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Glendale, Oregon

Glendale High School

Glendale, Oregon

Review by Leaf McGowan/Thomas Baurley, Technogypsie Productions ~

In the heart of nowhere is this unique little town of 800-900 inhabitants surrounded by the lumber industry. It however possesses one of the most intriguing architectural high schools I’ve ever encountered making it a gem. The town was created in the late 1800’s after construction of a railway line from Roseburg came through the area – established by Solomon Abraham, the local right-of-way agent in 1881-1883. He originally called the town “Julia” after his wife, but there was a dispute with the chief engineer over this, and it was changed to the name of “Glendale”. In 1883 the post office was established for Julia, and changed names later that year to Glendale. The area was destroyed by fires in 1928 and rebuilt shortly after.

Chronicles of Sir Thomas Leaf: Delving into the Rogue Valley

Merlin, Oregon

Grants Pass, Oregon

Golden, Oregon

Wolf Creek

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Deforestation above Riddle, Oregon. Sure we need lumber and building materials, but come on – deforestation as destruction and sadness. Sunday, September 28th, 2014. Exploring Southern Oregon: Golden – Wolf Creek – Merlin – Grant’s Pass – Glendale, Oregon, USA. Photography (c) 2014 Thomas Baurley, Leaf McGowan, Technogypsie Productions. www.technogypsie.com/photography/. To follow the stories and tales visit http://www.technogypsie.com/reviews/ and http://www.technogypsie.com/chronicles/.

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Galleon’s Lost (Charleston, SC)

Galleon's Lost
Galleon's Lost

Galleon’s Lost
* 165 King Street * Charleston, SC 29401 * galleonslost.com * (843) 577-3875 *

Down the city center along King Street, in the historic pirate town of Charleston, South Carolina, you can find a treasure shoppe of timeless maritime collectibles, treasures, rare objects, antiques, and an authentic pirate treasure gallery. Being a big fan of “all things Pirate” I definitely had a fun browse through the store and brief chat with one of the staff. I found friendly and hospitable service, good conversations, and a great collection of fascinating finds. The shop is a subsidiary of Voyager International that brings treasures of the Island Kings collection to Charleston. The focus of the era of these antiquities covers items collected from the spice routes to China dating from the 16th-17th centuries. In addition, one can find fabulous jewelry, black pearls, pieces of 8, gold doubloons, Keris knives, salvaged treasures, and Spanish/Portugese bronze armaments. Voyager International is a world acquisition and trade service organization led by Rich Mutschler specializing in the importation and sale of maritime treasure related goods, ethnographic art, and investment quality stringed musical instruments. They also organize trade and cultural expeditions to Indonesia featuring trade and cultural experiences through business activity and social interaction. Any history buff, adventurer, pirate, gypsy, and/or hobby would enjoy this shop. Definitely a great shop to visit while in Charleston. Rating: 5 stars out of 5.

Galleon's Lost
Galleon's Lost

Galleon's Lost
Galleon's Lost

Sunken Bones Society

Sunken Bones Society

I had the pleasure to meet some of the great folks of “The Sunken Bones Society” at their large annual gathering “The Buccaneer Bash” and their new convention called “Brethrencon“. Good times, good people, good purpose. The Society is working on 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization status as the are dedicated to raising awareness and contributions for maritime conservation projects and causes from the Great Age of Sail. The Society was founded by Captain’s Drake and Steehl in 2007. They were forefront to bringing the “Talk Like A Pirate Day” activities to Denver, Colorado by means of their Buccaneer Bash which has evolved into Brethrencon. Their first project is raising awareness and funding for the recently burnt historic ship: The Cutty Sark. They have an intriguing team of talent, including the actor talents of Captain Jack McCool. I’m impressed with this organization and see a future of great events and activities that they’ll be bringing to the Front Range. Kudos! Rating: 5 stars out of 5.


Brethrencon 2010

Brethrencon 2010 ~ A Pirate’s Life For Me!
* Denver Airport Marriott * 16455 E. 40th Circle * Aurora / Denver, Colorado * http://www.brethrencon.com/ * Phone: 720-841-8959 * Email: captaindrake@sunkenbones.com *

A first ever Pirate Conference in the Rocky Mountains’ Metropolis “Denver, Colorado”. Hosted at the Airport Marriott in the suburb of Aurora, pirates and scallywag’ns gathered together for debauchery, mischief, merrymaking, networking, and frolick on Saturday, 18th of September, 2010. $25 pre-sale, and $30 at the door gave the guests a myriad array of vendors, merchants, workshops, and panels to select from such as “Dragon Lair’s Armory”, “Southwest Enterprises”, “Marty Melville the Author”, “Katie and Ally”, the Masseur Miguel Alchandro, Charicture by Rigel, “Most Things Fantasy”, “Odd Child Underground”, “Cabachon and Peranic Kitty”, our own “Technogypsie.com/Tree Leaves Oracle/Pirate Relief, Ghost Cat Designs, and R.J. Whetstone Images. Workshops varied from Jasper’s Foul Tongue, Medicine and Health During the Golden Age of Piracy, Midnight Omen Deja Vu, Period Pirate Games, Pirate Insult Fight, Pirate Myths, Pirate Relief, Salamagundi Grog and Other Piratical Vituals Yearrghh!, Talk Like a Pirate, Voodoo 101, 17th Century Clothing for Lady Pirates, A Clean Pirate is a Sissy Pirate, A Crew Full of Jacks, A Shanty Sing, and Zombie Self Defense. Pirates vs. Zombies attack battle and dancing / drinking to the merriment of Pandora Celtica, DJ BilgeMunkey, Mondragon, and The Widow’s Bane. Hosted by the infamous Sunken Bones Society for their celebration of international “Talk Like A Pirate Day” and as an evolution of their 4th annual Buccaneer Bash. Games, contests, Liar’s Dice Tournaments, never ending Pirate flicks upstairs, a snack room, chill space, and many exciting panels were had. Rum Runners, Breakfast Buffet, The Tavern, and a Dinner were served and setup. Donation proceeds were sent to the New Orlean’s Foundations’ “Gulf Coast Oil Spill Cleanup” to assist in cleaning up and restoring the sea coastal environments affected by this year’s tragedy. After Hours hotel room parties kept the activities rocking throughout the night. For a “first” time convention for this crew, it was well done, especially for a “con” or “convention”. Fun was had by all. Get amped up for next year’s bigger and badder convention “Brethren Con II: September 17-18, 2011“.

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Chronicles: 9/18/10 – Pirates & Mayhem at Brethrencon

A Pirate’s Life in Denver:
Brethren Con 2010

Booty Girl Absinthe Alli, Captain Sir Thomas Leaf, Quartermaster Q

Saturday, 18 September 2010
* Denver, Colorado, United States of America *

Recovered from his trip to Burning Man, with just over 2 weeks of rest and work, The Captain, Sir Thomas Oisin Leaf McGowan was off on yet another tale of adventure. This time he awoke early, packed up his vardo the “Isis Adventure through Time” with merchandise, brochures, and the new draft of the upcoming journal for “Pirate Relief” and “The Tree Leaves’ Oracle” setting sail north for Denver from Colorado Springs. Accompanied by some of his mighty crew, Quartermaster Q and the ship’s booty girl Absinthe Alli, they unloaded the cargo hold with elements of found treasures, faeries, mermaids, and literature. Loading up the ramp to the Denver Airport Marriot in Aurora for “Brethrencon 2010” held by the infamous “Sunken Bones Society“. A mighty meeting as crazy as the Blue Moon can sometimes be, of landlocked “Pirates” living high in the Rockies “mile high” above sea level. Finding the coordinator, Captain Sir Thomas Leaf and his crew displayed their wares amongst the other pirate and buccaneering merchants. A tight space for seating, the crew worked their way behind the booth to greet those interested in Tree Leaves and/or Pirate Relief. Upcoming Adventures and missions were collaborated as new friends were made. Numerous workshops and classes were held, as was a adventure game of Pirates vs. Zombies held by Denver’s Zombie Self-Defense Tactics Group. Absinthe Alli and Captain Leaf held a discussion on Pirate Relief, but alas it was poorly attended. Sir Thomas Leaf discovered a vendor who was carrying hand-crafted faerie stars, exciting him greatly, and therefore purchased a few for upcoming travels. The grub was served and the crew was happy and content as they closed down the booth in preparation for the Buccaneer Ball. Mondragon, Pandora Celtica, DJ Bilgemonkey, and Widow’s Bane rocked the house. It was a successful voyage, as new friends were made, new potential crew-hands inspired, and fun was had. Ideas generated for “Project Gypsy“, “Project Black Pearl“, “Project Pacific Trash Island“, and “Project Sustainability“. Into the wee hours after midnight, the vardo was packed up again and the crew was headed back to Denver and Colorado Springs for rest and recovery.

Photos and videos below the cut:

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Man Overboard at Faerieworlds 2010

Man Overboard
* Performance, Saturday 31 July 2010 * Faerieworlds 2010 * Bad Faeries Day * Mt. Pisgah, Eugene, Oregon * http://www.myspace.com/manoverboardpirates * http://www.manoverboardmusic.com/ *
Another year the infamous pirates and scoundrels of “Man Overboard” hit the stage at Faerieworlds delivering a stunning performance. Man Overboard is an Oregon based band that meshes pirate music of the 1600-1800’s, with medieval song, nautical battle hymns, mixed with some modern genre punk. Everytime they hit stage the enamored audience Parties like its 1699. The band takes alot of influeces from the Dropkick Murphys, Luke Kelly, The Real McKenzies, Oscar Brand, The Pogues, Flogging Molly, and Tommy Maken and the Clancy Brothers. The pirates onboard the ship are Alika Inocencio as the Captain with lead and backup vocals, mandolin, guitar, tin whistle, recorder, and bodhran; The First Mate Johny Kyllingstad with lead/backup vocals, flute, tin whistle, winds, guitar, and wrecking crew; The Quartermaster Chris Leland as Lead Guitar, Tin Whistle, Bazouki, Mandolin, vocals, and Heathen-runt; Joel Kenny the Coxwain with bodhran, whiskey, vocals, and the dungeon master; Jake Beckwith as a gunner shooting lead and backup vocals, fiddle, and smokin rosin; The Navigator C Bass with bass, vocals, and shrek humor; Kimmy Smith – their Wendy Bird – with magic/summoning, fiddle, guitar, and vocals; Graeme the Deck Hand doing tin whistle fury; and finally Mark Mullaney the Warpipes and Morale of the crew with bagpipes, small piles, and highland pipes. This orchestra of mayhem aims to please and drives pirates crazy … Rating: 5 stars out of 5.

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Molly Malone

Statue of Molly Malone

Molly Malone
Statue in Dublin, Ireland

A crafty statue sits at the bottom of Grafton Street in honor and memory of the infamous legendary Molly Malone. Depicting Molly as a busty young woman in her 17th century dress. This statue was commemorated and designed by Jeanne Rynhart in 1987 to celebrate Dublin’s first millenium. It was unveiled by Alderman Ben Briscoe (Lord Mayor of Dublin) at the 1988 Dublin Millenium celebrations and began the event of June 13th being branded Molly Malone Day. The statue is nicknamed “The Tart With The Cart”, “The Dish With The Fish”, “The Trollop With the Scallops”, “The Flirt in the Skirt”, and “The Dolly With Trolley”. Her low cut dress and large breast were at first a controversy, but justified on the grounds that “women breastfed publicly in Molly’s time and breasts popped out all over the place all the time”. Molly is most known as the fair maiden in the popular Dublin song “Cockles and Mussels” or “Molly Malone”. The song is about a beautiful fishmonger or female pirate who plied her trade on the streets of Dublin and had died young of the fever. The song is not recorded before 1883 when it was published in Cambridge, Massachusetts and later published by the Francis Brothers and Day in London in 1884. No evidence that Molly actually existed, though rumors state she was a real woman who was a hawker by day and part-time prostitute by night.

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06.22.10: Chronicles of Sir Thomas Leaf: WPP: Day 18 – Bristol to Dublin with a bit o’ boxtie ..

Bristol, England:

Arising very Early and a roll over in the bunk and log on to the laptop to make sure the Cornish Cyber Pirates didn’t take me for any more money. Luckily no … I checked the internet and bank balance at 6 am, 7 am, 8 am and still no direct deposit of the paycheck … frantic … Direct Deposit went through at 9 am. I launched out of the “Rock n’ Bowl” Hostel and wandered the streets of Bristol to try to find a bank that would let me withdraw all my account balane … I hit the HBNB atm and pulled out my max daily limit of 200 GBP, then went in and they worked it out to withdraw anothe 800 GBP. Then off to a payphone to immediately cancel my debit card and dispute the pirated charges. It’s all cash from here on ….

I found my way to the British Post Office to mail off my harem pants, kilt, bottle of sacred healing water from St. Madron’s well, the clays for making bodypaints from Saveok, and my defunct camera i should be able to turn in for a warranty refund when I get back. 40 GBP cost and it would take “6 weeks” …. “Egads!” I pondered. I then found a digital camera on sale for 70 GBP. I felt relieved that I was back on my feet and off running again. Hit the “Rock n’ Bowl Hostel” for some more wifi, then hit the bus station for the lift to the airport. I grabbed a quick snack at the airport and worked on rationing my luggage weight so I wouldn’t be charged by RyanAIr anything extra. I met a film documentarian who re-packed his backs “8 times” so as to check his luggage and to avoid the extra 20 GBP per extra kilo charge they assess. Poor guy had all this film equipment and digital gear he was trying to fit into a carryon. I couldn’t help but think that if that fell out of the overhead onto someone it would literally kill the person. RyanAir is absolutely ridiculous with their luggage issues – I don’t think I’ll ever fly them again. Interesting character though, he’s originally from Vancouver, B.C., living in India, and doing a documentary piece on taxi drivers in India and the progressively growing city. Security hassled me and patted me down, went through my bags, etc – so a little bit of a delay. My dead blackberry phone case being empty triggered their sensors. I grabbed a quick sandwich and a starbuck’s chai frapp latte – which wasn’t on their menu, but they “off the books” knew how to make in case someone requests one. The RyanAir flight from Bristol to Dublin was pretty empty, so even though had extra seats to sprawl out on – the RyanAir stewardesses wouldn’t let me put up the arm dividers – blabbing something about safety – whatever. You also had to pay to use the toilet on the flight and 3 Euro for a glass of tap water.

We amazingly landed safely, got my luggage fine, and headed off to the City Bus to downtown Dublin to walk to the hostel. Met up with Sir Sven and Lady Vanessa of the Rhine who were chilling on the back patio of the hostel relaxing from their flight from Germany. We took a walk-a-bout around the Temple Bar, grabbed a drink at the Hard Rock Cafe Dublin so Sven could add to his Hard Rock t-shirt collection and settled in for some “boxtie” at Gallagher’s traditional Irish Restaurant. Most Excellent. I had the Seafood Boxtie with some pear cider. I think I’m getting addicted to Engish and Irish Cider. We walked around to see the sights and turned in relatively early to the hostel as we had a big day tomorrow for exploring Dublin planned. As I wandered the halls of the hostel looking for the men’s restroom, I approached the stairwell only to startle a dozen teenage girls crammed in the stairwell partying and I think they thought I was the hostel staff coming to bust them as they took off in a stampede as I approached. Humorous for sure … there were alot of kids in the Dublin hostel that night.

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Penzance, Cornwall, England

View of Penzance

Penzance, Cornwall, England
Notorious for its historic association with ‘Pirates’ … Penzance is a small resort town, port, and civil parish in Cornwall, England. It is the most westerly economic town in Cornwall and is approximately 75 miles west of Plymouth and 300 miles from London. It’s name means “Holy Headland” in Cornish which refers to the chapel of St. Anthony standing a thousand years ago on the headland to the west of what is now Penzance Harbour. For a long bit of its history, its icon was the severed ‘holy head’ of St. John the Baptist. The Earliest history of Penzance was found in Iron Age settlements such as the Lescudjack Castle within the parish boundaries. Iron age settlements can be found throughout the area. Penzance was first referred to by its name as a place for landing fish in 1322. Penzance was victim to frequent raiding by Turkish Pirates. One of its oldest buildings is ‘The Turk’s Head Pub’. It was granted Royal Charters in 1512 and was incorporated in 1614. 1578 Penzance was affected by the Plague and according to Madron registers demonstration of massive death increases occured at this time (10%+ of the population of the time). 1595 a Spanish force led by Don Carlos de Amesquita landed troops in Cornwall seizing supplies, raiding and burning Penzance and its fellow villages down to the ground. In the 15th century Henry the IV granted the town a Royal Market. Penzance was struck by the plague a second time in 1647. Penzance has long been associated with its sister Village, Madron, which was a center of religious activity until 1871 when St. Mary’s Church was granted parish status by church authorities. The 1755 Lisbon earthquake caused a tsunamic to strike the Cornish Coast focalizing in Penzance. With Queen Victoria on the throne in 1837 – Penzance was a notable regional center and hosted the Royal Geological Society of Cornwall in 1814. 1817 Penzance introduced the miner’s safety tamping bar. 1812 Saw pier expansions and growth. 1852 the West Cornwall Railway terminated in Penzance harbour and later taken over by Great Western Railway in 1866. This allowed for perishables to be brought back and forth through the port as well as increased tourism. Popular also for its dry dock and engineering facilities – it became the western depot for Trinity House and serviced al lthe lighthouses and lightships from Stuart Point to Trevose Head. Penzance currently boasts a population of over 21,000 inhabitants. Facing the south-east on to the English Channel and sheltered by Mount’s Bay, it gets the most temperate warmer climate to be found in England.

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Chronicles of Sir Thomas Leaf: The Witch Potato Project (WPP): Day 1 – The Vision

Hail like Snow in early June

Once upon a time a evolution of change came to be since our last set of Chronicles …. as if you remember, was an adventure to Faerieworlds with living myths & legends, involving the loss of the steadfast vardo Matrix, involved purifications and visions at Breitenbush, and a renewing otherworldly journey amongst the volcanic hotbeds of Hawaii. (see: Chapter 1: Chronicles of Sir Thomas Leaf – Volcanoes & Virgins) (For a catch-up-to-date on the living recreation myth of Thomas Rymour visit The prologue here) (For those ‘privy’ in the inner circle of the Chronicles, read the unrated version of this blog). It has become a quest at re-finding the Technogypsie within me … and re-discovering my goals, visions, and life purpose. This has always been one of an environmentalist and a cultural preservationist – a protector of the ancestors, nature spirits, and ancient wisdom – and will always remain as such – and I’m feeling transformations taking place for my inward and outward journey in life. At present though (and for nearly 5 years), I’ve been residing in the high-desert foothills of Cheyenne Mountain, inspired by the Rockies, the wind, the sun, and wilderness … embedded in-depth for protecting the environment, saturated in rich archaeology, and pursuing the protection of thousands of sites from being harmed or disturbed. That for the last 5 years has been a duty I’ve been quite proud to be part of while contributing incredible growth to my career aspirations, skillsets, and academic degree. But changes and transformations have been in the air for some time now – transitions that remain a mystery to this day – whether good or bad – a reminder that nothing is permanent and subject to change on a whim. This made me realize for the last few years I’ve been living paycheck to paycheck, pursuing a dream beyond my means, and falling in a place where I would be devastated by a job loss. This awakening revealed the need to start preparing my life for the next duty, adventure, and pursuit that the Gods are to throw my way. After all, it was just a month ago that I was unsure if I would have a job as we had to layoff some staff due to funding issues. While for the last 5 years this has been a re-occuring concern, every year it becomes more real with losses actualized annually. Of course, much of that seems like a disturbing nightmare from long ago as we’re once again “apparently” in the clear ‘financially’ as I write this though the ‘transitions’ in the making are still unknown. Since I’ve taken on this ancestral protector job almost five years ago – I realize I originally boarded an amazingly strong ship of environmental & cultural stewardship that seemed invincible … one that was taking care of the resources, the environment, and was sailing strong – with alot of personal and career growth intermingled within. What was meant to be a one-year stepping stone stopping point has turned into at least a 5 year journey. I was growing, attending conferences, learning new skills, and strengthening my life purpose …

After two years – the ship I’ve been working on was boarded by another entity that had different motives and methods … i watched my once teeming personal growth opportunities begin to diminish and swelter in the hot desert sun. Things started drying up. The ship was beaten up badly and re-named. A new captain boarded the vessel. Slowly crewmates were jumping ship as well as personal development. Annual conferences and classes were cut to two a year, then the following year to only one, and then none whatsoever. Fieldwork opportunities disappeared and dried up – while crew quarters shrunk at amazing levels. “How many rats can you fit in a sardine can?” one might ponder. As a main cartographer for the ship – more and more did my opportunities to go ashore and in the wild blue disappear, as I became confined to the crow’s nest and buried under maps and bureaucracy. I held my spirit and my soul through this transition – but slowly its been wearing on this scientist, adventurer, and traveller. My spirit feels like it has been battered and my soul in a stagnant pool where nothing can grow, all the meanwhile the only digging I’ve been doing has been to claw my way through red tape and governmental nonsense. Blended in this career as ancestor-guardian / cartographer / adventurer as well as a pirate and technogypsie … I’ve held strong to keep faith and optimism by the balancing of art and science so life not over-run by work and work not affected by obsession of art. Work hard, party hard. The drive of life blessed by journeys to the Old World to re-spark desire, drive, hope, and inspiration. It all started with assisting Lady Vanessa of the River Rhine with the Quest of the Enchanted Ring in England and Germany; then soul-searching on the Quest for the Sacred Key – which evolved into the Chronicles of Sir Thomas Leaf’s Journey into various Realms. Sighted from the Crow’s Nest this new journey begins … for a quest of a magical amulet, a charm, and a oracle to be presented during an adventure to the Faerie Islands of England and Eire in guise of what is known as “the Witch Potato Project”.

Environmental transitions have been abound since the journey to the center of the Earth in the Hawaiian Lava tubes on Big Island. We’ve seen devastation with the Haitian Earthquakes, Flooding, Tornadoes, Volcanic clouds in Greenland making air travel difficult in Europe, and a on-going oil spill that won’t stop in the Gulf. Those are of course just minor rumblings during a world economic collapse as many countries are drowning in recession and transformations. Tightening of restrictions and limitations on what one can take or where one can go easily is getting more and more constrained. For a environmentalist, cultural-preservationist, and a world-traveller – these are not good signs for easy travel or for what one holds dear. As I embrace the fact that I’m on a sinking ship that really only is now a masthead with a crow’s nest bobbing above the surface of the waves, with the last remnants of the original crew as rats clinging to the crow’s nest while others have already jumped ship – I realize its time for this cartographer to start contemplating whether this sinking ship will float back to the surface or sink – and if it sinks – where is my life raft and what island do I sail to next?

I peer down at my desk and see the following image … a flimsy fortune cookie paper saying “You may have a new opportunity soon” right next to the Mardi Gras King Cake baby Jesus I got from my slice of the cake (which symbollizes “good luck” and “new journeys”) which sits within the vertebrae of a deer (symbolizing “ancestors” and “wildlife”) that is criss-crossed with data cables (symbolizing “technology”, “information pipeline”, “networking”), next to a fellow Burner’s business card (A muse that recently inspired and kindled my spirit that I had the pleasure of hanging out with at Beltania last month). There is of course also a stapler in the picture – but I have yet to understand the meaning of that. So even as I ponder the transitions and transformations on the horizon … I see symbology all around me about the upcoming changes on the horizon. They look good.

Omens in every nook n’ crannie

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Colorado Renaissance Faire 2009

Entering the Gates

Colorado Renaissance Faire * 650 W. Perry Park Ave. * Larkspur, CO 80118 * (303) 688-6010 / Toll Free (877) 259-3328 or 409-F South Wilcox Street, * Castle Rock, CO 80104 *

Every year there is an amazing festival that leaps it’s patrons to the age of the Renaissance and medieval delights. Nestled in a wooded region in Larkspur inbetween Colorado Springs and Denver. This yeaer is their 33rd season. Music, comedy, jousting, revelling, dancing, crafts, and art abound. Village streets and pathways are filled with over a hundred costumed merrymakers portraying perceived life of the Renaissance period and realms of fantasy – revelers, artisans, knights, performers, musicians, bards, comedians, wash maidens, magicians, jousters, jugglers, bellydancers, faeries, minstrels, fair maidens, elephants, and kid eating dragaons! This year we dined in the food court and had artichokes, crab cakes, and other such goodies. The shows were just as fabulous as last year … the washing well wenches, the naughty Pirate pub, the celtic music, the bagpipes, Puke and Snot are still my favorites. Wasn’t too impressed with the jousting. The merchants were amazing and had so much stuff i wish i had the money to shop for … Renaissance outfits, masks, glassblowing, jewelry, bellydance outfits, blacksmithing, leather working, boots I so wanted. Cast in Bronze had another year of Carillon playing the haunting bells. Festival was fabulous! Rating: 5 stars out of 5. Visited 7/26/09.

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7.25.09: Cronicles of STL: Chapter 15: ‘Halloween Comes Early This Year’

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Pirate for Early Halloween

From the journal of Sir Thomas “Rymour Oisin” Leaf: The 25th of Quintilis (Julius Caesar’s “July”) in the good year 2009 of the Common Era

“Arrrgghh, yeee matey! I’ve been able to sleep! So nice to have a day to be able to sleep in abit. Before I was to wander off to my adventures, I went up the hill to my landlord’s castle for a delicious barbeque. Ribs, Chicken, smokies, salads, and desserts oh my! It was a grand feast for sure. Got to meet lots of my neighbours and some from further up in the foothills of Cheyenne Mountain and NORAD drew me a map leading me into the woods for a future adventure of a historic homestead, mountain lion’s den, and airplane crash fucilage. Sweet. I have yet to explore ye old Cheyenne Mountain State Park even though its been my backyard for more than a fortnight’. I just have to find the time to hike it soon, before winter befalls me. More tales of the cougars in our hood getting into the trash and tromping through people’s yards. As I headed down the hill to my serfly cottage I spied the local wild turkeys gobbling through the yard with hatchlings following close by. Sooo cool. Then on to Party #2, as I hit Mark and Pam’s housewarming. More wonderful food and spread. Got to catch up with the co-workers and then get a tour of the rebuilt house that sprung forth from the ashes of their formerly burnt down palace. A few hours later I was back at the cottage donning my pirate outfit, painting on makeup, and braiding my hair with exotic beads. Then into my ship for a drive up to Denver. I met up with PJ, Mark, and the lovely Christina for bevvies and grub. My seafaring friend Eric from the Seattle ports with the captive maiden Julia came to join us. Frolick, laughter, and jokes spun the clock away for soon enough I was off like a boot to the burner warehouse party ‘Halloween Comes Early This Year’ at Bat Country. The decor was outdone and enchanting at best, with a warm kindling hearth ablaze on the patio. Pretty hot and steamy inside the depths of the cave with skeletons, zombies, and ghosts dancing to amazing music. Due to the summer heat though much time was spent outside by the fire. Met up with Shawn and his wife for some partying fun. DJ Milk joined in the festive frolick as he drove the dancefloor mad. Flirtations abound I lasted until 4. Groggy, recovering, and sleepy I was, bestowed with the best of blessings for a good night’s rest under the Brian Froud Faeries collage to bring intriguing dreams as I passed out on PJ’s comfy bed. Thank you PJ for a place to crash! I owe ya plenty!”

plunder and pillage

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Pirates II: Stagnetti’s Revenge (R: 2008)

Pirates II: Stagnetti’s Revenge (R: 2008)

Rated R for sexual content/nudity, language and some violence.

Directed by: Joone. Starring: Jesse Jane … Jules Steel, Evan Stone … Capt. Edward Reynolds, Belladonna … Olivia, Sasha Grey … Maria, Katsumi … Xifeng (as Katsuni), Tommy Gunn … Victor Stagnetti, and many more.

A well improved and general audiences (Rated R though) version and sequel to the “porno” version released earlier called “Pirates”. Pirate hunter Captain Edward Reynolds and his first mate Jules Steel return to the world of the seas in a buttered down version of shenanigans, frolick, adventure, and comedy. This time a governor general hires them to find Xifing, the sinister Chinese empress pirate and her group of Arab cutthroats, and stopping them from fulfilling their evil plot. They seek to resurrect the world’s most feared pirate, Victor Stagnetti, who from the first version was killed off by Captain Reynolds and his crew. Jules is rescued by the sword-weaving Olivia out of Xifing’s hands as they take on the supernatural. Without revealing too much detail in the sex scenes so that it avoids being “x-rated” this flick brings in the infamous comedy, sex, scripting, and production that the first did – and many claim to a better degree than the first. Apparently better acting, effects, and craziness. Not having seen the first, I can’t compare. I should have thought that the ultra-warnings on the box in Hollywood Video would prelude that this would have its extremities. Of course, for a rated R movie, they really pushed the limits. It was well-done enough in my eyes to warrant searching done the original, porno or not. Not for the faint, but definitely entertaining. Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5.