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Tokyo Joe’s (16th Street Mall Denver CO)

Tokyo Joe’s – 16th Street Mall
~ 1001 16th St, Denver, CO 80265 ~ 303.825.0321 ~ http://tokyojoes.com/location/tokyo-joes-16th-street-mall/ ~

~ Rating: 5 star out of 5. Visited 2/19/11. Review by Leaf McGowan/Thomas Baurley, Technogypsie Productions ~

By far my most favorite fast food chainn – as its a healthy restaurant under the guise of a Colorado state based chain restaurant. Quick healthy Japanese food ranging from rice bowls, sushi, salads, and other healthy fare. Trendy and decorative, fast and sleek, this chain satiates the hunger. Also a big addiction for me. This location is hard to find parking for, but if you’re enjoying the 16th street mall, top-of-the line. Great service, friendly staff, and delicious food.

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Tokyo Joes, Vancouver, British Columbia

Tokyo Joes * 955 Helmcken Street * Vancouver BC V6Z 2S5 * 604.689.0073

An interesting little Japanese restaurant chain in Vancouver. It’s odd because there is a really chic chain called Tokyo Joes in Denver Colorado that’s upbeat and expanding. Seeing this little plain joint in Vancouver when used to the really artsy one in Colorado was kind of a “huh?” slap across the cheek. So now i ponder is this the original one and the Colorado folks ripped the idea off of them, or did the Vancouver folks rip off the Denver folks. Curious. I’ve heard its good in Vancouver but didn’t get a chance to try it out. I know the un-associated ones in Denver are fabulous and to the point that I’m a Joe-addict.

Hmmm … Tokyo Joes? Was this first or the Denver chain? similiar stuff on the menus …