Bad Mom’s Christmas (R, 2017)

Bad Mom’s Christmans
~ Rated R. Nov. 1, 2017. ~
Directed by Jon Lucas, Scott Moore, Actor/resses: Christine Baranski, Cheryl Hines, Susan Surandon, and more.

Review by Leaf McGowan/Thomas Baurley, Technogypsie Productions ~

It’s that time of year when expectation on parents comes to a collapsing point, and this tale depicts the challenges and expectations for holiday planning with the age-old assumption it falls entirely on the mom’s shoulders. (Since I’m a single dad, I’ve never experienced this phenomena) So the under-appreciated and overburdened moms break down this particular Christmas, especially as their moms arrive on the scene earlier than expected for Christmas event planning. Amy, Kiki, and Carla on a girl’s night out decide to rebel against the cookie-cutter expectations and not being reliable for the expected fantastic holiday they feel is expected of them by not only their moms, their kids, and husbands for two of them (Carla is a single mom). It is an action packed party-driven rebellion of mom’s flick with lots of laughs, humor, and fun. It was good fun. Spin-off sequel to “Bad Moms”. Rating: 3 stars out of 5

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Geostorm (PG-13: 2017)

Rated: PG-13
Released: 2017
Starring: Gerard Butler, Jim Sturgess, Abbie Cornish

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Comes the world when global warming has created such a grand crisis that all nations had to join forces to fight natural catastrophes. Building a space station with thousands of satellites used to control the weather, the nicknamed “Dutch Boy” system is just about to be passed off to the United Nations from the USA. A fight to maintain control of the protector now turned weapon, destruction of cities and countries, and targeting world dominance, the greedy, ugly, and soul smashing villain goes all out to get what they want. Its left up to the creator to figure out what’s going on. Emblazoned within a family relationship and struggle, the binds of blood saves the day, but not before hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, deep freezes and heat waves devastate the planet. Will the earth survive? Rated: 4 stars out of 5 Reviewed by Leaf McGowan, 10/22/17

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Walking Out (PG-13: 2017)

Walking Out
Rated: PG-13
Released: 2017
Starring: Bill Pullman, Matt Bomer, Josh Wiggins

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A great father/son film with continued repetitive family history of a urban teen who comes visits his father at their cabin in the mountains only to end in tragedy. The youth, separated from his dad due to divorce, comes to visit his father for a great hunt. Putting away technology, his father helps him re-learn survival skills and the great hunt. They pulled a tag for a moose that his dad was tracking. A run-in with Grizzlies, a hunting accident, leaves the teen to carry his dad down the mountain – walking out of a nightmare. A grand tale of survival, thrilling, and edge of your seat moments. Rating: 4 out of 5

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Atomic Blonde (R)

Atomic Blonde

Rated R – 2017

Fast action female version of James Bond (Charlize Theron) – attractive, stunning, and deadly takes on a impossible M6 mission getting a spy list that her former spy lover died for covering all the active agents in the West. Fast cars and deadly blasts, martial arts and brawls all in the heart of the moment that the Berlin Wall was coming down. Spectacular authentic 80’s soundtrack and great portrayal of the era. Reviewed 5 stars out of 5

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Offerings of the Naiads Book Project

Please help fund our research project and publication of our book “Offerings of the Naiads: Holy Wells and Sacred Springs in Western Culture” by our Founders.

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Malificent (PG: 2014)


Malificent (Rated PG – Released May 2014)

Starring: Directed By: Robert Stromberg, Written by Linda Woolverton, Charles Perrault, and others. Starring: Angelina Jolie as Maleficent, Elle Fanning as Aurora, Sharlto Copley as Stefan, Lesley Manville as Flittle, Imelda Staunton as Knotgrass, Juno Temple as Thistlewit, and many others.

I’m really digging the fact that Walt Disney and other major film companies are starting to get on track with depicting fairy tales with “real faeries” as is becoming the artsy trend these days in media, film, and music. They were golden with how they manifested Snow White and the Huntsman I didn’t think the film wizards could do any better with the classics – wrong was I. “Malificent” is in that tradition, embedded deep into the faerie realms and the struggles between humans and the fae, following true folklore about faeries and iron, and much of historical folklore as accurate as they could go. It is the classic retelling (and most probable more authentic of the Sleeping Beauty myth if there was one in history). A young powerful faerie girl well respected in Faerieland as “Malificent” goes and befriends a young human mortal who stumbled into the protected realms. They begin a long childhood friendship which leads up to the guise of “true love” only to meet the ever-told fate between fae and humans that humans will always cross the fae. This throws Malificent into a darkness after she loses her wings and seeks revenge on the wrongdoer. She curses his child into a “sleeping beauty” enchantment that not even she could break, only to be broken by a kiss of true love – which she believed did not exist. As time passes she falls for the young cursed one only to despair that she couldn’t break the curse she cast. Battles between the humans and the magical folk build up high action and turmoil leaving you on the edge of your seat. Ents, Dryads, Pixies, Elves, Dragons, and other magical folk animate your imagination as malificent finds her way back to the fate of her beautiful wings. Just how I would have imagined “Sleeping Beauty”. Rating: 5 stars out of 5 [rating:5]

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Carrie 2013


Carrie (2013) ~ Rated R. ** Drama/Horror * Released: October 18, 2013 * Director: Kimberly Peirce. Writers: Lawrence D. Cohen, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, Starring: Julianne Moore as Margaret White; Chloë Grace Moretz as Carrie White; Gabriella Wilde as Sue Snell; Portia Doubleday as Chris Hargensen; Alex Russell as Billy Nolan; Zoë Belkin as Tina; Ansel Elgort as Tommy Ross; Samantha Weinstein as Heather, and may more. *

The Classic Stephen King horror story about a shy Fundamentalist Christian raised girl who was never taught about puberty, humiliated over her period in the girl’s gym locker room, at the same time when discovering her telekinetic powers. She’s pushed too far by the school bullies and unleashes a fire storm of revenge and destruction much to the horror and shame of her teacher/counselor and mother. It’s hard to beat the first film, and the second re-make was fantastic in my eyes, but this 3rd remake still held its own charm and excitement. As I’m a big fan of the supernatural, it was well done. The 1974 novel by Stephen King of course is the best version of them all as is all of his books compared to the movies made about them. Chloë Grace Moretz playing Carrie is no Sissie Spacek comparison, but in her own right did a magnificent and sexy role. I’m still torn between the characters of the first film and this third for the others outside of Carrie, but Julianne Moore as Carrie’s mom was a fabulous choice as she’s always has been a favorite actress of mine. The prayer closet was well done but some of the school scenes were lacking luster. I did enjoy the fact Carrie delved deeply into researching her powers rather than stumbling around cluelessly with them. I didn’t care for the delivery scene for the opening, but the pregnancy at the end was a intriguing twist. – [Rating:4] Rating 4 stars out of 5.


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Tibetan Imports, Items, and Props

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Gargoyle (R: 2004)


Gargoyle (Rated R: 2004. 84 minutes – Action / Fantasy / Horror. Russian produced.)

Director: Jim Wynorski. Starring: Michael Paré as Ty “Griff” Griffin; Sandra Hess as Jennifer Wells; Fintan McKeown as Father Nikolai Soren; Kate Orsini as Dr. Christina Durant; Tim Abell as Lex; William Langlois as Inspector Zev Aslan; Petri Roega as Father Adrian Bodesti; Rene Rivera as Gogol; and more.

Storyline tackles an age-old tale about a Christian priest killing off one of the world’s last gargoyles whose body falls down a hole into the earth that they seal with “the blood of Christ”. Jump to modern day where a CIA agent is sent to Bucharest with his partner to investigate numerous kidnappings and while trying to bust the thiefs, an earthquake releases a gargoyle from inner earth out to wreak havoc around the city. This gargoyle, ready to breed and multiply is also out for vengeance, and tracking down the only crossbow known to kill him. Effects are plain and definitely poorly done CGI. Plot has value, flow had errors, and after trying to watch this over 2 late nights, I fell asleep midway twice. Rating: 2.5 stars out of 5.

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Thale (R: 2012)


Rated NR: Released: February 2012



Director: Aleksander Nordaas. Writer: Aleksander Nordaas. Starring: Silje Reinåmo as Thale; Erlend Nervold as Elvis; Jon Sigve Skard as Leo; Morten Andresen as Hvittkledd; Roland Astrand as the voice; and Sunniva Lien as

A fabulous mythical tale meets modern day when Elvis and Leo, two crime scene cleaners discover a hidden stairwell leading to a concealed cellar where a beautiful naked woman has been kept captive. A mystery unwinds through tapes, research notes, and images of horrors unleashed. Secret labs, experiments on the fae-folk, and genetic altering to try to transform a fae to a human. More specifically focusing around the faerie folk named the Huldra, a mythical bipedal anthropomorphic tailed creature with magical powers … based on Norwegian folklore of the hidden folk in the woods. As a faerie lore enthusiast and researcher, I was extremely intrigued when discovering this subtitled gem on the Blockbuster shelf, and to my disappoint found out the store only had one copy, and it was checked out. Not available yet for streaming on Netflix, but did find immediately accessible on Amazon Prime for $3.99 (7 day rental) which you can watch directly through the link below. For any folklore enthusiast, fantasy film buff, or faerie fan … this is a must see. Made in Norway, language is Norwegian/Swedish and released on February 17, 2012. Filmed in Bergen, Hordaland, Norway. Rating 5 stars out of 5. [Rating:5] by Leaf McGowan, viewed 4/21/2013 on Amazon Prime

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