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Lincoln City, Oregon

Lincoln City, Oregon

A bustling little city along the Oregon Coast and Highway 101 in Lincoln County, Oregon between Tillamook and Newport. Lincoln City had a population of around 8,500 in 2016. This area was originally homeland of the Siletz Tribe. The city is named after the county which is named after President Lincoln, though named by a contest from local school children. The city was in incorporated March 1965 as a means to unite the coastal towns of Delake, Ocean Lake, and Taft as well as the communities of Nelscott and Cutler City. The main industries in the area is retirement and tourism. The Siletz casino was founded in 1995 bringing in more tourism. The Salishan Spa and Golf Resort offers dining, shopping, cabins, lodges, and a five star golf course. Lincoln City hosts two annual kite festivals in June and October giving the city the nickname of “Kite Capital of the World. There is also the Siletz Bay Music Festival held here in Late June and early July.


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