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Fuel (NR: 2008)

Fuel (NR: 2008)
* Director: Joshua Tickell * Starring: Joshua Tickell … Himself / narrator; Barbara Boxer … Herself – Senator – California;
Richard Branson … Himself – Founder, Virgin Group; George W. Bush … Himself – President of the United States (archive footage); Jimmy Carter … Himself – President of the United States (archive footage); and many more. *

A well done and informative documentary on America’s addiction to oil and what kind of solutions exist as a viable alternative. Documentarian Josh Tickell takes a 11 year journey around the world to investigate the oil industry, the recession, the auto industry’s collapse, unemployment, national debt, and humanity’s demand of energy. The documentary exposes the fix we’ve put ourselves in and explores the green industry as a means of saving the world. The documentary doesn’ just expose the horror, but rather focuses on an optimistic future with viable alternatives and sustainable solutions. Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5.

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