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Lotus (BC)


Lotus Sound Lounge

455 Abbott Street
Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 1C8
Vancouver, British Columbia
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Rated **1/2 by Leaf McGowan.

Lotus Sound Lounge

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Goth night at Castle “Pulp” (Duisburg, Germany)

* Wanheimer Strasse 231a, Duisburg-Hochfeld, Germany * +49 (0)203 363 7900 (Th-Sa from 6 PM) * http://pulp-duisburg.de/
Each thursday is Goth/80s/Medieval/Industrial night at the Pulp Nightclub and Restaurant. Held in a large castle full with the ambiance of a medieval castle intact with decor and furnishings …mult-roomed normally with 3 club rooms. An 80’s/new wave court, upstairs a Medieval/Goth music club room, and “The Cave” for medieval/goth/industrial/electro. The top floor was closed during this visit on 4/2/09. My favorite room was the 80’s/darkwave room for dancing and flirting. Drinks were cheap and bar services excellent. As in German tradition drink cards were issued with no tipping expected as usual as found in Germany. Making drinking budget go further. A big banquet room with a buffet and fire-roasted meats were offered for bountiful plates for only a few Euro in cost. The club is open usually until 5 or 6 am. The decorations and ambiance of the club is mindblowing. Excellent DJ’s, music, and selections. Apparently, Drago, the owner, turned the formerly run-down train station into a castle/fortress replica, with full decor. The venue is known as the “event castle in Duisburg”. DJs : Alexx, Dirk, Franko, Mario, Robert, et al. Rating 5 stars out of 5.

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The Shelter and Milk Nightclub (Denver, Colorado)

The Shelter and MILK Night Club * Wednesdays/Saturdays * 1037 Broadway * Denver, CO 80203 * (303) 534-0222 *21+ * www.myspace.com/sheltersat

Every Saturday @ The Milkbar is one of Denver’s most infamous Goth clubs – Shelter/Milk. DJ MFR (Mike Rich) spins retro 80’s in the milk bar while DJ’s Fleisch and Ivo spin Dark Alternative, Ebm, Electroclash, and Industrial in the Jazz Bar. Both rooms, downstairs of Bar Standard. Strong and great drink specials with $2 wells until 11:00pm. It’s free cover till 10:00 pm, and only $5 after. Has an outdoor smoking patio. Downstairs is a basement decor with exposed brick walls, vaulted ceilings, wood and tile floors with steel surfaces throughout the house. They have a state-of-the-art sound system that often projecs house/electronica/hip-hop upstairs, with rock and goth downstairs. Occasionally the upper smoking patio has DJ’ing too. Also has a roof-top patio (not often open) upstairs with great views of the Denver skyline. Goth Saturdays and Wednesdays are fabulous with some of the best music being spun in Colorado. Rating: 5 stars out of 5.


The Chapel Bar (Seattle, WA)

The Chapel Bar, Seattle

The Chapel Bar
1600 Melrose Avenue * Seattle, WA 98122 * P 206.447.4180 * F 206.447.9777 * info@chapelseattle.com
* http://www.chapelseattle.com/

Off of Melrose in the edge of Capital Hill merging into downtown lies a old church nestled into a block with businesses and apartment buildings that has been converted to a exquisite martini bar. It was built in the 1920’s as part of the Butterworth’s Mortuary as a place to honor the physical world passing into the spiritual world. Its is off this theme that the bar still thrives – bringing together people to honor one another, but in a different way. Its both a bar and a restaurant, serving fine food, fine spirits, and merging in culture, arts, and music. The drinks while higher priced are fabulously delicious. I haven’t tried the food but I’ve heard excellent things. This is a top-notch establishment. Rating: 5 stars out of 5.


The Church – Goth Fridays, Denver, Colorado 12/15

The Church, Fridays (Denver, Colorado)
1160 Lincoln, Denver, CO 80203 * 303-832-2383 * churchmanager@coclubs.com
Located in a artsy art-deco cathedral, this multi-roomed/ multi-bar club has an ambience worth dying for. With a delicious sushi bar (2008: shut down, no longer) in one of the back rooms, this bar has it all. I originally visited the venue during the Colorado Dark Arts Festival in 2006 and had an incredible time at their establishment. Sunday nights they have Goth in the basement and hiphop up above. Fridays, there is a derivative of sundays in which 1 (instead of 2 (the other had hiphop)) of the downstairs rooms hosts Goth/Industrial/EBM. Music is enchanting, though the mish-mash of sub-cultural patrons, not as favorable as club nights when everyone is of like-mind and like-dress, but fun nonetheless. We didn’t stay this last friday as long as usual, but its been a good night. Rating: 3.75 stars out of 5. Visited 12/15/06. Update: I’ve visited many many fridays since this last review, the quality of the night has spiraled down substantially for the Goth room. While ladies are free on Fridays, Guys have to pay $10 cover. It has become quite lame for fridays. Though the music in the Goth room is still very good – much more 80’s flavor these days (July 2008). Sundays still hold the charm and beauty though. Fridays (Goth): Rating 3 stars. Visited 7/18/08.

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