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Native American Ceramics

Native American Ceramics The Native American tribes are diverse and variable. Many tribes have utilized ceramics and pottery through the ages, some of which are more popular styles than others. One region that boasts unique pottery types is the North … Continue reading

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Viking Burials in Ireland

Vikings are no strangers to Ireland Irish history is colored with Viking raids, settlement, and invasion. Vikings were first spotted off the Irish coast as early as 792 C.E. It comes to no surprise that the Irish landscape is dotted … Continue reading

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Could the four bodies found at Trinity roadworks be Vikings?

Reprinted from http://www.irishcentral.com/news/Could-the-four-bodies-found-at-under-Trinity-road-works-be-Vikings.html Jane Walsh @irishcentral August 15,2014 01:15 AM Team of experts believe they have unearthed a per-medieval cemetery at the heart of Dublin city.Photo by: Rubicon Heritage The archaeological firm excavating the site outside Trinity College, in Dublin’s … Continue reading

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Cross-sector approach to capitalise on archaeology in Scotland

Cross posted via WordPress “Press This” app from http://www.bajrfed.co.uk/showthread.php?5367-Cross-sector-approach-to-capitalise-on-archaeology-in-Scotland.  Visit site for discussions and more information.  The way Historic Scotland supports and funds archaeology projects across the country is to be strengthened. The heritage agency has completed a review of the … Continue reading

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Archaeologists and pagans alike glory in the Brodgar complex

Posted by TANN Ancient, Breakingnews, Destinations, Scotland, Travel, UK 7:30 PM   Archaeologists are notoriously nervous of attributing ritual significance to anything (the old joke used to be that if you found an artefact and couldn’t identify it, it had … Continue reading

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Alien skull in Peru? Mystery of giant-headed mummy found in city of Andahuaylillas | Mail Online

Skull has soft spot, found in infants, yet also two large molars, found in older humans Three anthropologists agree: ‘It is not a human being’ By Paul Milligan Last updated at 7:59 PM on 24th November 2011 cross-posted via WordPress … Continue reading

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Cornwall Witchcraft Excavations 2011

Cornwall Witchcraft Excavations 2011, a set on Flickr. Via Flickr: Assisting with the Saveok Water Archaeology Fieldschool for the summer of 2011. Photos from my time there – June 1st through August 16th, 2011. www.archaeologyonline.org

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