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Talesma (Faerieworlds 2010)

* www.telesmaband.com * Maryland * Performance at Faerieworlds 2010 on Saturday from 5:30-7 pm; 7/31/2010 *
A very intriguing American psychedelic electro-tribal rock band out of Maryland, Telesma pounded and tranced the fae on day 2 of Faerieworlds 2010. They played Faerieworlds in 2009 and came back for a repeat performance. Talesma brings together modern and tribal instrumentation with fusion of the primitive with the futuristic. Amazing drumming, primal beating, exotic music, and sensational dancing – Talesma blends the stage with the dancefloor. Didgeridoos, kubing, tribal drums, modern instruments, and mesmerizing vocals they create a indigenous form of polyrhyhmic rock and roll. Their lyrics has a mythological message. They have two full length albums “O(h)M” and “Hearing Visions: Live” that they produce on their independent lable “Strangely Compelling Music”. The bodypainted Ian Hesford (didgeridoo, kubing, dumbek, djun-djun, throat singing) stunned the stage; melded with the sounds of Jason Sage (keyboards, percussion, programmer, lyrics); Joanne Juskus (vocals, percussion, karatalas); Chris Mandra (guitar, analog guitar synth, his unique manDrum, and vocals); and Bryan Jones “Jonesy” (6 string MIDI & upright basses, theremin, percussion); Rob Houck (drum kit, percussion, electronic drums). Spiritual walkers between the worlds, these shamans know how to rock the worlds. Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5.

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Lunar Fire 6/28/09 at Owsleys, Denver, Colorado

Lunar Fire http://www.lunarfire.com/
Rooted with the infamous band “Kan’nal” this mystical array of musical talent, vocals, costumes, dance, and theater divinely constructed into a remarkable stage performance you’ll never forget. Amazing performance like always on 6/28/09 in Denver at Owsleys. As always, this awesome band from the Otherworlds, takes a weave of magical evolution with high energy, fire dancing, spectacular theatrics, and an earth shaking experience. They’ve been dubbed “Tribal Gypsy Hop” bringing in multi-lingual lyrics, rap, hip hop, disco, trance guitar, bass funk, and massive tribal percussion. Lunar Fire embodied the definition of “Dance Party” wherever they play. The majority of the audience crowd danced and moved to the amazing rhythms of this fantastical force. Lunar Fire is beginning to hit international popularity, with 100 performances in over three countries. They have performed at many festivals including Dream Time Festival, Burning Man, 3 sided Whole, and High Sierra Music Festival. Gilly Gonzales on hand drums and kit; Tierro on guitars; Rodolfo Escobar III on bass, Mateo on cajon and sound engineering, Lisa Wimberger on congas and African drums; Teresita on mic and dance; and dancers Akayate from Kan’nal; Tiffany of Artsmyths; MaQi of Maqi healing arts, and Katchi of Kataliktic Inc bring to the stage an amazing performance. What an absolutely otherworldly enchanting entity. As always, I’m blown away by this band who always draws me into dancing up a storm – and that says alot, I don’t often dance to bands being one of those only hitting the floor on a dancefloor at a club. But this band definitely turns me into a whirling dervish. Rated: 5 stars out of 5.

Incredible angelic faeries dancing in the pyschedelic lights … Owlesleys, Denver, CO 6/28/09
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