ramen, and lots of sake. Lovin’ this restaurant! Rating: 5 stars out of 5. 1/17/2010 Visit: A Sunday late evening visit proved to be just as delicious – quiet – and the Unagi bowls are to die for. Unagi bowls and sake a combination can’t be beat. Rating 5 Stars out of 5.

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