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Faun @ Faerieworlds 2010, Day 2 & Finale

Faun @ Faerieworlds 2010, Day 2 & Finale
* Faerieworlds 2010 * Sunday, 1 August 2010 * Mt. Pisgah, Eugene, Oregon *
The pleasure of the German band “Faun” taking the afternoon stage for the final day of Faerieworlds 2010. The weather was perfect, sunny, and warm – the green was littered with faeries old and young, dancing and frolicking to the mystical tunes of Faun. As would expect, Faun was fantastical and enchanting. The audience was ecstatic. Good times were had by all. As we reviewed previously: Faerieworlds 7/31/10; Faerieworlds 8/2/09; Faerieworlds 8/1/09; and Unplugged 2009 (Worms, Germany); Faun consists of Oliver Sa Tyr who does vocals, bosouki, nyckelharpa, celtic harp, and the jews harp; Sandra Elflein who also does vocals, and plays violin; Fiona Rüggeberg also one of the important vocals, blended with her recorders, whistles, bagpipes, and seljefloit; Rüdiger Maul the percussionist brings in the tar, riq, davul, panriqello, darabukka, timba, gaxixi and many other percussion instruments; while Niel Mitra as the only electronic instrument player spices the stage up with his sequencer, sampler, synthesizer, FL Studio, Buzz, Logic Audio, tascam us 224, boss dr 202, Korg Alpha, granular synthesis, folder synthesis, feedbacks, and sounds he has taken from nature and everyday life. Definitely a different experience under the sunlight vs. the darkness of the night making a completely otherworldly tale. Rating: 5 stars out of 5.

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Faerieworlds 2010: Day 3 – Family Faerie Day

Faerieworlds 2010: Day 3 – Family Faerie Day
* Faerieworlds 2010 * Mt. Pisgah Arboretum * Eugene, Oregon * Sunday, August 1st, 2010 *

The third and final day to the annual escape to Faerieworlds. The Final day is traditionally dedicated to children and families. Its a great day to see the children in their final costumery and fantastical outfits. The warm sun and clear skies, merriment on the dancing green, frolicking in the stone circle, final wishes being made at the wishing tree. Last minute shopping, greetings and farewells of friends, hula hooping, music, bubble blowing, and summer fun. On the Neverworlds stage beginning at 3 pm was Madrona, SJ Tucker, and the Gypsy Nomads. On the Main Stage beginning around noon was Tyler Fortier, Taarka, Faun, Woodland, and Stellamara. Unfortunately since we drove from Colorado and had a 23 hour drive home to get back to work in time on tuesday morning, we had to leave right after Faun exited stage. But from friends that stayed, was told of fantastical times that remained. Thank you Faerieworlds! Hope to see you again next year! Rating: 5 stars out of 5.

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08.01.10: CSTL: Faerieworlds, Day 3, Return to the Mortal World

Day 4: Faerieworlds: Family Faeries

Sunday, 1 August 2010
* Mt. Pisgah, Eugene, Oregon, United States of America *

Sir Thomas Leaf and Lady Absinthe Alli awoke and headed to the main stage area to greet those who stated they were interested in Pirate Relief for a social meet and greet. Perhaps because it was at 10 am and everyone had partied pretty late through the night, that no one could awaken for the meet. Only Captain Leaf and Absinthe Alli were in attendance. Later socialized with some more friends and proceeded to get camp packed up before the Family Day activities began to take place. Absinthe Alli’s carriage packed up, the adventurers began to say their goodbyes as they had a 23 hour straight drive ahead of them back to Colorado. Unfortunately due to their timeline and crunch the adventurers were only able to see Faun in concert for the final day, missing several good acts. On to the road, around Portland the fatiqued explorers stopped at a rest area to make some Roadside Pad Thai for a hearty dinner before continuing onwards. Driving along the Columbia River, through Oregon, Idaho, into Utah, on through Wyoming and finally into Colorado after tag team driving. The adventure is done. It was a most excellent Faerieworlds 2010 Sir Thomas Leaf dreamt while catnapping in the carriage during his turn to rest.

This Journey is quite expensive & took quite a bit of personal sacrifice to make happen.
Any contribution, $1, $5, $10+ will help more than you can believe
and will add more adventures, photos, stories, and reviews for your pleasure …

Photos and videos below the cut:

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Mt. Pisgah Arboretum and Botanical Garden

Mount Pisgah Arboretum
* http://www.mountpisgaharboretum.org/ * 34901 Frank Parrish Rd. * Eugene, OR 97405 * mtpisgah@efn.org *

The Mount Pisgah Arboretum and Botanical Garden has always been a very sacred place in my heart. No wonder why I feel so home at the Park when my tribes of Faeries have begun to throw their infamous Faerieworlds festival on said location. My first visit to Mt. Pisgah was back in 1993 when I first moved to Eugene, Oregon. My friend Danae, who lived on a house whose property nestled up to the Arboretum’s gorgeous lands, was operating a Church of Worlds Nest there. As I had started up the Ancient Forests Protogrove of ADF we combined efforts, celebrations, and ceremonies at the Arboretum lands and hilltops, Spencer and Skinner Buttes. I went hiking weekly through this amazing botanical garden with various friends including Hyko, my girlfriend at the time Linda, and my good friends Jennifer and Rachel. I took my daughter on those trails for many a fascinating hike. There has never been any one botanical garden that was that magical and that special to me. The magical Druid rites atop the hills were very sacred, very special. The Mount Pisgah Arboretum consists of 209 acres of a non-profit “Friends of Mount Pisgah” arboretum and botanical garden that is located within the 2,300 acre Howard Buford Recreation Area located along the Coast Fork of the Willamette River and the slopes of Mount Pisgah just south of Eugene and Springfield Oregon. Admission to the park is free. The Arboretum was founded in 1973 and quickly constructed over 7 miles of hiking and nature trails, riparian meadows, evergreen forests, a rare preserved oak savanna, wildflower meadows, a water garden, wooded picnic area, restrooms, over 23 bridges, planting, removal of invasive species, and publication of their newsletters. They began holding Mushroom and Wildflower shows in 1981 and established a staff shortly after. Its mission is to preserve, protect, and propogate Pacific Northwest plant communities, education, and recreation. Mt Pisgah is home to well over 67 families / 231 genera / and 339 plant species of native mosses, shrubs, ferns, plants, and wildflowers. The park is also a nature sanctuary for numerous wildlife such as the endangered Western Pond Turtle, the sensitive Red-Legged Frog, tree frogs, bats, deer, coyote, foxes, small mammals, lizards, Gopher and garter snakes. Numerous birds of raptors, waterfowl, migratory and resident songbirds are abundant. This amazing place will always be dear to my heart. Rating: 5 stars out of 5.

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