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Plastiki Arrives in Australia


‘Plastiki’ Arrives In Australia After Plastic-Bottle Boat Makes 8,000-Mile Journey Across Pacific

Posted: 07-23-10 09:58 AM on Huffingtonpost

The 12,000 plastic water bottle catamaran that David de Rothschild in company with Jo Royle, the skipper made landing in Australia after a treacherous 3 month journey, 11,000 mile journey across the Pacific from California to Australia. They pass through the Great Pacific Trash Island. The above link leads to a video about the journey, and the Youtube video below talks about the expedition. The ABC news Youtube link below shows the beginning of the journey.


Plastic bottle boat reaches Australia after stormy seas

July 23, 2010

After spending 125 days traveling over 8,000 nautical miles, the Plastiki is preparing to reach Sydney, its final destination, on Sunday.

The Plastiki’s arrival in Sydney will not, however, be the 60-foot catamaran’s first time to reach Australian soil. Winter storms producing near-hurricane strength winds forced the vessel and its crew to take refuge in Mooloolaba, Queensland on Monday.

Originally, the crew had hoped to land in Coffs Harbour, south from Mooloolaba, before heading to Sydney. After waiting out the bad weather, the Plastiki took off from its unexpected first port-of-call in Australia early Friday morning with hopes to reach Sydney in the next two days.

ABC News: The Plastiki Sets Sail, Youtube Video