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Americana @ Brand, Crepemaker, Pacific 18 Theaters (Glendale, CA)

  Americana @ Brand: Crepemaker, Pacific 18 Theaters * http://www.americanaatbrand.com/ * 322 Americana Way * Glendale, California 91204

Making Crepes

Located in the new Caruso “American at Brand” property, a $400 Million Development in the Heart of Downtown Glendale, Calif. that fashionably puts high-end strip malls in the gutter. Americana is set on 15.5 acres amidst a mature downtown and is interwoven seamlessly into the existing context and street grid of the city. It boasts a monumental 12-foot crystal outdoor chandelier suspended across Caruso Avenue just west of Brand Blvd., a Good Humor truck and soda cycle selling old-fashioned sweet treats. Gracing the center of The Green is “The Spirit of American Youth,” an 18-foot statue covered in 23 carat gold that is a recreation of one that stands at the Omaha Beach Memorial in Normandy, France. A second statue from Omaha Beach, “America,” tops the dome of the Excelsior overlooking The Green. Crepemaker * 818.243.1445 * is a cute little standalone hut off the green offering freshly made whipped and spun lightly flattened crepe wraps and desserts. Excellent freshnesh and delicacy. Rating: 4 stars out of 5. Pacific 18 Theaters * http://www.movietickets.com/ * 866.722.9790 * A large very luxurious movie theater showing all the top movies and shows. Great concessions and service, clean restrooms, and long halls filled with upcoming posters and displays. Visited on 7/7/08 to see “Hancock” and enjoyed the experience. Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5.