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Pirate Relief’s : “Project Black Pearl”

Pirate Relief’s: Project Black Pearl
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Project Black Bearl is one of Pirate Relief‘s projects they are seeking by no later than 2015 in achieving. At present, negotiations are being made in the use of some “historic tall sailing ships” that are already in use, as a means of vehicles to use until we can afford our own to purchase or build. As the end of 2011/2012 is focused on achieving a home base on the coast somewhere in the world through Project Gypsy, most likely England near Penzance; Oregon near Eugene / Ashland / or Portland, Washington near Point Roberts, Seattle, or Bellingham; or Florida near St. Augustine, Melbourne, or Miami as being the most realistic of locations due to support, community, services, land, and/or ship expertise located in these regions that might become accessible to us. The first exciting and alluring vessel we’ve had our eye on is “The Black Pearl” which is currently on sale for a mere $994,000 (currently located in Honduras). Of course, no-where in our budget line at the present moment, but definitely an aspiring dream to work towards. Realistically though, we’ll start with any good, sturdy, long distance sea worthy tall sailing ship vessel, and will even start out with a small sailing boat or yacht if we have to.

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