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7.17.09: Cronicles of STL: Chapter 7: ‘Dreamtime Festival – Day 2’

Leaf bodypainting tribal designs

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From the journal of Sir Thomas “Rymour Oisin” Leaf: The 17th of Quintilis (Julius Caesar’s “July”) in the good year 2009 of the Common Era

“The mesmerizing festival that is Dream Time. I had some most excellent dreams last night, falling asleep after a great party dancing away at the Saucer crash to my favorite 80’s. Then passing out under the stars to the calm yet very alive desert night. Awaking early, I was off to the tent to setup art for the day. Was a very busy day for bodypainting. Didn’t do too many tarot readings but my friend in the booth next door did. Faith came by early in the morning and dotted me up with some aboriginal white dots. Thank you! Was very swamped with bodypainting requests. It got very very hot. Kathy came and joined me for a long day painting and did an amazing tribal design on my back. Thank you! Did a few designs through the day on myself as well, and with how hot and blazing the sun was with me forgetting to use sunblock, left a semi-permanent bodyart burn on my back – kinda cool the tribal designs transferred over. So many visits to the showers and the pond. This poor Pisces was sweltering! The vendors seemed to do ok, the merchant area had its on/off times of being busy and not. We had a grasshopper join us throughout the day as a resident blessing mate … and I fed it a pistachio. It loved it. Gnawed on it for hours. My best friend Viktoria came by for a visit while she was helping David string lights. Got a chance to hang out with my lovely friends from the Pacific Northwest, Dana and Wendy. Got to spend a lovely day with Dana. What an amazing woman! As darkness fell, we grabbed Wendy and the three of us frolicked throughout the festival grounds – viewing a cool Adam and Eve comedy spoof made by some Denver film-makers, watched some amazing Didgeridoo performances on main stage, fire ritual and spinning, and some great massages. We capped off the evening to some extremely wild dancing at the UFO crash party with the Space cowboys. What a great day!!! Some interesting workshops about 2012 were revealed and the Mayan prophecy. Lots to think about. I had quite intriguing dreams through the night.”

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