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Clarion Hotel – Renton, Washington

Clarion Hotel
3700 E Valley Rd, Renton, WA 98055 ~ (425) 251-9591 ~

I found a semi-affordable room at the Clarion in Renton. They didn’t charge the extreme deposits that the Seattle area is well known for as a typical hotel scam. I booked them through Hotels.com and got my free nights in order. It was a quick and simple check-in. The rooms were clean, tidy, and decorative though a little rough around the edges with closer inspection. Mini-fridge, microwave, and coffee pot – free WiFi, HBO, and cable. Everything worked perfectly. I got quiet rest and relaxation. My son had plenty space to play in the room. The breakfast buffet was good, but exactly the same every morning (no mixing it up) with Biscuits and Gravy, scrambled eggs, hash fried potatoes, sausages, bacon, cereals, waffles (minis and large), yogurts, juices, coffee, and tea. Breads, biscuits, muffins, and pastries. I was content. The only problem I had with the facility is that there is only one entrance to enter through, the side and back doors were not accessible for entrance and with difficult parking towards the front, this was a pain. Otherwise, no complaints. Rated: 4 stars out of 5 Visited 1/26-1/30/19


Dollar Rental Cars – SEATAC

Dollar Rental Cars

SeaTac Airport, International Blvd, Sea-Tac/Seattle, Washington
Dollar Rental Cars – Web Site

On Saturday January 26, 2019 I had went to the Fox Car Rentals to pick up my reserved car – they informed me that they were out of cars, but Dollar was assisting them, it would only cost me 5 cents extra a day for the rental with them. I agreed, walked next door to a lineup, and waited to talk to an agent. She convinced me to go with their insurance which after a recent experience with Enterprise, decided it made sense. Of course this made the rental twice as expensive. Instead of the $190 rental total, I found a debit for $250 on my debit card. Okay, $50-60 deposit I presume. As of 1/30/19 that appears to be true, but I’ve had experiences with Dollar before with their $250 debits. We’ll see if they’ve fixed it. The agent was friendly and after filling out paperwork, guided me downstairs to get the car. Nice Black Toyota Corolla, so I was happy. Drove out and it was a quick paperless experience. The rental held up and had no mechanical issues, car was nice and smooth sailing. On 1/30/19 I filled it up, turned it in, quick check-in and they would email me my receipt. I was content. Rating: 5 stars out of 5. More about Dollar here: http://www.technogypsie.com/reviews/?p=40074.


Starbucks – Benson Hills; Renton, Washington

17901 108th Ave SE, Renton, WA 98055 ~ Phone: (425) 235-7948 ~ Starbucks web site ~

This has become one of my favorite Starbucks in the Renton Washington area. Staff is always friendly and hospitable, quick to assist and meet customer’s needs. WiFi is great as well as seating. No code locks on the bathrooms so one less hassle to deal with. Parking lot with ample spaces, next to the Fred Meyer’s so a quick in-and-out. Rating: 5 stars out of 5 Visited: 1/28/19, 1/29/19, 1/30/19. More info about Starbucks: http://www.technogypsie.com/reviews/?p=2345.


Pho World

17823 108th Ave SE, Renton, WA 98055 : Phone: (425) 254-3555

They bill themselves as a basic no-frills Pho restaurant offering Vietnamese soups with meat and vegetables also offering rice dishes and noodles.

I have yet to dine at and visit this restaurant for a proper review. I’ve only done deliveries for them through outside companies and have observed it is a favorite location amongst delivery enthusiasts.


Renton, Washington

Essentially a sub-urb of southern Seattle, Renton is determined though as its own city in the heart of King County, Washington. Renton has an estimated population of 101,200 (2016 census). It is located approximately 11 miles southeast of Seattle’s city center. Renton is geographically located along the southeastern shore of Lake Washington hosting the connection of the lake with the Cedar River.

Originally the area where Renton now embraces was once a popular fishing area for Native American peoples. The first Euro-American settlers came to the area in the 1860’s. The infamous settlers Henry and Diana Tobin were one of the first Euro-American settlers in the area. The Seattle and Walla Walla Railroad was one of the first cities to be accessed enrout to Seattle carrying coal for entrepreneurs such as Erasmus M. Smithers who became the founder of the town in 1875. It was named after Captain William Renton, the local lumber and shipping merchant by Smithers although Smithers discovered coal there. The early Euro-American settlers started industries of timber, coal, and clay production in the area. The city was incorporated in 1901. The town became flooded on several instances by the Black and Cedar Rivers. The 1916 lowering of the Lake Washington Ship Canal reduced the surface of Lake Washington several feet eliminating lake drainage through the Black River. The Cedar river was used to divert waters into Lake Washington instead of the Black River. The population increased substantially during World War II with the Boeing production of the B-29 Superfortress. Interstates I-5, I-405, and SR 167 created a confluence in Renton bringing more traffic and tourism to the area creating a hub for shopping, entertainment, and dining specifically the Southcenter Mall in Tukwila and the Landing by Boeing. Today it is the final assembly point for Boeing 737 airplanes as well as for technology companies, healthcare, and manufacturing such as with Paccar, Boeing, Kaiser Permanente, IKEA, Providence Health, and Wizards of the Coast. The Seattle Seahawks have a training center here. The public library was built over the Cedar River in 1966 stretching 80 feet across the river connecting to Liberty Park and offering a unique spot to watch salmon in the river.

Renton is bordered to the North by Newcastle and Lake Washington, Cougar mountain to the east and May Valley, City of Kent to the South, and Tukwila to the West. It boasts a warm-summer Mediterranean climate with warm and dry summers mixed with cloudy wet and cool winters. It is within a partial rain shadow shielding it from coastal summers.

Renton has been home and birthplace to many notable people such as Jimi Hendrix (who lived here and is buried in the Greenwood Memorial Park), Brandon Roy, Jamal Crawford, Clint Eastwood (was a lifeguard at Renton’s Kennydale Beach), Joshua Farris, Sam Longoria, Avery Garrett, Sean Kinney (Alice in Chains), Emily Rose, Zach LaVine, and others.






  • Albert Talley Senior High School
  • Apollo Elementary School
  • Benson Hill Elementary School
  • Briarwood Elementary School
  • Bryn Mawr Elementary School
  • Campbell Hill Elementary School
  • Carriage Crest Elementary School
  • Cascade Elementary School
  • Dimmitt Middle School
  • Fairwood Elementary School
  • Glenridge Elementary School
  • Hazelwood Elementary School
  • Hazen High School
  • Highlands Elementary School
  • Honeydew Elementary School
  • Kennydale Elementary School
  • Lakeridge Elementary School
  • Liberty High School
  • Lindbergh High School
  • Maplewood Heights Elementary School
  • Maywood Middle School
  • McKnight Middle School
  • Meeker Middle School
  • Nelson Middle School
  • Northwood Middle School
  • Renton High School
  • Renton Park Elementary
  • Ridgewood Elementary School
  • Risdon Middle School
  • Sartori Elementary School
  • Sierra Heights Elementary School
  • Talbot Hill Elementary School
  • Tiffany Park Elementary School