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Ansbacher Markgrafengruft (Ansbach, Germany)

Cathedral, Ansbach, Germany

Ansbacher Markgrafengruft
Ansbach, Germany

Underneath the Gumbertuskirche is a crypt called the Grablege der Markgrafen or Ansbacher Markgrafengruft. Here some very important people are buried, with their caskets/coffins available for you to view during set hours with a custodian present to tell you the histories. The Solms-Laubach: Sophie (1594-1651) – spouse of Joachim Ernst (1583-1625) of Brandenburg-Ansbach; Sophia Margaretha (1634-1664) Oettingen – the 2nd spouse of Albrecht V [7]; Henriette Louise (1623-1650) – Württemberg, 1st spouse of Albrecht V [7]; The following of the Brandenburg-Ansbach: Albertina Louise (1646-1670), Sophia Elisabeth (1643-1643), Friedrich August (1685-1685), Charlotte Sophie (1679-1680), Albrecht Ernst (1659-1674), Johann Friedrich (1654-1686), Leopold Friedrich (1674-1676), Friedrich Karl (1715-1716), Eleonore Wilhelmine Charlotte (1714-1714), Carl Wilhelm Friedrich (1712-1757), Carl Friedrich August (1733-1737), Carl Albrecht (1675-1692), Wilhelm Friedrich (1686-1723), Sophia Amalia (1649-1649), Georg Friedrich (1678-1703), Louise Sophie (1652-1668), Albrecht V (1620-1667); The Baden Durlach Family: Johanna Elisabeth (1651-1680) – 1e spouse of Johann Friedrich [14]; The Wurrtemberg Dukes Family: Maximilian Emanuel (heart) (1694-1729), Christiane Charlotte (1694-1729) – spouse of Wilhelm Friedrich [4], ; The Kings of Prussia: Friederike Luise (1714-1784), ; The Saxe-Coburg-Gothal Family: Friederike Caroline (1735-1791). They ask for a Euro donation for the opening viewing, students are free. Rating: 5 stars out of 5.

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