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The AMC Theaters have come out with a fantastic economic awe-inspiring movie pass at their theaters called the “A List”. It is the companies alternative to the once inspiring “Movie Pass (which is collapsing and should be avoided at all costs). I switched over from Movie Pass back in August when it started to limit only watching 3 movies a month (vs. one a day) and restricted what and when you could watch. I gave up the Movie Pass $9.95/month and the Netflix 13.95/mo for the AMC A-List 19.99/month. It was the best move I could ever make (though I do miss Netflix – just not in my budget. I do still have Amazon prime though for at home watching still.). It’s a guarantee A-List is better than Movie Pass.

AMC A-List, for $19.99/month, allows you to watch up to three new releases a week, with the ability to reserve tickets well in advance (no extra cost/free), and be able to see them in IMAX, Dolby Cinema, REALD 3-D, or any of the premiere viewings (something you never got with MoviePass) – there are no restrictions, no black out dates. You can watch the same movie again and again. You can hold up to 3 reservations at a time. You also get AMC Stubs Premiere status – up to 10% back on food/drink purchases, and priority lanes. In addition, free size upgrades and refills of drinks and popcorn, discounts on concessions, and AMC Stubs points excelling to the ability to get $5 vouchers every time you hit 5,000 points. The only downfall is having to show your ID when checking in (no waiting in lines though) and your app ticket on the phone. Unfortunately you can only use the movie for yourself, and can’t say use two of your three tickets to take your son to the movies. But you can reserve/pay for their tickets on the phone app alongside yours so you can sit together. Obviously this deal only works at participating AMC theaters. (I’ve only run into one AMC that doesn’t participate out of the several dozen I’ve gone to across the country) Smart move on AMC’s side, gaining dedicated customers through the deal, as I no longer go to movies at any other theater than AMC now. (or at least since I’ve joined 4 months ago) In fact A-List this week announced it just hit over 17 Million members.

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