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DV8 (Vancouver, BC)

515 Davie Street
Vancouver, British Columbia V6E 1N3

A underground-styled hang out joint popular amongst the hip Vancouverite scene. Good food, slow service, but an excellent place to hang out if you are interested in hanging out. Comes with an art gallery which changes every week or two displaying some of Vancouver’s best alternative artwork. With a serving station styled after a djbooth you can find some of the most intriguing and raunchy named drinks you can think of off its menu. The food has the same flavor. It’s an excellent venue.

Rated: **** 1/2


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English Bay (Vancouver, BC)

English Bay
Vancouver, British Columbia

English Bay brings sweet memories for me during the
World Expo 1986. It was the romantic setting for a marriage proposal to my
first wife. English Bay has a bit of San Francisco charm. With
bicycle/rollerblade paths along the beach and sea wall, palm trees and
ornate architecture, beach activities, roller bladers, and summer fun –
kayaking, rain forests, and great seafood restaurants – great views of
Vancouver, the harbour, Stanley Park, and the great aspects of Vancouver –
English Bay should be on your activity list for a place to relax and

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Lotus (BC)


Lotus Sound Lounge

455 Abbott Street
Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 1C8
Vancouver, British Columbia
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Rated **1/2 by Leaf McGowan.

Lotus Sound Lounge

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Tokyo Joes, Vancouver, British Columbia

Tokyo Joes * 955 Helmcken Street * Vancouver BC V6Z 2S5 * 604.689.0073

An interesting little Japanese restaurant chain in Vancouver. It’s odd because there is a really chic chain called Tokyo Joes in Denver Colorado that’s upbeat and expanding. Seeing this little plain joint in Vancouver when used to the really artsy one in Colorado was kind of a “huh?” slap across the cheek. So now i ponder is this the original one and the Colorado folks ripped the idea off of them, or did the Vancouver folks rip off the Denver folks. Curious. I’ve heard its good in Vancouver but didn’t get a chance to try it out. I know the un-associated ones in Denver are fabulous and to the point that I’m a Joe-addict.

Hmmm … Tokyo Joes? Was this first or the Denver chain? similiar stuff on the menus …

Granville Street, Vancouver, British Columbia

Granville Street * Vancouver, British Columbia * http://www.granvillestreet.com/

Ah Granville street, oh how I have missed thee. So many memories from the days that I used to roam around this artsy and entertainment bustling center of downtown Vancouver. I also remember back in the day when the city of Vancouver wanted to relocate all of the nightclubs in the city to just this street which of course never succeeded. During the years that I lived in Vancouver this was one of my shopping and dining tromping grounds. I’d hit up the coffee shops, the restaurants, and even some of the nightlife with shows at the Vogue, Gothic cheers at one of the pubs, and when Luvafair first moved to the Plaza for some britpop and 80’s fun. For the visitor or resident of Vancouver, this is a hotspot of activity for pub crawling, club dancing, unique and alternative culture shopping, arts, shows, concerts, and as well as some of Vancouver’s notorious seediness and pandhandlers. Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5. Visited almost daily during my last visit 3/26-3/31 as I was staying nearby, and quite often when I was living in Vancouver.


Wall Centre, Vancouver, British Columbia

Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre Hotel * 1088 Burrard Street, Vancouver, British Columbia V6Z 2R9 * 604-331-1000

I can only compliment the architectural design of this building as I didn’t stay here during my visit to Canada, nor have I ever. But for those who enjoy architectural design and monuments, the Wall center is some eye candy in that arena. Its located within walking distance from the fashion and commerce districts of Vancouver possessing a dynamic view of the ethereal supernatural beauty that Vancouver is well known for – from the heights of its uppermost floors one can see all of Vancouver, the Bay, the harbour, Canada Place, Grouse and Cypress mountain. This building is a monument of mirrored glass windowns with a soothing courtyard holding spectacular gardens, cascading water, and Roman-styled hand-laid paving stones mixing modern architecture with classical beauty. From the outside, this looks like a plush and comfortable place to stay. For more information, see www.sheratonvancouver.com. Rating of architectural design: 4 out of 5; Rating of Hotel: Unknown. Viewed 3/22/08.


Kitto Japanese House, Vancouver, British Columbia

Kitto Japanese House * 833 Granville Street, Vancouver, British Columbia * 604-687-6622
Kitto is in the heart of Granville street just around the corner from Robson. Its a busy, brisk, and small joint right off the main drag known as Granville where many of the nightclubs, bars, unique shops, and entertainment reside. The combo’s are pretty good and its recommended to finish off the meal is some good green tea ice cream. This particular visit (I’ve been here many times) I was running late and joining my group of friends after they were half done with their food. I had to tell a waitress twice i wanted to order, but once it got through i was a new addition to the table, they were really quick with getting my food out. The Unagi was pretty good as well as the Vegetable tempura. They also have a good selection of Vegetarian dishes and sushi. The fish tastes pretty fresh. Average price of Sushi $10-20. Review: 4 stars out of 5. Visited 3/22/08.

Sushi crew