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The Explorer (August 2013 to Present)

“The Explorer”
2007 Ford Explorer – Eddie Bauer Version, V 8

From 2013 to present, this vehicle has been the magical steed taking Sir Oisin Rhymer, Sir Leaf McGowan, Sir Thomas Baurley, and his family around North America on various travels. It has driven completely around the United States at least twice. It has been in 38 of the states (USA) and Canada. It pulls the Techno-Vardo to various festivals, travels, and camping trips.

The Explorer – 2007 Ford Explorer, Eddy Bauer version, 8 cylinder. Tales of a Delivery Driver: Chronicle 28 – Chronicles of Sir Thomas Leaf and Prince Cian. Adventures in Colorado. Photos taken May 21, 2018. To read the adventures, visit http://www.technogypsie.com/chronicles/?p=39039. To read reviews, visit: www.technogypsie.com/reviews. All photos and articles (c) 2018. Technogypsie.com – by Leaf McGowan and Thomas Baurley. All rights reserved. www.technogypsie.com/photography. More info about Colorado Springs: http://www.technogypsie.com/reviews/?p=31051

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Top 5 disappearing places | Wanderlust – Yahoo! News

The U.S. landscape is home to many unique natural formations that took thousands and thousands of years to develop, but as our population — and need for more space — grows, there’s a risk some may be lost to future generations. For your next trip, consider these Top 5 disappearing places and enjoy them before they disappear.

5) The Everglades, Florida: The Everglades is the "largest subtropical wilderness" in the country, but because of human encroachment, rare animals are losing their homes. The national park covers about 1.5 million acres and provides all sorts of outdoorsy adventures: camping, kayaking, boating, hiking and bird watching, to name a few.

4) Sunset Cliffs, San Diego, California: These rugged cliffs run along the Southern California coast, with panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean. It’s popular area with surfers, whale watchers and weddings. The sandstone bluffs, which feature arches and sea caves, are slowly being eaten away by runoff from developments and irrigation.

3) Coral Reefs of Biscayne National Park, South Florida: These delicate reefs, the only living coral feel in the U.S., are must for avid divers, snorkelers and boaters; the park also features an underwater "trail" that allows visitors to explore various shipwrecks within the park. However, the reef’s popularity is also contributing to its disappearance: Some of the coral has declined by 90%, partly due to overfishing.

2) Mesa Verde Cliff Dwellings, Colorado: Pueblo Indians built these 600 cliff dwellings hundreds of years ago, carving them into the sheer sandstone walls. The well-preserved structures range from one-room dwellings to a 150-room "palace." Despite its remote location, pollution, invasive plant species and runoff are just a few of the environmental issues that the park is battling.

1) The Glaciers of Glacier National Park, Montana: In addition to namesake glaciers, the park is also home to bears, gray wolves, golden eagles and lynx. It also features more than 740 miles of trails, so don’t forget your hiking boats. In 1850, this national park boasted 150 giant glaciers; today, only 27 remain. By 2030, even those may be gone.

via Top 5 disappearing places | Wanderlust – Yahoo! News.


Sir Bluey Bee

Sir Bluey Bee
Canberra, Australia Capital Territory, Australia

Sir Bluey Bee, one of Australia’s men of mystery, a bard in his own right, is one of the many adventurers who have travelled with Sir Thomas Rhymer Oisin Leaf McGowan during his travels through Australia. This amazing man, was instrumentally helpful in guiding Sir Thomas Leaf along his coastal journey from Melbourne and up the Sapphire Coast, through the Snowy Mountains, and all around Canberra within the ACT. Not only is this man a polite knight and a graceful host, but a comedian, comic, and incredible musician. An employee of the Australian government, a father, and a fisherman … he is truly a blessed friend to have. Thank you Sir Bluey for the amazing Australian adventures you made possible during my trip to Australia.

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04.20.11: Chronicles: Relaxing in Narooma

Fonzie’s grave?

Travels Down Under:
Relaxing in Narooma …

Wednesday, April 20, 2011
* Narooma, New South Wales, Australia *

Sir Bluey and Sir Thomas Leaf awoke in the restful Narooma YHA and started planning out their day after breakfast and tea. They also decided to stay an extra night in Narooma, which pleased Sir Thomas Leaf ecstatically since he already fell in love with Narooma. Swimming was on Sir Thomas Leaf’s mind, and fishing was on Sir Bluey Bee’s … so off they went to explore the beach for the day. Parking up by the Narooma Cemetery, the adventurers wandered down the forest path along the back picket fence, down onto the beach, where they found soft warm sand, a warm winter’s day, and chilly crystal clear water. Sir Bluey began to fish, and Sir Thomas began to swim, with Sir Bluey constantly warning him about sharks. Intriguing underwater photos as Sir Thomas tried out his underwater camera bag for the very first time. After a good day on the beach, the duo went to do some clamming using a tool that the YHA manager’s lent them, but again, to no avail. No catches. While Sir Bluey was clamming away, Sir Thomas went back to Taylor’s for a dozen oysters to feast on. Afterwards, the two headed over to Bar Beach, and while Sir Bluey fished, Sir Thomas went to see the Seals, sting rays, manta rays, and other sea life for a photo shoot down by the docks after which Sir Thomas entered the cold waters once again for a swim. Sir Bluey finally caught a small fish which they fried up that night for dinner. That evening, Sir Thomas met a nice German who he had long conversations with through the night until the communal room was closed. A good night was had by all.

[ Chronicles: Off to Batesman Bay & The Dead Kangaroo Count ]

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04.19.11: Chronicles: The Road to Narooma

A wombat in the trail

Travels Down Under:
From Bittangee Bay to Narooma …

Tuesday, April 19, 2011
* Bittangee Bay to Narooma, New South Wales, Australia *

The exhausted travelers slowly awoke this morning to a quiet morning, minus the patter of a jumping wallaby outside. Sir Thomas Leaf crawled out of his tent to find Sir Bluey Bee had struggled with his tent last night and had a beautifully engineered makeshift tent job using the tree branches he was under as a center pole. Sir Bluey however was not to be found. Sir Thomas then wandered down to the shore and spied him fishing off the rocks down below – so Sir Leaf had a brilliant plan to sneak up on him and roar like the Bittangee Bay beast to give Sir Bluey a good morning rustle … climbing down the rocks in sandals was not the most fantastic idea however as he slid and stumbled down the cliff side. But Sir Bluey hadn’t noticed him, so his plan was still in effect. Tossing a few rocks nearby and growling from a bush, Sir Bluey’s response was a big “WTF?” No fish was caught, but he did catch himself a Bittangee Beast! A good morning crawl along the cliff side/bay side rocks, the two adventurers explored the water side up to the Bittangee Bay Storage Ruins greeted by historic graffiti sprawling of “Nimble John” on its side. As Sir Bluey continued to try to catch fish, Sir Thomas wandered up the trail for a hike, and pondered hiking to the lighthouse. Unfortunately it was much farther than he realized, so just as he was about to turn around, he came upon a stream bank with a big giant roundish teddy bear staring at him. He froze in his tracks, as did this Wombat who wasn’t sure if he had sensed Sir Leaf. Sir Thomas took a few steps towards him, to which the wombat picked up, and after realizing blindly there was a being in front of him, he shot off waddling at high speeds down the trail, stopping frequently to listen if Sir Thomas was following. After chasing the wombat for a bit, Sir Thomas Leaf returned back to camp and caught back up with Sir Bluey, had breakfast and broke down camp, engaging into a long discussion with the camp steward about Aborigine “Secret business”, the “Bittangee Beast”, “camping areas”, and various other travel suggestions for the delvers route along the east coast of Australia.

The duo then got into Sir Bluey’s carriage, headed back down the bumpy road, with a turn-around getting a bit lost, and stumbling into the Green Cape Light House. They wandered up to the lighthouse, impressed with it being powered by solar energy, took a few shots of it, then wandered down to the water for some scenic shots of the thrashing waves against the rocks. The wanderers got back into their carriage and rolled on off to Merimbula for a gander downtown. They past through the South East Forests National Park alongside numerous termite mounds in the park on the roadside. Driving along the South Coast of New South Wales, the adventurers soon came upon the awe-inspiring Narooma. Sir Thomas Leaf simply fell in love with the place. He stated that if he ever moved to Australia, this is where he’d live. After checking into the YHA, the travelers went down for a walk on the beach – finding one of the most spectacular beaches in the world. Sir Thomas was instantly transformed into a relaxed, de-stressed, floating leaf that just blew in from the Princes Highway. Exploring the seascape, the tidal pools, rustic beach structures of driftwood, shell collecting, and wading into the waters (while being warned about sharks from Sir Bluey) …. he was in paradise! While Sir Thomas went a wandering … Sir Bluey tried to catch some dinner. No luck, they wandered back into the village of Narooma, and settled for some Fish n’ Chips at Taylors before retiring to the Narooma YHA.

[ Chronicles: Relaxing in Narooma ]

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04.15.11: Chronicles: Albury to Melbourne

Travels Down Under:
Journey through Victoria

Friday, April 15, 2011
* Albury, New South Wales, Australia to Melbourne, Victoria, Australia *

The weary adventures awoke in the mildew smelling dorm room of the Albury YHA, rolling out of bed, but with a restful sleep. Downstairs the showers awaited them, after which they made omelets for breakfast while preparing for their journey onwards through Victoria. The women from last night, and two new girls, joined them in conversation during breakfast as they prepared to figure out their routes. As some new coastal route ideas were presented to them. They headed off shortly from Albury onwards towards Melbourne. Sir Thomas Leaf found the “Koala” crossing signs a bit humorous as they scanned the treetops for koalas during their drive across the countryside. They saw a few antique cars pass them by and upon stopping at a rest area, saw an old fashioned “meals on wheels” service vehicle with high prices for their meals so went on to their budget and made tuna fish sandwiches. The lady running the cafeteria bus jumped to the conclusion that Sir Thomas Leaf and Sir Bluey Bee were “mates” and not in the Australian manner of “mate” but as a gay couple. They corrected her and she apologized for jumping to the conclusion. Perhaps it was Sir Leaf’s floral shirt with pink. After the rest area, they proceeded on the road towards Melbourne. Within hours the humorous duo made it to Australia’s Metropolitan Mecca of Melbourne. As entering they saw a Toyota van that had a car dealership sticker on it saying “Blood Toyota”. What an Odd name thought Leaf. To get their bearing since they got a little lost, they pulled into the “free” WiFi spot at a McDonald’s to do some Google Earth for directions. Since Sir Thomas Leaf has boycotted fast food in his life as of late for health reasons, he always “cringes” when he enters such facilities. He took a peek at the menu to see how Australia’s outrageous prices would be on dollar menu and meals – much to his horror they were quite pricey compared to the U.S. After gaining directions from the internet and from Sir Bluey asking kind blokes for directions, the adventurers were back on track to Lady Sciencequeen’s flat in Melbourne. Sir Thomas Leaf was quite impressed with many of the street murals in Melbourne. They finally found their way to the flat, and was greeted with many smiles and hugs from Sciencequeen. After dropping the bags and social greets, the three of them headed off to “Lentil as Anything” – a fabulous Indian-style vegetarian buffet that’s All you Can Eat price tag is to pay whatever you feel by dropping donation money into a pay box in a dark corner of the hallway when you enter or exit the establishment. What a innovative idea Sir Thomas Leaf thought thinking he’d like to make a seafood buffet at his and Wendy’s future Mermaid temple someday. The explorers were greeted by a possum blindly climbing up and down a tree by their table. As they were quite satisfied with their meal, Sir Bluey Bee with his smoking charm, lured back a few Australian students to join in their conversations and for a photo moment. After Sciencequeen, Sir Thomas Leaf, and Sir Bluey Bee returned back to the flat, they had a nightcap, conversation, and games until they were worn out. Big day awaited them tomorrow.

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Chronicles: Great Walkabout: 4/13/11 – Lake Jindabyne & The Snowy Mountains

Travels Down Under:
Adventures to Lake Jindabyne and the Snowy Mountains

Wednesday, April 13, 2011
* Canberra, Australian Capital Territory to Lake Jindabyne, New South Wales, Australia *

Early to rise, Sir Thomas Leaf and Sir Bluey Bee gathered together a wakeful state as they prepared tea, breakfast, and organization for their journey across the Snowy Mountains on to Melbourne and the Eastern coast of Australia. Packing up their adventure gear into Sir Bluey’s white carriage, the duo began their quest. Tight space and luggage for the camping gear and equipment, they were soon off on their explorations of Australia. Sir Bluey’s dog knew something was up into action, so eagerly barked and attempted to escape from the Bluey Bee homestead. On through the Tuggernanong and out of Canberra they were “on the road” again. A long road awaited as they headed off to Lake Jindabyne driving along the roadways into the middle of nowhere, dodging kangaroos and wallaby’s, breathing in the sweet menthol smell of eucalyptus, and exploring the countryside. Sir Thomas Leaf thought much of the countryside reminded him of Oregon, Colorado, and other areas of the United States – minus the trees, the flora, the fauna, and Australia’s unique critters. Not to mention the Kilometer signs and that Australian’s drive on the opposite side of the road that he’s used to. Sir Thomas Leaf was also quite shocked that gasoline in Australia was about $6+/gallon (ca. $1.52/liter). On through the town of Cooma for a pit stop so the duo could purchase a fishing license, stock up on groceries, and make Peanut Butter n’ Jelly sandwiches for lunch. Sir Thomas Leaf and Sir Bluey Bee got to know each other very well through their travels across the countryside. Sir Bluey Bee gifted Sir Thomas Leaf a box of “Tim Tams“, an exquisite Australia biscuit (Cookies). Sir Thomas Leaf loved them so much that he couldn’t put them down. After a quick visit to the information center and learning that the only primitive camping allowed seemed to be in designated areas in National Parks (none on the side of the road, in the forests, or on the beaches) and there was 95% of the time a charge of $10 or more per person per camping site made camping a not so viable or cost effective solution to economic road tripping. As they were heading towards Lake Jindabyne they passed by unique metal art sculpture of a ball that had a fence around it. Apparently was for the Lake Festival and part of the Lake Light Sculptures. Entering Berridale, the adventures knew they were now in the Snowy Mountains. Lots of Kangaroo Crossing signs along the roadside as they ventured forward. Then late afternoon, lo’ and behold, they embraced the beauty that is Lake Jindabyne. Entering into the community of Jindabyne, the search was out for the Snowy Mountains Backpackers where the delvers would be lodging for the night. The hostel was pretty empty, just a group from Sydney who were internationals from Poland and Czechoslovakia. They adventuring pair got to have their own room and choice of bunks with a room and a balcony with a barbeque. This was Sir Bluey Bee’s first hosteling experience that Sir Thomas Leaf believed he enjoyed so much he would be utilizing them in the near future greatly. A fabulous community room, dining room, and entertainment room beheld them. The adventurers then got together their fishing gear and headed out to the lake for some fishing – no catches nor nibbles, but were entertained by a crippled brave gull who came and sat next to them. They fed it some of the worms and bait taking time for a photo-session with the bird as well. After fishing, with no catches other than photos of a bird, they returned back to the hostel to cook up some left-over pasta from the previous night and to imbibe into some Brundeburg Rum (Australian). They quickly made friends with their Slavic comrades who were sharing the hostel with them. The adventurers did venture out to find a pub with some cute “sheilas” (as Sir Bluey would put it) but to no avail they returned for a nightcap and a long night’s rest for their expedition through the Snowy Mountains tomorrow.

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Pirate Relief’s “Project Gypsy”

Pirate Relief’s: Project Gypsy
* Piraterelief.com *

Pirate Relief is a Non-Profit Arts Project and celebrating the Living Myth by bringing the Arts, Sciences, and Legends to Life … uplifting spirits, hope, and dreams while sharing what gifts, aid, relief, and support we have to offer to those struggling from a coastal natural disaster or tackling damages done to the environment and waterways. Pirate Relief is a not-for-profit project that is fashioning a dream to create a fleet of historical replica pirate ships that we will sail the seven seas with – providing entertainment, fun, history, relief, and assistance to communities in need. We want to be there in times of crisis, whether natural disaster or ecological catastrophe to help out in any way we can – by uplifting spirit with our entertaining crew of artists, storytellers, dancers, fire spinners, and performers; to providing donated food, water, assistance, and relief – helping hands for cleanup, wildlife care, rehabilitation, medical assistance, historic & environmental preservation, integrating methods of sustainability actions, and/or by any other means that we have to help with. When there are no disasters or need within our reach, then we plan to entertain local communities by preserving folklore by process of dissemination as well as promoting the Living Myth with the arts, music, history, storytelling, and a sense of adventure. When our dreams become fulfilled, we hope to have onboard pirate museums, lectures, shows, and tours. From Disaster Relief to Comic Relief, we plan to make a life of it on the sea. Our roving bands of talent may bounce back and forth from land to sea to uplift spirit, help in time of need, spread ecological awareness/assistance, sustainability, and ecological/historic preservation. We have several projects or phases to work on to achieve all of this. We hope to achieve our first Galleon by no later than 2015.

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Chronicles: August 30-31, 2010: Leaving for Burning Man

Leaving for Burning Man …

Monday-Tuesday, 30-31 August 2010
* Colorado Springs / Boulder / Fort Collins, Colorado thruWyoming, United States of America *

Sir Thomas Leaf finished off two days of work in the laboratory at the Curation facility working with prehistoric artifacts, finishing up requested maps and doing alot of cartography and monday evening spent finishing up packing his vardo “Isis Adventure Thru Time” for Black Rock City. He put his head around some ritual ideas for a memorial in tribute to one of his great teacher’s (or at least mentor in Druidism) Isaac Bonewits. Some free time in the evening on monday he did some research on vampires – especially the Connecticut Vampire Graves, the Blood Countess, and the legend of Mercy Brown. Tuesday came quickly, off work at 4:30, Sir Thomas Leaf jumped into his vardo and high-tailed it up I-25, fighting rush hour, onwards to Boulder to pick up his fellow traveller, Lady Ellie, a fire spinning Burning Man virgin. Onwards through Boulder, Sir Thomas Leaf and Lady Ellie packed up the vardo for their journey out west. Some dishes to do and a pitstop in Fort Collins at “Three Guys Burgers” the adventurers were soon on their way. After entering Wyoming, Lady Ellie tried to drive the tricky “Isis Adventure thru Time” vardo, but the clutch (currently having issues with 1st gear) wouldn’t cooperate. Driving through Wyoming into the night, Sir Thomas Leaf grew wary and exhausted, so the travellers pitstopped at a rest area in Utah for a night’s rest instead of driving straight through.

Lady Ellie ready for the Burn!

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Isis Adventure thru Time (1986-2012)

Isis Adventure Through Time Caravan/Vardo: 1986 to September 18, 2012

This Toyota Vanwagon was manufactured in 1986. According to festival stickers on the window, it was used by some artists and merchants in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States at least from 1999 – 2007. The history of this particular vehicle from 1986-1998 is unknown as of present but will be updated once it is learned. It was used for many years in the 90’s-2000’s for merchanting the Oregon Country Fair, the Oregon Garlic Festival, and other venues. It was named “Isis”. Then it exchanged hands at Breitenbush Hotsprings near Detroit, Oregon to a wonderful mermaid named Kyndra. Kyndra began to fix it up and equipt it for her adventures in the later end of 2000’s and named it “Isis Adventure”. Then, in 2009, enroute to Faerieworlds, Sir Thomas Oisin Leaf, lost his 2003 Toyota Matrix Vardo to a blown engine outside of Boise, Idaho. Saved by the Lady Hannah of Boise, he was rescued and brought to the healing waters of Breitenbush where the mermaid Kyndra blessed him with a return home to Colorado, by selling him “Isis Adventure”. Sir Thomas Leaf boldly jumped into his new 1986 van and drove across Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, and Colorado back to his home at the Hobbit Hole cottage in Colorado Springs, nestled at the base of Cheyenne Mountain. Excited that it made the trip with no issues, he set out to add on to its name, calling it “Isis Adventure thru Time” and working on making the van into his new vardo or caravan, that he hoped to decorate “Steam punk with a Vules Vern Time Travel machine theme”. A little limited since as a military scientist he would be driving it on and off base, making extendible telescopes, space age gunnery, and time travel counters will have to wait, maybe for Burning Man 2011. Isis Adventure through Time took him on many journeys from 2009 to 2010 including Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, Idaho, Oregon, Washingon, and Nevada. August of 2010 he set out on a journey with his virginal trip for the van to Burning Man. Not sure if it would make it, he had several of his prophetic friends do a reading on whether or not the van would make it safely. They all pretty much said yes (4 out of 6). Sir Thomas Leaf decided to take the journey. It wasn’t without its scares, but after getting new brakes and a tune up – he was ready to go. The return home only saw the power steering belt snap right when a police officer pulled him over because his tags were a week expired. In order to prepare for this journey, he began to start working on the art style of the driver’s area – painting it copper, gold, and bronze with a Jules Verne style. He prepared the back with a futon and sleeping area, designed a living area, kitchen area, and installed a home air cooler fan to create a cooling system (since the air conditioner was broke), and installed a JVC home stereo system so he could have music (Radio did not work). Historically on the dash is a Buddha (that represents good luck for the vehicle) holding a coffee cup (for eternal alertness) and a cell phone (for successful communication for every journey). There is a orca figurine representing its Pacific Northwest roots. It has a R2D2 robot for representing successful mechanical running. (pictures to be posted soon)

On September 15th, 2012 she was admitted to an auto care clinic in Louisiana. By September 18th, 2012 – no finances to save her, she was deemed to be salvaged. Rest in Peace dear Isis Adventure through Time.

Stickers of former owner’s festivals combined with Sir Thomas Leaf’s Adventures

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Chronicles: August 29, 2010: Packing Up For Burning Man

Packing Up For Burning Man …

29 August 2010
* Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States of America *

Sir Thomas Leaf arose early to drag out his festival tent, Burning Man survival gear, equipment, and camping supplies. This was the first time he would be taking his new (well very old, but new to him) “Isis Adventure Through Time” vardo / caravan and had to equipt it for this kind of journey. Survival in the desert for a week under extreme conditions is never an easy feat for many, though luckily he’s been to many festivals of these sorts as well as a return visitor to the city of Black Rock for 4 years now (non consecutive) – so knew what to expect. He decided he would van camp this year, as opposed to the last 4 years of tent camping. Hoping this means less dust in his evening’s breathe while sleeping. He moved a futon into the back of the van and set up a bed/sleeping area, bungy corded the ice chest, camp stove, and food crates for a kitchen area, a camping supply area, body paints storage area, rigged a home cool fan into the van as a means to stay cool during the drive (van has no air conditioner), and rigged a JVC home stereo into the van as a car stereo (van has no working radio/stereo). All using their regular electrical socket (house) plugs. Atop the rack the previous van owners installed, he packed the festival and tent gear, extra storage, and 20 gallons of water, solar showers, and spare tires, with a full ladder so he could climb up easier setting up camp. Most of the day was spent testing layouts with the van (first camping trip of this kind with him and this van) in how he wanted the free bodypainting theme station / camp to be setup once he arrived at Black Rock City. After a successful setup, he slowly packed everything up. Sir Leaf got online and did some coordination and planning with the Lady Ellie who would be ride sharing with him to the Burn. Exhausted and ready for a drink, he wandered over to the Underground to meet a faerie warrior who claimed she had something very important to discuss with him. Once at the club, she seemed distracted and never brought up the important discussion. Sir Leaf shrugged, imbibed some gin n’ tonic and danced up a storm. Until a local Satanist he had problems with years prior started to bug him. Perplexed as to why this formerly ‘banned’ individual from the Club was now allowed in, he just shrugged and went his merry way. The Satanist wanted to apologize for his actions from years prior. Sir Leaf accepted those apologies but said he had no interest in friendship. “Let the issues pass and walk our separate ways” said Leaf. The Satanist did not want to accept that. Eventually he gave up. A drive back home early, exhausted, Sir Leaf passed immediately out. He still had work to do in the lab early at 7 am and more preparations for the voyage to Burning Man where he was to deliver a memorial service for Isaac Bonewits.

2018 Addition: Packing up for Burning Man article by Mighty Goods might help future Burners be just that more prepared.

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07.05.10: Chronicles of Sir Thomas Leaf: The Witch Potato Project (WPP): Day 30 – Independence

It has been a long journey for Sir Thomas Oisin Rhymer Leaf and in many ways he was both sad and happy to be home in Colorado. He was suffering from jet lag yet was up early and into work at his lab doing curation, cartography, and assisting 13 others in protecting the remains of ancestors who inhabited Colorado for several thousand years upwards of the modern era. In some ways he was injected with a surge knowing there is a change soon to happen to his life and a new adventure of a lifetime to come in the next year. He started to ponder his life, his travels, his dreams, and desires. Knowing that life is not going to get any younger, there are certain things that he needs to do before his body gets older, and much of those aspirations involve travel, hiking, camping, and world exploration. He realizes it was almost time to live in Europe – but not quite yet – as he has quite a bit to wrap up here in Colorado and America. Something in Colorado called for him to come back – something to fulfill? something to experience? a partnership? love? another oracle? another vision? what it is he is not sure – but it needs to be accoplished before he makes a move to another part of the globe. There is much to consider and much to fathom. Many decisions to be made and yet a leap of faith to be had. Confusion and clarity surrounded him through his day at work. His recent quest successfully completed: He obtained many blessings from various tribes of Faeries, made acquaintances with several new Faerie queens, lords, and ladies; obtained sacred healing waters from the wells of Madron and Brigid, tied blessing clotties in the wishing trees in England and Ireland, asked for successful journeys on the new adventures from the God/desses and the Blarney Witch, endowed with the gift of gab by kissing the Blarney stone, re-blessed and endowed by the Goddess Brigid (St. Brigid) as he pilgrimmaged to her temple, Now carries her sacred flame, and have delved underneath the faerie hills and tunnels of Ireland. Blessed by the waters of life – new visions, new clarity, and new focus for the upcoming new year. A successful quest with the treasures gained. That night he slept and slept in dream land, dreaming of a new future to gain ….. Freedom and Independence for he and his people are just around the corner. [ The End ]

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7.04.10: Chronicles of Sir Thomas Leaf: The Witch Potato Project (WPP): Day 29 – Flight Home, Freedom ….

The Fourth of July is meant as a day of independence for Americans … however Sir Thomas Oisin Rhymer Leaf McGowan did not feel very “free” on this date. He very much wanted to remain in Ireland, but it was time for him to return back to Amerika: The supposed land of the free. He was awake by 4 am and checked out of the youth hostel and had the front desk ring the shuttle to the airport. A 7 Euro shuttle and a very sad journey was had by him as he headed off to the airport. Upon entering the airport he was very much aware that he no longer lives in the “Land of the free” with how constraining, police-state, and imposing the security checks and procedures there exists to board planes to the United States these days. As he stood in line to get his plane ticket, two U.S. representatives approached him to drill him on his travels. Then through security check – off with the shoes and belt, and the metal detectors. On to the plane. It was a pleasant flight – from Dublin to Newark with some great free films to watch such as “Ondine” which he greatly enjoyed, then “Bounty Hunter“, and “Out of Her League”. Not happy to be leaving Ireland Sir Thomas thought. He knew this was a place he should be living. In many ways, his home country has become a prison, one in which its very hard to leave these days – full of paranoia about terrorists, security threats, etc. that the government now tramples on basic human rights. It is only going to get worse as they are soon to implement full body scanners that will show the naked figure and body parts and frisking. “:: sigh ::” Sir Thomas Leaf felt. As he touched down in Newark, he was bombarded with the urban scrawl, concrete jungles on the lands down below, and a disgusting level of commercialism to greet him at the airport. No free internet at the airport so he wasn’t able to do his usual blogging. Customs was invasive and long-lined as usual. As he awaited his transfer flight, the news television broadcast news of the War in Iraq, the Gulf Oil Spill, closings of Florida and Mississippi beaches, severe weather fronts, intense summer heat, and a really disgusting broadcast of a food eating contest at Coney Island. He thought about how horrible it is that this is the view the rest of the world receives when they come to the shores of America – that he is absolutely ashamed. He didn’t feel like he is an American anymore, not if this is what America has become. Then on he went through some more passport and security checks, to grab his luggage only ot walk through customs while the agent took his declaration slip and to re-deposit his luggage on another conveyor belt. He thought “Exactly what was the purpose to that”? America is so backwards he thought, and paranoid – Europe has there whole customs entering and exiting process streamlined, non-paranoid, and simplified. He felt tired of air travel (not the adventure), but it was time to go home. But he thought … is this really where he wants to call home? He wishes he could have stayed back in Europe. Why can’t America be part of the European Union? :: sigh :: As he pondered what the Fourth of July now means to him, revelations of what he wants to do in the near future, where he’d like to settle, and new changes in his life to come …

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6.27.10: Chronicles of Sir Thomas Leaf: WPP: Day 23 – Connemara to Blarney

It was a hauntingly silent experience staying in the Connemara hostel, Sir Thomas Leaf thought. Quiet. Abandoned. No Technology. No other guests. He thought it was nice to hear the rain pounding down and tapping on the window as it rained throughout the night on and off. Sir Thomas Leaf could have sworn that spirits were there though … as he woke up in the middle of the night and felt presences. The adventure crew was up pretty early and wandered downstairs to the self-catering kitchen for breakfast – and still the only guests in the hostel. They had the place all to themselves. They didn’t even see the hostel caretaker, even to check out with. The crew wandered down to Clifdon and stopped at the local tourist information center to find some maps of Connemara, and to find where some standing stone sites might be. A quick lunch at the market, the adventurers were soon off on the road to find some megaliths on the map – bu came out with no findings. Apparently Ireland, unlike England, has most of its megaliths on private property and they often cannot be seen from the roadways. They did find some castle ruins, cool beaches, and panoramic views of the rustic Irish countryside. The whole party believed Connemara to be stunningly beautiful and enchanting.

The explorers worked their way to the Kylemore Abbey and Gothic Church. Sir Sven and Lady Vanessa of the Rhine, rather interested in the historic period of the place and abbeys in general wanted to explore the site, while Sir Thomas Leaf had another adventure into the countryside planned as he wasn’t interested in tossing 12 Euro into admission for an Abbey as he’s not very interested in the time period, history, or remains. But oddly enough, his hike in the countryside led to a lake, and as he walked around its shore, found his way into the historical Abbey park and joined up with the other adventurers thereby skipping the ridiculous entrance. Sir Thomas Leaf was pleasantly surprised with enjoyment of the walled gardens, even though it wasn’t worth the $20 USD equivalent entrance, and not really impressed with the rest. Afterwards, the adventurers did make their way to the Poulnabrone Dolmen – feeling the sacredness and magic of the site. Sir Thomas Leaf did a blessing petition and imbued his quest with a charm. Pretty interesting site, barren, and in the middle of nowhere. The adventurers were soon off to Cork, arriving about 9:30 pm, to a festive hostel with lots of activities going on as it seemed to be a full house and quite a few young travellers present. They made dinner done in the self-catering kitchen. The party was in bed pretty early as they would be embarking on their quest to kiss the Blarney Stone in the morning and be blessed with the gift of gab.

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Northern Ireland’s Causeway Coast

Coastal Highway – Giants Causeway

Causeway Coast, Northern Ireland
Just north of Belfast, along Northern Ireland’s scenic and magnificent coastline is what has come to be known as the “Causeway Coast and Antrim Glens”. It is absolutely not to miss during any trip to Ireland. Focused alot around the geological phenomena known as “The Giant’s causeway”, this breathtaking and rugged coastline auto route is a voyage that should no be rushed as one follows the coastline, through small villages, towns, by castles, rocky shores, silent glens, and lush forest parks. An area full of mythology as well.

Northern Ireland Coast

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6.17.10: Chronicles of Sir Thomas Leaf: WPP: Day 13 – Last day of Excavations, The Collections, Newquay Beach

Greenbottom/Chacewater/Truro, Cornwall, England

It was depressing that today would be my last day of excavations at Saveok. I really wish I could have afforded and budgeted more time/funds to stay here longer. I had my last divine breakfast with Vanda and Paul … and as we were chatting to came to the subject of tall sailing ships. Turns out Vanda knows a guy who has a historic sailing ship that he doesn’t want to sell but is only using it for running wine between France and England. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could work out a deal to run Pirate Relief with his ship as a tax write-off for him? One can dream. I really enjoyed my time with Vanda and Paul … couldn’t recommend their Bed and Breakfast more. Vanda offered to drive me to the bus stop after the field day so left my bags in the sun room and tromped off across the fields to the site. Oh how I to miss this place. :: sigh :: I have a strong calling that I’m meant to work here … further … if not as a purpose/request in life. Who knows what the future will bring. Being an American I’m limited and the cost of travels in Europe certainly are twice the cost as it is home. :: sigh :: So the final day of excavating.

Jacqui pulled out the artifact collection and showed me the amazing finds. This is such a sacred place. This site is such an amazing piece of history for the Other People, it’s not funny. What Jacqui is uncovering and finding is important pieces in the history of magic and folklore in the U.K. This place sends shivers of excitement up and down my spine – its sooo ethereal. I wish I could find funding or an opportunity to apprentice with Jacqui. An amazing scholar with so much to share. If only I lived in the UK …

We resumed excavations on the Feather pits where we believe we’ve uncovered from the clay caps upwards of three more offering pits. Jacqui also chose some natural colored clays to send with me that I could use at the Three Wishes Faerie Festival to make some tribal body paints … if I find somewhere to get linseed oil before hitting the festival. Found some interesting pottery, ceramics, and metal items in the pit … but the clock struck four and it was time to unfortunately head off on to the next leg of my journey. I will miss Saveok dearly. I wandered back to the Bed and Breakfast where Vanda was awaiting me to shuttle me to the bus stop. I’ll miss them dearly as well. I caught the bus to Truro and hit the rail station to await my train to Par.

Me and Jacqui Wood excavating

Newquay, Cornwall, Britain
From Par I had to change trains to backtrack to Newquay. Apparently doing this train route is 5 minutes shorter than the bus route – which would have been a straight run with no stops. A bit of a layover. I did meet a father and daughter from Vancouver who were pretty intriguing. They had been cycling around Cornwall. I wish I could do that. Someday perhaps. The daughter recently moved to London from Vancouver. Onwards to Newquay – I got off the train to find a very touristy, party beach city. Surf-central. The map made the St. Christopher’s Inn (Surfer Hostel) look not far away – I suppose it would have been closer by foot if I hadn’t walked past it for a 1/2 mile with heavy backpacks and bags. I found it – it was above the Belushi’s bar. The staff was nice but very pirate-sque. Very party central. They gave me a full dorm room all to myself with a beautiful view of the beach. I could have been completely satisfied with just hanging in the room all night with that view. I decided though this would be my only chance to see Newquay. So I ventured out. The bar was too rowdy, 98% male and testosterone-pumped as they were watching the World Cup. Oh how I abhor sports. I went for some fish n’ chips for din-din and wandered down to the beach and piers. Water way too freezing cold for a swim which was very disappointing as it was so welcoming to the eyes. I contemplated clubbing, but settled back into the room to some cider n’ wifi … needed some rest and relaxation before Three Wishes Faerie Fest tomorrow and meeting Faerie Zoe at the Train Station on the Bodmin Moor …

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6/9/10 – Chronicles: W.P.P.: Day 5 – The Expedition, Part 2 – Air Travel in Wonderland

Part 2 – Air travel in Wonderland

Leaving Denver International Airport

On to Newark for the change-over flight to Dublin, with a few hour layover I expect for customs. This United flight was more spacious and comfortable than most – not sure if that’s because I got an window exit seat or if it was more deluxe of a “United” plane, but the flight was quite awarding. I napped a bit upon hitting the seat, while jamming out to the “New Wave” music channel – listening to my favorites. Then onwards to a glass of wine (which prices have gone up since my last travel from $5 to $6 for an alcoholic beverage) and a re-watching of the new “Alice in Wonderland” which I saw originally when it came out in 3-D/IMAX. Still captivating, stunning visuals, and the weirdness one loves. Landed fine in Newark with a 3-hour layover to await boarding the plane for Dublin – but everything is on time. In 12 or so ‘clock hours’ I will be walking the streets in Dublin, as I think I’ll have enough time to wander away from the airport before jumping planes on to England. Now blogging at the airport and soon to sign off for the evening. I old myself I wasn’t going to do ‘airport food’ – but i was hungry and there was a tasty healthy salad bar called “Green Leaf”. Had a Shrimp-walnut-cranberry Spring Salad. Yum.

Rainy Newark

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07.30.06: Part I – Roswell, The Alien Crash Site, The Missle Silos

C.S.I. Crash Site Investigation
Roswell Crash Site, Roswell, New Mexico
photos ©2006 technogypsie.com

Sunday, 30 July 2006
Roswell, New Mexico
Part I – Delving into the Past, Alien Technology

We slept in a bit, then wandered down for the Holiday Inn Express breakfast bar, packed up the room, and caravaned out of town. Got gas at $2.83/gallon – cheapest I’ve seen for ages in the West … and the southwest. I think Colorado Springs is about $3.15/gallon. Aliens must have some cheaper technology for finding fuel I suppose. We then hit the dollar store to purchase a couple of flashlights. Then drove up Hwy 285 north, to Mile marker #133, and pulled over to walk around the Roswell Alien crash site. We both bought Roswell souvenir t-shirts “C.S.I. Crash site investigator” and donned them for the day’s explorations. David wore his bluetooth phone and shades. As we were poking around the Crash site, two elderly tourists drove up, was nervous about getting out of their car, and finally the husband was brave enough to approach us, thinking we really were official, and asked … “sorry to bother you, but where is your crash site?” and I replied … “Its down the road a ways … or so I’ve heard …” As we were locking up our cars, grabbing our flashlights, and proceeded to walk to the highway to walk down 3/4 mile to the abandoned missle silo. I could hear the husband/wife talking:

husband: “I think they are here investigating the crash site. They are doing what we are doing.”
Wife: “Noooo … I don’t think they are doing what we are doing. They are investigating something else.”

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7.12.09: Cronicles of STL: Chapter 4: ‘Stranded?’

From the journal of Sir Thomas “Rymour Oisin” Leaf: The 12th of Quintilis (Julius Caesar’s “July”) in the good year 2009 of the Common Era: Part Une.

“Early to rise I still was not in a very good mood. Everyone was bustling about, alot of people were leaving. I thought that strange as it was 9 am and there was still a day left of the festival. Maybe others had the same vibe and feeling I did? wanting to leave as well? I found “A” and told her I was packing up the tent and wanting to leave. She didn’t want to leave, she wanted to stay an extra day. I told her I couldn’t as I needed to get back to have time to pack for Dream Time, wanted to hit the Earthship center on the way home, and needed to get some sleep for work as I had to be there at 7 am tomorrow. We had an argument about it as she didn’t want to leave. I went and packed up camp and tried to find someone to catch a ride with back to Colorado. After many defeats, I did find a van that was overpacked with 15 who were heading to Denver. They said worst case if I couldn’t get a ride, they would shove me in, but they were already packed over the max. Wouldn’t let a brother go without a ride. I was really worried about being stranded. I packed my gear into A’s car and put my backpack on – armed with water and was just about to start hiking and hitchhiking 30 miles to Taos in hopes the bus station would be open on a sunday and have a line going to Colorado Springs. Continue reading 7.12.09: Cronicles of STL: Chapter 4: ‘Stranded?’


The Lady of the Rhine Sagas: 1 – Quest of the Enchanted Ring, 2 – Quest of the Sacred Key