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The Lady of the Rhine Sagas: 1 – Quest of the Enchanted Ring, 2 – Quest of the Sacred Key

Every year, I take an epic saga, a sort of “living myth”. Following are the last two European quests that I had an “adventure of a lifetime” with. Enjoy! and please comment on these working sagas …

Part 1: Lady of the Rhine, Quest of Ring:

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LoTR, Sect 2: Chap 17, Pt C (4/11) – “Trolls et Legendes” Festival – Concerts & the Sacred Key

Chapter 17: Part C

Saturday, 11 April 2009
Mons, Belgium

Realizing the key has been discovered, Sir Thomas Leaf sat to ponder the new revelation that the key was not an ancient rusting artifact, but rather a gift of spirit, warmth, youth, Faerie energy, and a re-awakening that the Irish and English faeries he met unlocked just by being in their presence. Their passion for life and frolick re-awakened that which he had lost over the last few years and once himself very famous for – healing the recent disconnection from his inner child, wild self, spirituality, artistic essence, and the traveller he is – bringing it back, and entering a new spiritual outlook. It has dawned that this year will bring new beginnings and new thoughts for him. He felt as if he was brought back to the land of Fae, to be lost in Faerieland once again as his epic mythos that his life is styled upon, that of the tale of “Oisin”, but more being the older Oisin after his wanderings with Saint Patrick who was separated and lost from Faerieland and his queen when he fell off his horse to assist the mortals in lifting the henge stone. His faerie queen is near. Life is to be lived, not to be withered away – to ward off that stagnation in the muck that humanity has created with materialism, politics, drama, compliance, and boring routines. The lock to his soul has been opened to kindle the inner child again, become bathed in the fountain of youth, and to be the wandering gypsy artist and adventurer that is the root of his soul. To be at one with his art / oracles / and visions. To write. To Dream. To Experience. Blessed by the Fae, Sir Thomas Leaf began the evening with music, dance, and revelry – dancing till his daughter Princess Brea dragged him home; knowing the quest of the sacred key had been complete. In celebration with some amazing new family, friends, kin, and connections enchanted beyond belief by one of his favorite bands – Qntal. Amazing. Blessed. Re-vived. New journeys and adventures to be summoned forth in the very near future … embracing the misty lands of Ireland, England, and Scotland … as well as the tropical molten lava lands of Hawaii … and down the road – Australia and Thailand. :: Fin ::

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Trolls et Legendes: Day 2 – Concerts – 4/11/09

Trolls et Legendes Festival 2009 – Day 2 – Concerts
Lotto Mons Expo * Avenue Thomas Edison – 7000 Mons – Belgium *


Knowing its a shame that I could only attend 2 of the 3 nights of concerts, I was in extreme excitement about tonight’s line-up with the chance to see my second favorite band next to Faun – which is Qntal. In total excitement. Amazing group of performers on the middle concert night of Trolls et Legendes – Opening with a fabulous show by Ceili Moss, followed by the spectacular Louisa John-Krol, with the enchanting Daemonia Nymphe, and a mind-shattering awesome finale by Qntal. Trolls et Legendes outdid themselves with this lineup, placing myself in utter ecstasy with ritualized musical bliss and theatrical display. I was saddened to know I would be missing sunday night’s lineup of Nehl Aelin, Cecile Corbel, Woodland, and Omnia. On a mythic quest during this trip for my own self, the line-up tonight pushed it to epic proportions in the re-vitalization of my soul that occured during these performances. Thank you especially Daemonia Nymphe and Qntal for the magic you caused. Outright Amazing. Thank you. Rating: 5 stars out of 5.

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Lady of the Rhine, Sect 2: Chapter 17, Part B (4/11) – “Trolls et Legendes” Festival – Market, Woodland, Faeries

Chapter 17: Part B

Saturday, 11 April 2009
Mons, Belgium

“Closer to the key, I can feel it …” Sir Thomas Leaf pondered. “It is the day for the revelations to be revealed.” Difficulties making conversation or getting around without knowing French was pretty prevelant for the duo, and it frustrated Princess Brea. Sir Thomas Leaf made poor half-ass attempts at utilizing his 6 years of schooling in French to get around, but failed horribly. The dialects were quite different than the French he had learned in school. Some intriguing films drew Leaf into the theater – but not being Faerie or “fantasy” at all, but rather, macabre sick-n-twisted flicks in French. That was entertaining but not what he had expected. The vendors and crafts-beings were amazing and lured the already-broke Leaf into purchasing some art for his collection at home. Fantastical creatures, wizards, faeries, monsters, trolls, orcs, centaurs, and lizard people crept, crawled, hymned, hawed, and enchanted those around them as they weaved around the crowds. Crepes, festival food, and Belgium beer greeted many in the dining hall. A stunning Irish Faerie captivated the curiousity of Sir Thomas Leaf – alluring him to the British “Fae” magazine booth. (He’s always wanted to check out this magazine, but had not seen it in physical form, as well as the American “Faeries” magazine as well, which future investment shall be made into when the time is right. The Fae magazine he had always wanted to get and delve into, and a charming Faerie Moe to promote the already sold zine, he excitingly purchased the full set of 6 issues. As he became friends with the mesmerizing Irish charm, he returned later to the booth to meet a familiar kindred spirit – a captivating British Faerie named Zoe, who recognized him from being an online friend. Instant deep connections were created as Sir Thomas Leaf realized these kindred spirits were faerie family, and were soon to be the ones to reveal the sacred key of which this quest was set out to discover. From the mystical lands of Britain and Ireland, the mythos is near realization. A bounce around, Sir Thomas Leaf was also pleased that his beloved Faerie band “Woodland” from Oregon, that he had come to love from seeing them at “Faerieworlds” was doing an un-expected un-plugged jam session performance so that he was blessed with the ability to see them on this trip, making the day ever more so magical as he was prior disappointed he’d be missing them since the adventurers had to leave that night after Qnthal. Alas, Woodland was scheduled for a sunday performance. But he did not have to miss their charm. Magic in the song, inspiration from the tunes. The European quest coming to fruition. [to be continued …]

Photo by Zoe Nicholls

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Trolls et Legendes: Day 2 – The Fair

Trolls et Legendes vendors
photo by Zoe Nicholls

Trolls et Legendes Festival 2009 – Day 2 – the Market
Lotto Mons Expo * Avenue Thomas Edison – 7000 Mons – Belgium * http://www.trolls-et-legendes.be/2009/index-en.htm
Wandering around the vendor side of the the Festival, I was amazed by the incredible and amazing array of artwork presented. Paintings, books, crafts, homemade goodies, costumes, elven ears, masks, jewelry, leather works, figurines, statues, archery, games, and comics. Pretty fantastic fair. I think Trolls et Legendes did a fabulous job with their vendor market. There was also a gaming and role-playing game section, which since it’s not all my thing, didn’t wander through that area much – but it seemed well done as well. Costumed fantastical creatures, wizards, warriors, orcs, elves, and faeries wandered around the market with song, dance, smirks, quirks, and playfulness. My favorites was the didgeridoo playing creature on a leash, the centaur, the Troll or Orc, the elven bard, and some of the faeries in the mix. Top job with the theatrical! After not being impressed with the first night, the fact that programmes were not easily available, and some dynamics of the festival that were poorly organized – this part of the festival brought hope and fulfillment for me during the day. I was quite pleased. The food services, still not the top of my list with their silly little token plastic coins you had to use to purchase those items with were ridiculous, but I thought the crepes were good. Some of the artists and writers were amazing. I found meeting them and being enlightened by their art was very worthwhile. The S.C.A.-like camp in the back, outdoors was very intriguing, but not very welcoming. It had its own charm. However, I’m guessing I’m not much of a fan of Faerie or fantasy festivals to take place in convention centers. The writers and illustrators were also signing books and displaying their literature/art with a full list found at http://www.trolls-et-legendes.be/2009/litterature-en.htm. Market: Rating 4 stars out of 5.


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Lady of the Rhine, Sect 2: Chapter 14, Part D (4/8) – Amsterdam, Waag, Dam Square, Cafes, Fair, RLD Tour

Part D

New friends …

Wednesday, 8 April 2009
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Onward the adventurers met with the tour guide leading them through the Red Light District on a spectacular tour learning the history of the sex trade, industry, prostitution, and cannabis culture of Amsterdam. The adventurers met some amazing new friends from around the world as well while exploring the darker and redder side of the city. At the end of the tour, those who wanted to, went into the Belushi Bar for their free shots of Jager and some happy hour specials. New friends from Ireland, Australia, Britain, and France … the adventurers chatted, drank, and headed over to a cafe later before figuring out how to get back to the Zeeburg hostel. Hungry, the hostelers dropped into a restaurant for some fries with a tasty peanut satay sauce. In process, two charming sisters introduced themselves as Karolien and Kristien who tried to pursuade everyone off to dancing to celebrate Karolien’s successful interview. Only Sir Thomas Leaf took them up on the offer. The three of them piled into a taxi and was off to the heart of Amsterdam. The original club that Karolien wanted to take them to was closed, so they went to another decent sized club playing “Techno Light” which appears to be a common popular music type in Holland. Dancing and drinking …. the trio had a blast. When Sir Thomas Leaf made it back to the hostel, it was the wee hours of the morning, and he quickly passed out. His daughter princess Breanna didn’t even wake.

Kristien and Karolien

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Lady of the Rhine, Sect 2: Chapter 14, Part C (4/8) – Amsterdam, Red Light District

Part C

Candles in a cafe

Wednesday, 8 April 2009
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Looking over the maps, the weary travellers decided against hiking across town to the City center. Sir Thomas Leaf bought the pair some 24-hour Metro tickets so they could hop the bus and trains unlimited for the next 24 hours. The hostel recommended taking the bus, so the duet hopped on the bus, and was blessed with the driver not stamping the tickets, giving it more of a boost of a timeline when they could use it. Now the quest for the sacred key of life is amongst the living. No longer to focus on the crypts and the deceased, but rather amongst the aspects of the living, and that which gives life energy. What form shall the key hold? Only time will tell.

Venturing around the streets, into the Red Light District, along the canals, and into the City Center – where a amusement park was setup in front of Madame Tussaud’s House of Wax. To get a good perspective of the city, the duet took the ferris wheel for some ethereal viewpoints. Afterwards, some shopping ensued and a drop over to the Sex Museum before taking the Red Light District tour. They planned to take the tour of the museum later, but given they were running late for the RLD tour, planned to do it later. Since Sir Thomas Leaf had done the museum on another visit, was not much of a rush. Over to the Tourist Information center at Central Station, they awaited for the tour guide to arrive. [to be continued … ]

Copy free photo of Redlight windows from amsterdam.info

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Lady of the Rhine, Sect 2: Chapter 14, Part B (4/8) – Off to Amsterdam, Zeeburg, hostel

Part B

Atop the ferris wheel in Amsterdam

Wednesday, 8 April 2009
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Arising early and calculating his paycheck, Sir Thomas Leaf spontaneously decided to take Princess Brea to Amsterdam for an excursion enroute to Belgium. Rental motor carriage arranged and lodging set at a hostel in Amsterdam, routing was figured out and plans set in motion. Lord Christian graciously awoke early to shuttle Sir Thomas Leaf to Avis to pick up the motor-carriage. Within a few hours, Sir Thomas Leaf and Princess Brea were off to Holland. The Autobahn was clear and speed was actualized as the duet drove into the rain and was wondering if they would be tromping around Amsterdam in the rain. Quite a few pockets of traffic congestion between Dusseldorf, Germany and Amsterdam, The Netherlands – but by 3:00 pm they arrived at the Park n’ Ride to store the rental, hop the bus to the hostel, and check in. A little lost in the rain, tromping around a neighbourhood they were unfamiliar with, they got a little frustrated as they tried to find where to go. Eventually they made it, checked into a very spacious hotel-like hostel, and unwound before setting off to explore the historic part of Amsterdam.


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Lady of the Rhine, Sect 2: Chapter 13, Part A (4/7) – Duesseldorf, Planning, the Key, Keinohrhasen, The Secret

Part A

Various Roman and Medieval keys at Xanten, Germany

Tuesday, 7 April 2009
Duesseldorf, Germany

This particular morning Sir Leaf McGowan, Explorer and Adventurer from Colorado, awoke with visions. Clarity to the understanding of what exactly it is this key that the adventuring party seeks. Even though many keys had presented itself during the expedition – Xanten, Worms, Nuerenberg, Wurzburg, Cologne …. Sir Thomas Leaf is starting to realize that which he seeks is not the physical “key” that one would expect. But rather a “energy form” or “universal law” that is this “key of life; key of untapped raw wild energy that brings bliss”. As an archaeologist, he had been searching the crypts, the catacombs, the cathedrals, castles, museums, and archaeological sites for a sacred physical artifact that would unlock the secrets of youth and vitality of life. How to ressurect the child within. How to escape the coma he’s been in. But is realizing now it is something different. Its obvious now to the explorer that “the key” is something similar to the concept of “The Secret“. For those who haven’t watched this inspiring piece, “The Secret” is the “key” to “prosperity, health, relationships and happiness.” So “The Sacred Key of Life” being delved for is the key to keeping your “inner child alive” and staying “youthful”, “vivrant”, “exciting”, and “full of passion” about life. Not just in action, but in appeance, because they are quite connected. As the quest began with Sir Thomas Leaf feeling like his life has been stagnating in the last couple of years and that he had lost his way to the power that he had tapped into for most of his life 1990 until about 2007. Then he somehow lost it. In order to open this energy gate again, he realized he needs the key to unlock the lock. His first conclusion of course was a physical key. Now he knows this is far from the truth.

The city key in Worms, Germany in the zodiac wheel fountain clueing us to follow the dragon slayer in his tale for answers

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Fortress Marienberg (Wurzburg, Germany)

Castle Marionburg, Germany

Fortress Marienberg / Castle Marionburg
* Festung Marienberg * Nr. 239 * 97082 Würzburg * Telephone (09 31) 3 55 17-50 *
Festung Marienberg is a humongous fortress along the Main river in Wurzburg, Germany. A fort since ancient times, it is one of the most prominent landmarks along the Main. Originally a Celtic settlement and shelter, the Marienkirche was built in 704 AD and by the 13th century was surrounded by its first fortifications. By 1492 the main castle was encircled by a medieval ring wall with the Scherenberg gate. In May of 1525 the Peasant’s War attempted unsuccessfully to sieze the castle – with 15,000 men failing. Their leader Florian Geyer went to Rothenburg ob der Tauber in early June to procure the heavy guns needed to breach these walls while the leaderless peasant army camped around the castle and thereby outflaked by the bishop’s professional army. More than 8,000 were slaughtered or blinded. In 1600 Julius Echter rebuilt the fortress into a Renaissance palace. Continue reading Fortress Marienberg (Wurzburg, Germany)


Wurzburg, Germany

Entering Wurzburg

Wurzburg, Germany
Wurzburg is a Franconia city in the northern tip of Bavaria, Germany. It is located on the Main River approximately 120 kms from Frankfurt and Nuremberg by road and it is a center for culture, exports, trade, and commerce. It is the capital of the Regierungsbezirk Unterfranken. It is a German speaking city with the regional dialect as Franconian. The city itself is not included in the district of Wurzburg but is its administrative seat and holds a population of roughly 131,320 (2006 census). Wurzburg started as a Celtic fortification in 1000 BC where the Castle Marienberg now stands. As it was Christianized in 686 by Kilian, Colman, and Totnan; a group of Irish missionaries wanting to convert the area. First called Vurteburch in 704, the first diocese was founded by Saint Boniface in 742 who appointed Saint Burkhard as the first bishop of Wurzburg. The bishops created a duchy in the center of the city which extended throughout the 12th century to Eastern Franconia. Wurzburg became the seat of several Imperial diets, including the one of 1180, in which Henry the Lion was banned from the Empire and his duchy was handed over to Otto of Wittelsbach. [wikipedia] In 788, the first church was built and became the present Würzburg Cathedral and was later consecrated that same year by Charlemagne. It was converted to Romanesque style from 1040 to 1225. Wurzburg is also home to the infamous University: The University of Würzburg, which was founded in 1402 and re-founded in 1582.

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Lady of the Rhine, Sect 2: Chapter 12, Part B (4/6) – Wurzburg and Castle Marionburg, Return to Dusseldorf

Part B

View of Castle Marionburg from the bridge in Wurzburg

Monday, 6 April 2009
Wurzburg, Germany

The adventurers made it to Wurzburg. Wandering around the streets and exploring the artistic architecture, statues, and sights. The adventurers were in awe of what a beautiful city Wurzburg is. Sir Thomas Leaf, Lady Vanssa, and Princess Brea crossed the bridge with all the statues to see how far a walk it would be to make it to the Castle on foot. Deciding against it, they opted for a scenic walk along the waterfront and over to the Tourist Information center. Soon thereafter, Lord Christian picked the group up in his motor-carriage and drove them up to the Castle. There they explored the still used interiors, walls, towers, and well. A key was held in the hand of a Saint and the other who may have held one, was missing the arm that would of held the missing key. Could this be the heavily sought after “Key?” to “Life”? Was the key in the hands of this other statue and cut off by someone who wanted “the sacred key of life”? Bedazzled and confused, the adventurers continued on as Sir Thomas Leaf believed a mighty Troll may have taken the Key to Belgium. Omens and prophecies said the key would be there. Being a reknown diviner – faith was planted to follow his intuition. After the castle, it was a couple hour drive to Dusseldorf. The party dropped by Sir Ingo the Great’s for some tea and cake, then Lady Vanessa lured Princess Breanna and Sir Thomas Leaf off for some Lebanese fast food. That evening they took it easy and settled down to a movie satisfied with their adventure.

The statues at Castle Marionburg, one holding a key, the other perhaps had the missing key

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Lady of the Rhine, Sect 2: Chapter 10, Part B – Nürnberg: Graveyards, Gamers, and Drinking

Part B

Saturday, 4 April 2009
Nürnberg, Germany

From the Nibulengenmuseum, a brief hike back to Lady Vanessa’s motor-carriage, with a pit stop at at the fish stop and bakery for some travel munchies, the adventurers were on their way to Nürnberg to meet up with Lady Vanessa’s and Sir Christian’s gathering of friends who periodically meet up in a regional city to network on a online RPG game in German they all play together. A few hours later and the delvers arrived in Nürnberg ….

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