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Bad Mom’s Christmas (R, 2017)

Bad Mom’s Christmans
~ Rated R. Nov. 1, 2017. ~
Directed by Jon Lucas, Scott Moore, Actor/resses: Christine Baranski, Cheryl Hines, Susan Surandon, and more.

Review by Leaf McGowan/Thomas Baurley, Technogypsie Productions ~

It’s that time of year when expectation on parents comes to a collapsing point, and this tale depicts the challenges and expectations for holiday planning with the age-old assumption it falls entirely on the mom’s shoulders. (Since I’m a single dad, I’ve never experienced this phenomena) So the under-appreciated and overburdened moms break down this particular Christmas, especially as their moms arrive on the scene earlier than expected for Christmas event planning. Amy, Kiki, and Carla on a girl’s night out decide to rebel against the cookie-cutter expectations and not being reliable for the expected fantastic holiday they feel is expected of them by not only their moms, their kids, and husbands for two of them (Carla is a single mom). It is an action packed party-driven rebellion of mom’s flick with lots of laughs, humor, and fun. It was good fun. Spin-off sequel to “Bad Moms”. Rating: 3 stars out of 5

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