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Wheeler High Shool Fossil Beds (Fossil, Oregon)

Wheeler High School Fossil Beds ~ Wheeler High School, Fossil, Oregon * (541) 763-4146 ~ https://www.oregonpaleolandscenter.com/wheeler-high-school-fossil-beds In the town of Fossil Oregon one can easily collect fossils for a mere $5 entrance fee (donation based on honor system in a … Continue reading

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Gingko Petrified Forest

Gingko Petrified ForestVantage, Washington. http://parks.state.wa.us/288/Ginkgo-Petrified-Forest Article by Thomas Baurley on 12/3/2016 ~ Enroute to a archaeological survey I was doing, we stopped the night at Wanapum State Park only to discover next door was the GIngko Petrified Forest. What a … Continue reading

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UK scientists find lost Darwin fossils – Yahoo! News

UK scientists find ‘lost’ Darwin fossils By CASSANDRA VINOGRAD | Associated Press – 2 hrs 51 mins ago Email Print RELATED CONTENT This image made available by the Royal Holloway, University of London on Tuesday … This image made available by the Royal Holloway, University of … Continue reading

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Oak Tree: Quercus spp.

“Oak Tree” by Lester Scarbrough, Tree Leaves OraclePermission granted to post from history with Tree Leaves Oracle Oak Fagaceae (Beech family) Quercus spp. Names      Description     Lore     Magical Uses     Medicinal Uses     Other Uses Q. alba ………….. White or Stave Oak Q. arkansana ….. Arkansas or Water … Continue reading

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Fossil display at National Museum of Natural History Smithsonian, National Mall, Washington, D.C. Ammonites Timeline: Jurassic / Cretaceous Period (256-65 Million years ago) Maximum size: 2.6 meters (8.5 feet) in diameter Predator advantage: tentacles, large beak Likely prey: Fishes, mollusks, … Continue reading

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