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Chronicles: August 21, 2010: A Knight’s Birthday with Smash Club

Celebrating a Knight’s Birthday and Smash Club

21 August 2010
* Denver, Colorado, United States of America *

Sir Thomas Leaf prepared for the Knight’s gathering up in the Mile High City at Sir Guy’s Treehouse Party that would end with “Smash Club” (think “Fight Club” with large sledge hammers bashing appliances). He piled into Quartermaster Q’s chariot as they drove up to Denver. On to Sir Guy and Rockbear’s estate as they prepared for a Knight’s meeting and debauchery to celebrate Guy’s birthday. Good music, good brews, good friends, and good food was had by all. The Knight, Sir Guy, was endowed with a flaming sword – brazened on the anvil by Sir Rockbear, the armorer and blacksmith. A beautiful sword it was. Lit on fire and spinning round and round, until the Fire Department came to investigate reports of uncontrolled fire. Sir Nate, Sir David, Sir John, Lady Donna and Lady Julie (as well as many others) joined in the fun. After much debauchery, the crews piled into chariots and carriages, vardos and vehicles to caravan to Sir Odd Todd’s junkyard where “Smash Club” was held. Unfortunately its one of his last junkyard shows. Hundreds of Burners gathered together for some incredible fun, centered on an ability to release frustration and anger, energy and testosterone into smashing junk parts and appliances. Massive hammers and other destructive weapons were used to slaughter the every day items that each of us hates. An effigy and burning sculptures were done, a ride happened, and two music stages engaged. On the Live Stage was Lost Network, Cosmic Mudwolf, Owl Moon while Gerard Radiant, Orville K-line, and Whomp Truck was delivering an amazing mix of music and fun, fire spinners were actively stunning the audiences until the misfit amazing marching band Itchy-O came tromping into the yard to send all into a bizarre state of ecstasy. The venue was a Bring your own event. An amazing party that was part fundraiser for Burning Man camps. Good times were had by all. Everyone now amped up for Burning Man. Let the journeys begin.

Itchy-O Marching Band @ Smash Club
Photo by Guy Mason Photography, © 2010
permission granted to reprint

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