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Sennen Cove (Cornwall, England)

Sennen Cove:
Cornwall, England

Approximately one mile northeast of Land’s End is the small coastal community of Sennen Cove. It is a scenic paradise for beach-goers and its beaches are more popular to the locals than Land’s End. In 2000, its population was a heaping 180 inhabitants. While not a cove in a geological sense, it fits more under the descriptor of being a Bay. Many old granite mining cottages can be found in the area that have been converted to vacation stays. Many of these cottages are arranged in terraces. It is also a base station ofr several submarine telecommunications cables. It is a hotspot to the surfing enthuasiasts because of its great surfing conditions as it is protected from winds and swell. The village has a very laid back and friendly atmosphere. Sennen Cove is also home to the first UK canine lifeguard named “Bilbo” who started his job in 2005 raising awareness to tourists about the dangers of swimming outside the designated zones via campaign called “Bilbo Says”. Sennen Cove is also home to a RNLI lifeboat station run by volunteers since 1953.

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