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Starwood 33: July 9 – 14, “2013”


Starwood XXXIII: 2013
* July 9-14, 2013 * Wisteria Nature Sanctuary * Pomeroy * Ohio * * http://www.rosencomet.com/starwood/

One of my most favorite festivals, Starwood is billed as the world’s largest Pagan / Magical / Consciousness gathering in North America and potentially the world. It began for me when it was at the awesome Brushwood Folklore Center campgrounds in New York, but have moved away from that location and is now held at the Wisteria Nature Sanctuary in Ohio. I remember fondly the days when Timothy Leary, Terence McKenna, Oberon Zell, Isaac Bonewits, Louisa Tesha, and many other famed authors and writers would hold workshops. Rituals were numerous and fantastic. This year was a bit different as it was my first time at the event held at Wisteria, albeit my 7th Starwood in my life (the other 6 were in New York). Starwood holds classes and workshops by local and internationally acclaimed artists and authors. Its known for its ecclecticism and diversity, great concerts, performances, dancing, drumming, film, rituals, and poetry. It is a one stop shop for a diversity of faiths and beliefs, religions, alternative belief systems and lifestyles. I’ve been introduced to Voodoo, hoodoo, Druidism, Wicca, Shamanism, Ceremonial Magic, and the Church of All Worlds during my times at this festival (and much more). Seven days of exploring the mind, body, and spirit with over 20 various performances of music, drumming, dance and theater on its four stages. In the clothing optional nature sanctuary of Wisteria, the landscape couldn’t be better. There was over 150 different classes, workshops, and ceremonies offered. Family friendly camping event with hot showers, hiking trails, swimming, co-op child care, kid village, multimedia shows, social events, parades, jam sessions, merchants, parties, giant puppets, all-night drumming, and a giant bonfire. This year was a combination of wet and wild, hot and relaxing, humor and weather. We merchanted the event so missed many of the workshops, but those we were able to make were fantastic. Vending selection was fabulous as was the food. The end bonfire was ecstatic and fun-filled, the drum circle momentous. It was our son’s first Starwood and found him addicted to drumming. A great place for all. Rating: 4 stars out of 5.


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Stonehenge Festival


Stonehenge Festival, a set on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
The Summer Solstice Stonehenge Celebration at Stonehenge, Salisbury, England, UK. June 20-21, 2012.

To learn more about Stonehenge, visit my page at: www.technogypsie.com/reviews/?p=126

In the near future, photos and articles relating to the 2012 festival will be posted here (estimated July 2012) www.technogypsie.com/reviews/?p=3365

Photos by Leaf McGowan and/or Thomas Baurley. purchase and/or use permission can be obtained here: www.technogypsie.com/photography.html


“When Darkness Falls” – Bad Faeries Night Fire Ceremony (7/31/10)

Faerieworlds Day 2: Bad Faeries Night Ritual: “When Darkness Falls”
* Lucretia of Serpentine; Kelly Miller-Lopez of Woodland; Connor Fenix Cobbledick of Kirkos * Saturday, 31 July 2010 * Midnight * Faerieworlds 2010 *

After a stunning performance by Faun, as the witching hour arrived, “as Darkness fell” for the mischievious bad faeries to do their biddings & fun – Kelly Miller-Lopez accompanied by members of Woodland and Faun came on stage for a musical and poetic invocation. Before the stage, corded off for safety, the exotic and mysterious Lucretia of the dance troupe Serpentine brought out her fire flamed fingers for tribal belly dance and fire play. The fire breathing Connor Fenix Cobbledick of the Kirkos fire troupe danced and pranced in playful prose with her. The magic was woven.


Faerieworlds Night Ritual: When Darkness Falls

A musical and poetic invocation spoken by Kelly Miller-Lopez, with music by performed by members of Woodland and Faun. The dance features Lucretia of the dance and fire troupe Serpentine, with fire breathing by Connor Fenix Cobbledick of Kirkos fire troupe. Poetry and music written by Emilio Miller-Lopez of Woodland.

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Faerieworlds 2009 (Mt. Pisgah, Eugene, Oregon)

Faerieworlds 2009
* http://www.myspace.com/faerieworlds * July 31st – August 2, 2009 * Mt. Pisgah Arboretum * 34901 Frank Parrish Road * Eugene, OR 97405 * Just off I-5, exit 189
Each year towards the close of summer arrives and opens a gateway between the worlds allowing mortals and faeries to dance and frolick together. One such event is “Faerieworlds”. A unique festival, hosted by Kelly & Emilio Miller-Lopez (Woodland), Robert Gould (Imaginosis), Kimmy Smith (Woodland), crew, and volunteers; always with the artistic presence of Brian and Wendy Froud; has recently been held over the last several years in the grassroots & environmentally conscious haven of Eugene, Oregon. Themed over the celebration of Faeries, music, art, and creativity; Faerieworlds also has a very deep dedication and connection with nature. Embedded within the amazing plethera of talent that they bring in every year is also a magnitude of earth-based ritual and celebration honoring our ancestors, the spirits of nature, and the Deities of the world. Teamed together with the amazing talent of the Mythmakers these ceremonies are more than phenomenal and theatrically better performed than most festivals of its genre have ever offered from my Technogypsie wanderlust experiences. When Faerieworlds boasts that its often hard to tell the difference between the performers and the attendees, they aren’t kidding at all. Everyone dresses up and comes in Faerie, Fantasy, or period costumery that puts any Renaissance Faire to pity (especially since 90% of the attendees dress up); making the creative artistic experience of dressing up one of the biggest attractions of the event. According to Brian Froud: “To dress as a faerie, donning wings, is to actively join in the dance, to be connected to creative spirit. Graceful or ecstatic dance; the radiant, rhythmic heartbeat; friendship; music; all these move easily across the boundaries, transcending language, race, and time. Such activities extend a joyful hand across the threshold. At Faerieworlds, we ring the bells of faerie invitation. The people come. More importantly, the faeries come too.” The event organizers believe that ‘revitalizing, healing, and transforming spirit of faerie is alive and moving actively in our lives: faerie inspires and provokes, heals and reveals, illuminates and transcends.’ (Faerieworlds web site)

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